By Lynda Hirsch

November 17, 2018 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Ridge assures Brooke that no one will find out he bribed the judge during Will's custody hearing. Bill is thrilled when Ken is able to hack into Judge McMullen's cellphone. Bill hatches a plan to trick Ridge and Judge McMullen in order to obtain evidence against them and puts it into motion. Donna and Pam gossip about Quinn. Pam reminds Donna of the crazy stunts Quinn has pulled since she moved away and reminds her that she and Eric are soul mates.

Ridge and Judge McMullen stress when they realize that they've been duped. They tell Brooke, Katie and Thorne what happened: Bill sent messages to both thinking each wanted to meet the other in a parking lot. Ridge explains to a distressed Brooke that all they can do is wait to see what Bill's next move is. Eric reminds Quinn that Pam is family. Bill summons Ridge, Judge McMullen, Brooke, Katie and Thorne to his office.

In the Spencer office building, Justin plays back a recording proving that Ridge and Judge McMullen were in cahoots. Pam conspires to get Donna hired at Forrester so she can further drive a wedge between Quinn and Eric. Pam apologizes to Donna for her past transgressions. Katie expresses remorse to Bill and tells him that the moment that she learned the truth, she allowed him more access to Will. Bill explains that all he wants is an opportunity to raise Will, because he was denied that with Wyatt and Liam.

Brooke pleads with Bill for mercy so he won't press charges against Ridge. Wyatt and Liam mull over the fact that both of them are working for Forrester Creations and not for their father at Spencer Publications. The two bump into Will, who has arrived to see his mother and Thorne and the three Spencer brothers bond. Katie agrees when Bill requests an immediate change in the child custody agreement. Bill reveals to Brooke how she and Will inspire him.

Katie shares with Wyatt and Liam that Ridge tampered with things with Judge McMullen to dictate the outcome of the hearing. Wyatt is stunned that Katie and Thorne were complicit in Ridge's crime. Ridge shares his belief that Bill is not genuine and is simply manipulating them to get what he wants — Brooke.

Bill decides he will have more leverage if he does not go to the police about Ridge and the judge's misdeeds. Brooke argues with Ridge when he suggests Bill is letting him off the hook so he has more leverage and can win her love.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Mariah is heartbroken when Tessa admits she got her stash of cash by blackmailing the women about J.T.'s murder. Her horror continues when she realizes Sharon was involved in the murder. Tessa cries as Mariah moves out of Tessa's apartment. With the holiday season arriving, Cane plans to take the twins to see Lily. Devon pretends he is over Hilary's death by throwing a wild party. Clutching a photo of Hilary, Devon sobs. Kyle tells a scheming Summer he is not interested in her; he is into Lola. Abby is disgusted when she learns Arturo had an affair with his brother Rey's wife. Billy is out for revenge when Phyllis takes credit for the Jabot boutiques. Stopping short of having sex, Billy admits to Sharon it would be a huge mistake. Michael warns Victoria that the worst thing she could do is lie to her lawyer. When the caterer is a no-show for Jabot Boutique's launch party, Lola steps in. As Rey gets closer to the truth about J.T.'s murder, the women fear they are about to be caught. Phyllis tells them she will not meet with them anymore. Lauren is a perfect fit for her new job as Jabot's COO. Nick asks Phyllis to move in with him.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Just as she is about to leave the cabin where Chad is keeping her hostage, Abby goes into labor. She names her daughter Charlotte, after her favorite writer, Charlotte Bronte. Chad makes a deal with Stefan: He can see the baby, if he agrees to have Abigail committed. Abby screams as she taken out on a stretcher. After Brady tells him that Sonny and Will love each other, Paul confronts Will. Learning it is true, Paul tells Will he cannot be with him. Roman is unhappy when Rex says he is leaving town to be with Mimi and their baby. Unable to deal with any more emotional pain, Lucas tells Chloe he is leaving town to be with Ally. Chloe and Lucas hug and reconfirm their love for each other. Sarah, out of control, heads to the Brady Pub, where she gets drunk and confronts a newly engaged couple. Eric helps Sarah deal with her problems. Later, when she finds a grief-stricken Eric rubbing his prayer beads, she takes hold of his hand. Valerie gets an out-of-town job offer. Thinking Wyatt set him up, Ben confronts him. Wyatt, scared of what Ben might do, tells Claire he wants out of her plan. Now that Ben has opened up about his feelings for her, Ciara feels conflicted.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Sonny tries to convince Margaux to let go of her hate for him. She refuses to let go of her bitterness toward him. Sam and Jason plan to spend Thanksgiving together. Sasha is furious when Kiki confronts her about coming on to Griffin and tells her to move ASAP. Kevin (Ryan) gives Ava pills to help her sleep. Learning Sasha is staying at the Metro Court, Ava dumps the capsules' contents in the room-service soup that Sasha ordered. Nina gets defensive when Willow tells her, Lulu and Valentin that Charlotte has become a bully. After Lulu and Valentin tell her to leave, Nina gives Willow the evil eye and warns her that she is watching her. Michael tells Sonny and Sam his grief-counseling sessions are helping him deal with his baby's death. Stella learns Jordan and Curtis are getting married on Thanksgiving Day. Finn gets a letter from Hayden. Franco uses art to get to the bottom of Aiden's trouble in school. Laura talks to Liz about how hard it is it be a parent, but says it's worth it.


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