By Lynda Hirsch

November 3, 2018 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thrilled that Charlie asked her to marry him, Pam asks Eric if she can have her ceremony at the mansion. Quinn says that is not going to happen. She also calls Pam crazy and tells her she is too unstable to get married. Pam gets out Stephanie's portrait and says she wants it over the mantle on her wedding day. Quinn says that is not going to happen, as there will be no wedding at the Forrester estate. During a tug of war for the portrait, Quinn accidently pushes her foot through it. Pam is horrified and warns Quinn that she will be sorry. Eric arrives during the argument and tries to calm things down. When Quinn tells Pam she can have the wedding at the house, Pam becomes hysterical and says Quinn has damned her wedding. Charlie understands Pam's reaction and her desire to call off the wedding. He takes back the engagement ring but says that one day, she will change her mind and he will wait. After admitting he started to swing at Ridge and Thorne first, Bill tells Brooke he is a changed man and gives her his sword necklace. Finding the necklace, Ridge smashes it to pieces. Bill tells Ridge that one day, he will be the man in Brooke's life. Entering Katie's house, Eric is surprised when he finds a scantily clad Donna. The Intimates fashion show gets underway. Leo, a long-time buyer, asks Steffy on a date.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Cane continues to struggle in his life without Lily, so he decides to uproot the entire family and move them closer to her new prison. The twins are upset but determined to be supportive, so they keep their fears to themselves. Seeing what's happening, Devon intervenes on the twins' behalf, helping Cane to see that he needs to focus on the needs of his whole family, not just his wife.

Kyle grows closer with Lola, who invites him over to Rey's to help her with some new recipes. Rey walks in on their date and is less than impressed, but Kyle insists on staying, determined to win him over. After he successfully impresses Rey by eating some spicy peppers, Lola finds herself even more smitten with Kyle. Wanting to help Lola realize her dreams, Kyle offers to help her finance a restaurant.

Phyllis finds her new CEO position lonely, so she seeks companionship from Nick, who is also struggling to piece his life back together. Meanwhile, hurting over her complicated relationship with Nick, Sharon leans on Billy, and the friends discover they're able to understand exactly what the other is going through. Billy is bummed when Phyllis does not name him COO, but agrees to come back to head marketing. Phyllis names Lauren her COO. Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria are stunned when they do not find JT in the place they buried him.

Sharon also continues to struggle with her attraction to Rey, which grows by the day. Mariah picks up on her mother's feelings, asking if she wants to pursue something with the detective. But Sharon insists that it's impossible, and continues to deny her feelings.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Crushed by Nicole's death, Eric continues to blame Brady. After having sex with Eve, Brady tells her he slept with Kristen while they were in Nashville. Heartbroken, Eve returns her ring to Brady and says she is headed to New York. Running into Jennifer, Eve tells her she will destroy her. Roman agrees to help John get a divorce from Hattie. He will tell her he loves her, but she must divorce John before they marry. Onto the scheme, Hattie pressures Roman to have sex in her hospital room. Unable to do so, Roman tells John he is sorry. John tells Hattie because she is married to him, she will have to make everyone believe she is Marlena. Chad is stunned when Abby says she divorced him and is married to Stefan. Brady learns Stefan has shut down Basic Black. Maggie is thrilled to have Sarah home. Learning she is engaged to Rex, Maggie tells her daughter she is thrilled that the Hortons and the Bradys will be family. Claire realizes Tripp planted the evidence that made it look as if Ben burned down the cabin. When Ben pulls in for a kiss, Ciara almost moves forward but then pushes him away, saying, "I can't. I'm with Tripp." Chloe realizes that Bonnie and Lucas are not baby Bonnie's parents. Rex loves holding baby Bonnie, unaware that he is the father and Mimi the mother.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Thinking she is talking to Kevin, Mary Pat tries to blackmail. Ryan decides he must do something to her. Laura holds a fundraiser for her mayoral race. Mac brings out a barrel to bob for apples. Carly is stunned when she finds Mary Pat's head in the barrel. At the art gallery, Ava finds a suit with a pumpkin head on top. She then realizes the bottom half is Mary Pat's torso. Carly tells the cops she hated Mary Pat, but she did not kill her. Sonny wonders what to do with the info that Margaux's mom killed her father. Oscar grows closer to wild-child Daisy. Julian tells Kim he could not talk Alexis into dropping Oscar's emancipation lawsuit. Spotting Drew and Kim in a close conversation, Julian is jealous. Jason tells Sam he never wants his sons to follow in his career footsteps. Danny and Jake help Jason figure out Halloween, as his accident left him without any memories of the holiday. Danny dresses up like mini Jason. Laura keeps pressuring Kevin (Ryan) about his avoiding her. He finally tells her he no longer loves her and wants a divorce ASAP. Scott tells Ava she needs to forgive Kiki. When the launch cannot get off the island due to a rainstorm, Nina spends the night at Wyndemere. After sharing a kiss with Valentin, Nina tells him she still will not remarry him. Sasha promises Valentin no one will ever know she is not Nina's daughter. Lulu's story about Ryan's murderous rampage 25 years ago upset many Port Charles citizens. Thinking she can help her find Obrecht, Anna gets Britt released from Pentonville and has her move in with her.


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