By Lynda Hirsch

November 23, 2019 3 min read

Anyone who knows Emmy Award-winning Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, "General Hospital" and Stefan, "Days of Our Lives") will tell you he is kind, smart, funny, giving. They will also tell you has a major problem — alcoholism. On his 47th birthday earlier this week, he was arrested for being thee times over the legal limit and for being drunk and disorderly.

When he was taken into custody, he had a long scraggly beard plus cuts and bruises on his face. They may have been due to an altercation he had.

After his arrest made the headlines, his former co-workers have offered their support for the actor. They also recommended caution to all those responsible when it comes to reporting such type of news.

One of the outlets that reported Christopher's arrest was TMZ. The site tried to soften the bad publicity that the actor was receiving and reported that he was out having too much "birthday fun."

He spent time in jail, and upon his release he was given a $440 fine. He was not ordered to have treatment for his alcohol problem.

Over the years, Christopher has admitted to have drinking issues. He moved away from LA to Indiana with his wife and two children. He did have long stretches of sobriety. As they say in AA, addiction is cunning. When it appears to be gone, it often returns. AA also says relapse is part of sobriety. Thus far the actor has not made any formal comment,

The rumor mill claimed that when he was on the "Days" set, he was unsteady at times.

Many of his co-stars held out a hand to him.

One of the actors who have spoken out is Nancy Lee Grahn. (Alexis, "General Hospital") She said, "I say this with love but I can assure you that Tyler wasn't out having 'birthday fun.'"

"He has a horrible disease. Tyler is at risk of losing his life if he doesn't get help, maintain treatment & work a program and there's nothing fun about it. He needs help not exposure," she continued.

Former "Days of Our Lives" co-star Greg Vaughan (Eric), who worked with Tyler on "General Hospital" (Lucky), also took to Twitter and said, "Regardless of any news or opinions, like myself, I ask you to respectfully offer nothing but our deepest loving prayers, and continuous courage & support to our friend Tyler Christopher & his family!"

"Ambitions" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" scribe, Michele Val Jean, also offered her support. She expressed how sad she was to hear the news and said Tyler Christopher is a "sweet guy with a massive problem." She hoped he'll get the help he needs.

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