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By Lynda Hirsch

November 24, 2012 11 min read

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill reveals a different side of himself to an unsuspecting Brooke. Steffy presents Liam with conditions on their relationship in the event that she accepts his offer to move back in with him. Katie threatens to disappear forever if Taylor tells anyone of her whereabouts. Taylor is forced to use her skills as a psychiatrist to tend to an emotionally out-of-control Katie. Katie is convinced that she is dying while being rushed to the hospital during a massive panic attack. Eric feels emotionally torn when Thomas calls an emergency Forrester Creations meeting that would take him away from Stephanie's bedside, and she insists that he be there for the company. Brooke arrives at the Big Bear cabin at the request of Stephanie to take on the position as caregiver in Eric's absence. Rick strongly disagrees with Thomas' multimillion-dollar proposed changes to Forrester Creations. Eric attempts to explain to Pam the reasoning behind Stephanie's decision to go away for her final days. Thomas tries his best to get the Forrester Creations group on his side to make the changes needed to take the company into a more modern method of business. Eric has a difficult time concentrating when the love of his life is on her deathbed so many miles away. Brooke and Stephanie reminisce about all of the good and bad times that have taken place at the Big Bear cabin.


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: At the hospital, Kristen visits Brady, who is being held for observation for the concussion he received while fighting off her muggers. Kristen thanks him for coming to her rescue, but cool Brady still insists she leave town and stay away from his father and Marlena. Despite Cameron's orders, Brady insists he's ready to leave the hospital and attempts to get dressed. However, he gets dizzy and falls into Kristen's arms. She helps him get back into bed, and he reluctantly thanks her. When Kristen leaves a couple messages about Brady on John's phone, Marlena secretly deletes them without listening to them. Marlena is later horrified when she learns Brady was attacked. She and John rush to the hospital. Kristen intercepts Marlena and mentions the messages she left. Marlena privately realizes she's inadvertently kept John from his son. She tries to fess up to John, but she's too late - Kristen reveals she left him several voicemails about Brady. Marlena admits she erased Kristen's messages to John. John blows up, angry that her actions prevented him from being there for injured Brady. John asks Marlena to let go of her growing paranoia about Kristen, but she refuses, widening the rift between the couple. Brady starts to see Kristen in a different light, believing she may have indeed turned over a new leaf. Kristen shows her cards for the first time as she "thanks" Marlena for playing right into her hand. Kayla informs Hope that Caroline's doctor in California is optimistic. She will be a good candidate for their Alzheimer's program. Abe confides to Kayla that he's not sure he's doing a good job raising Theo on his own, but Kayla is sure Lexie would be proud. Nick tells Hope he is in love with Gabi. Lucas visits Sonny, hoping to make peace - and the two agree their love for Will is common ground on which to build a truce. Eric and Nicole have been up all night talking. She's afraid he'll judge her for the terrible thing she did to Jennifer, but he's deeply sympathetic about the loss of her child. Jennifer is stunned when she walks into her living room and finds Nicole.


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante and Lulu talk about Robert and his vague answers about where Luke is. Robert gives Olivia a history lesson. Robert starts to put the pieces together and wants to warn Anna. Duke is on the verge of consummating his relationship with Anna. Faison continues to pretend he is Duke. AJ finds Michael alive and well and realizes he's been had - by Tracy. Sam lucks onto AJ and demands he vacates her premises. Michael begs Sam to let AJ wait there while he tries to do damage control with Tracy. Monica zeros in on Tracy as the cause of AJ's disappearance. Tracy intends to see AJ imprisoned and swipes the house from Monica, to boot. Tracy is gloating to Monica about how Monica is going to lose the house. As Tracy and AJ spar, a nurse enters to tell Monica that Edward has taken a turn for the worst. Tracy argues with Monica about what to do for him. Starr has spent the night on Michael's couch and helps him air his conflicts about AJ and his parents. Sonny tells Alexis he wants a court order to keep AJ away from Michael. Sonny shares with Shawn that he hates how AJ and Connie both worked the system. Maybe it's time to go outside the law. Thanksgiving Day finds the Quartermaines honoring their patriarch.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nina finds Paul and Christine kissing at Crimson Lights. Paul insists that Christine was only comforting him. Nina realizes that things are over between her and Paul, and she tells Katherine that she wants to go back to Los Angeles. Paul tells Christine that Michael dropped the charges against him. Leslie accepts Neil's offer to be his lawyer at Jabot. They flirt as Neil welcomes her to the company. Devon tells Cane and Lily that he decided to accept Neil's offer to work at Jabot. Lily is thrilled to be working together while Cane is uneasy.

Chelsea tells Adam that she knows Sharon's still in love with him. Adam insists that he only loves Chelsea. Sharon tells Noah she can't stay at Adam's anymore. Noah is surprised to learn that Sharon is bipolar. Noah tells Sharon she is a mess because of Adam. Sharon tells him Adam saved her from the fire and that she started it. Sharon apologizes for burning down the house and tells Noah she did not know what she was doing. Noah surprises Sharon and brings Faith to see her for Thanksgiving. Phyllis leaves a message for Avery and says she doesn't want them to be mad at each other anymore. Jack reaches for a painkiller and tells Adam he's on his way to a speedy recovery. Adam watches Jack struggle up the stairs. Tucker tells Jack he will step in at Newman and take action if he needs to. Jill and Katherine get into a heated argument over the terms of their working together at Chancellor Industries. Katherine gasps for breath as Jill rushes to call 911. Katherine sits up and tells Jill that it was merely a test to see how genuine her feelings for her are. Devon tells Tucker that he doesn't want his advice and that he considers Neil his father. Victoria struggles as she is handcuffed and tries to reach Eddie's phone to call Billy.



666 PARK AVENUE: Dr. Scott realizes he will always have to do Gavin's bidding. Nona's grandmother, Lottie, tells her she has to get Jane to stay at the Drake. Nona shows Jane a picture of Jane as an 8-year-old in the lobby of the Drake. Jane insists she had never been to New York until she moved there last year. Brian realizes Alex tricked him into think Louise and Dr. Scott were having an affair. Jane opens the mosaic and is led down a spiral staircase. At a charity event, Olivia literally gives Victor the kiss of death.


DEXTER: Dexter literally has the tables turned on him when Hannah overpowers him as he is about to kill her. Hannah drugs Dexter, lashes him down to the murder table and has sex with him. The murderous duo are falling in love and trying to protect each other. Deb seems interested in true crime writer Sal Price. Dexter, fearing Sal is on to him, plans to pin a murder on Sal. Hannah poisons Sal using one of her plants. Dexter panics when Sal has a fatal heart attack at Dexter's apartment. Deb is determined to prove Hannah is a serial killer. Quinn destroys police evidence in order to get Nada out of the strip club life. Quinn realizes he is in too deep and will never be free of the Russian mob. Angel is touched when Quinn gives him $10,000 so that he can open a restaurant. With Isaac out of jail, he and Dexter go mano-a-mano - each vows to kill the other one.


REVENGE: Emily tells Mason the truth that she is Amanda. Emily convinces Mason to cop to the white haired man's murder. Dan plans a hostile take over of the family company. Kara spirals out of control after she blames the Graysons for David's death. As Kara prepares to shoot Victoria, Conrad appears to really love her. Aiden walks in as Kara holds Victoria and Conrad hostage and manages to stop her from shooting anyone. Nolan is willing to lose his company to help Emily. Padma tells Nolan that even if he loses everything, she will always care about him. Amanda is thrilled when Jack proposes. Ryan asks his brother not to cause trouble for Jack and Declan as they are good guys. He replies they may be but their father was scum and they will pay for his sins.

SCANDAL: Olivia receives an anonymous letter containing a coded warning, which could expose Huck's dark past. Meanwhile, another Pope and Associates secret has already been exposed and Olivia asks Harrison to step up and handle it. And in the White House, Cyrus and Fitz are dealing with the ramifications of Cyrus' husband's first front page news story.

SNEAK PEEK: Millee warns Fitz

THE LAST RESORT: As Marcus and Sam hunt for the traitor in their ranks who stole their nuclear launch key, Prosser disobeys orders and starts a small war he can't control. Meanwhile, Grace and James must work together to diffuse a dangerous situation, as back in D.C., Christine is indicted as Sam's co-conspirator.


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