By Lynda Hirsch

November 24, 2018 4 min read

Well it's that time of year — when we give our thanks. Here is the list of things I am thankful for:

Political ads are at an end. Although, I did have a scary flashback. I was watching some shows I had recorded. Suddenly, a guy trying to look like Mr. Rogers popped up telling me why his opponent was a jerk. Oh, the horror! Thankfully, in a minute, I realized what was happening: It was an old taping. WHEW!

The remaining daytime dramas are adding viewers in the right demo.

The "Days of Our Lives" doppelgangers have been a hoot. Thankfully, the show took it just far enough.

And thankfully, "Days" has added another park bench where folks run into each other.

Two major "Days" plots did not drag on. The first was Paul realizing that Will and Sonny were back in love. And it was great that Claire's plan to "Tripp" up Ciara and Tripp was put on the fast track.

A day of thanks begins whenever Eric (Greg Vaughn) shows up on "Days." The seriously gorgeous actor can also act.

Thanks are in order for "The Bold and the Beautiful." Giving Pam (Allison Mills) her own storyline is great. The actress is thankful. It has been a while. But no longer is she just around to bake lemon bars; she has also cooked up a recipe to crumble Eric and Quinn's marriage.

I guess I am thankful whenever I see a character named Eric pop up (see Greg Vaughn). John McCook who plays Eric, the Forrester patriarch on "Bold and Beautiful," is always a pleasure.

Having Sally back and dating Wyatt warrants thanks.

I am more than thankful — I am doing cartwheels — for the return of Jason (Steve Burton) to "General Hospital." His scenes with Monica (Leslie Charleson) are poignant. The show did not rewrite history for this mother-and-son reunion

Pop-up vists to the show from Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) on and Leisel Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) made my turkey wishbone wish come true.

Yeah for Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) back with two hot "General Hospital" storylines. Kevin/Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) on the show is double your pleasure and double your fun.

The kids are all right. The Joss/Oscar/Cameron teen storyline on "General Hospital" is engrossing.

Putting Nina from "General Hospital" back in crazy town is fun.

I'm thankful that "Days" and "General Hospital" offered two stand-alone holiday storylines. "Days of Our Lives" had a spooky Halloween and "General Hospital" had an escape room. They returned to twisted storylines, from the Cassadines' freezing Port Charles to Valentin's dirty double dealings.

I have to give thanks for "General Hospital" and "Young and Restless" for dealing with dementia. Both shows have their facts straight and the actors sublime.

The bullying storyline on "General Hospital" is spot-on. No kid wants his parents to think he is a loser. Aiden is not running to Liz with "Mommy! Charlotte was mean to me!" stories.

I am thankful for Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) — every moment he is on the TV screen.

"Young and Restless" has taken sibling rivalry to a new high or low, depending on your point of view.

I am very thankful that most of the other critics (not I) who counted out NBC's primetime medical drama "New Amsterdam" were wrong. Listen, critics (myself included) do not have the corner on what is good or bad; we just have more people reading our opinions.

I hope all of you are thankful that I have taken a day off from my snark. Fear not: It will be back when I tell you what I want under my soap opera Christmas tree.

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