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November 2, 2019 4 min read

As we go to press, the Getty fires are raging through Southern California. From West Hollywood to Ventura to Malibu, over 7,000 homes have been evacuated.

Eric Braden (Victor, "Young and Restless") was among that number. He posted Tuesday that he didn't know when he and his family would be able to return home or what would be left upon his return.

I feel his pain. A few years ago, a gas line was cut at my high-rise. It burnt down. Over 800 people fled, fearing the building would explode. It didn't, but everything was lost. Yes, they're just things. Not just furniture — keepsakes, memories, years of birthday cards. In time, you get over it and are thrilled that you, your pets, your friends and the people you love are OK.

For now, power has been shut off in over 1 million homes. Soap studios were uncertain about power, cast and crew. As daytime drama is no longer live, all the shows have episodes in the hopper. "Young and Restless," "General Hospital" and "Bold and Beautiful" have two to three weeks stockpiled. "Days of Our Lives" tapes six months ahead. This is the week for the show's time jump. Next week, in time for November sweeps, we get to see what the future holds for the Salem citizens. Don't expect many happy endings.

Brad Maule (Tony Jones) is headed back to "General Hospital." The character was killed off in 2006. He is not coming back from the dead. In the single episode, his spirit comes to help his adoptive son Lucas. Lucas will learn his biological dad Julian, who he just bonded with, was blackmailing Lucas' lover. Lucas may also lose Wiley, the adopted son he adores.

Back in the day, Bobbie and Tony were a super couple. They overcame tragedy when their daughter Barbara Jean was struck and killed by a wayward driver. They were able to overcome that tragedy. B.J.'s heart was given to Maxie.

Bobbie's biological daughter, Carly, came to town. Angry because she was given away at birth, Carly decided to get even. She seduced her stepfather. For some reason, the show's executive producer decided to fire Maule. One of the few things I am proud of: his saving Maule's job for a few years. I'd reported he was being axed.

After a 13-year run, Daniel Goddard (Cane) has been axed from "Young and Restless." The rugged, roguish star let fans know he was shocked and gutted. He thinks that without the characters of Lily, his wife, and his father-in-law, Neal, there was no need for Cane.

Fans don't agree. They are high dudgeon over the axing. With the sudden death of Kristoff St. John (Neal) and Christel Khalil's decision to go off-contract, his character was given nothing to do. They truncated his single-father-of-three storylines. Dumb. Certainly, they could have paired him with one of the leading ladies. But no.

The send-off is dopey. Last week, Cane learned he had not inherited Katherine's billions; Devon was the rightful heir. Colin, Cane's cad of a father, was behind the plot. The sad thing is a dull-as-dishwater character keeps getting front-burner storylines. I won't name names.

Get ready for a ton of out-of-nowhere storylines and new characters to be featured on the show. When Mal Young left as head writer and executive producer, the show got better — until it got worse. One positive note: Tristan Rogers, who plays Colin, will be spending more time as Scorpio on "General Hospital." Goddard's fans are raising Cain on social media.

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