By Lynda Hirsch

October 5, 2019 4 min read

For months, there has been scuttlebutt about the upcoming "Days of Our Lives" plot device. Now it seems pretty clear that the show is going to jump forward a year in time this fall. Here is my take on how it will happen and the aftermath. (This is mere speculation.)

Thanks to Dr. Rolf, everyone's life will time travel for a year forward. It will not be forever. One of the greatest movies, "It's a Wonderful Life," dealt with the main character seeing what life would be like if he had never been born. That is the movie which airs continually during the Christmas holidays. I think this "Days" storyline will show characters what will happen and what they need to do to make certain the good happens and the bad does not. Reenter Dr. Rolf. He will bring them back to the present day.

"Days" gets better and better. Wally Kurth (Justin) is back on contract at "Days" full time. Kurth had been recurring at "Days" and "General Hospital" (Ned). This means less or zero "General Hospital" time.

The present on Days is spectacular. For example, in one episode, Jack's memory came back. His mind was flooded with his life with Jennifer. The clip montage of the couple was perfect. The search for the clips and editing them into the scene had to be daunting. Also, Sarah decides not to have an abortion. Kristen learns she is pregnant without stealing Sarah's embryo. Kate comes out of her coma, and a not-so-sane Jordan returns.

Were some of the stories over the top? You bet. Who cares? They were all delicious.

Also delicious was the dialogue. Rolf thinking Kristen wanted to have sex with him was worthy of any major sitcom confusion. Each show has offered witty dialogue.

The audience had to suspend their belief for much of the year — most notably with Kristen pretending to be Nicole and getting away way with it. In novels, plays, TV shows, many times, the belief has to be suspended. As for the actors dealing with the situation, Eric Martsolf (Brady) said it best: "I was on 'Passions' for years. 'Passions' was known as the No. 1 'wait, that can't be' storylines." Shakespeare knew it, as does Stephen King.

When it deals with the things that can happen, it also hits the mark. Lucas was faced with taking his mother off life support. I am not a stranger to having to make such a decision. When she was in her late 50s, my mother had a brain stem stroke that left her comatose. For days, all the doctor did was badger me to take her off life support. They did this for weeks on end. It was horrific. After nine months, I decided she had fought the good fight and was ready to leave this world. I went into her room, told her I loved her but if she wanted to be with my father, who had died a decade before, I understood, I loved her, would miss her, but I would be fine. A tear trickled down her cheek, and then she slipped away.

Sometimes people do come out of comas after months, even years. A friend's son suffered a head injury while skiing. The docs were pressing her to turn down life support. I suggested she give him a week for every year he lived. It took three months, but he came out of the coma. With lots of hard work and therapy, he is having a wonderful life. He is a CPA and one of the country's best duplicate champions.

As for my choice, I still wonder whether I waited long enough.

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