By Lynda Hirsch

October 27, 2018 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke reveals to Katie that Bill kissed her and that Ridge knows about it. Katie and Brooke worry what Ridge and Thorne might do to Bill. Hope and Liam visit Dr. Phillips to find out the gender of their unborn child; it's a girl. Ridge and Thorne demand that Bill stay away from Brooke. All hell breaks loose when he refuses. Eventually, push comes to shove and an all-out melee ensues.

In shock at the events that have just transpired, Ridge quickly dials 911 while Thorne rushes to check on a lifeless Bill Spencer. Pam and Quinn make digs at each other while arguing over the location of Pam and Charlie's wedding. Pam threatens Quinn not to ruin her wedding after Quinn alludes to Pam's unstable past. Worried about their husbands, Brooke and Katie finally receive an urgent call to come to the hospital; Bill Spencer has been in an accident.

Dr. Chester examines Bill and gives his family a dire diagnosis. Ridge and Thorne attempt to defend their actions to Katie and Brooke. While Pam asks Eric if he feels the same way as Quinn about her wedding venue, Quinn attempts to talk Charlie out of marrying Pam. Pam becomes livid when Charlie shares this information with her. Liam and Wyatt arrive at the hospital. Liam enters Bill's hospital room with mixed emotions. Detective Sanchez arrives to question Ridge and Thorne.

Eric is forced to referee when a furious Pam confronts Quinn about her actions. Later, during an argument, Quinn puts a hole through Stefanie's portrait. Thorne and Ridge feel the heat when interrogated at the hospital. Wyatt becomes apprehensive when Ridge insists on visiting Bill.

Quinn suffers the wrath of Pam and the disappointment of Eric. Katie asks Thorne what he is going to tell Will if Bill doesn't survive. Ridge taunts Bill to wake up. Later, Thorne sneaks into Bill's room and offers him new information. Ridge becomes upset when Brooke asks to see Bill. As she stands at his bedside asking him to wake up, Brooke is thrilled when he opens his eyes.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Kyle and Jack are stunned when they discover Dina has given all the Jabot patents to Ashley. Father and son shred the documents. Finding the torn pieces, Traci pastes them together and confronts her brother and nephew. Stunned by the news, Ashley rejects Jack's offer to run the company. Ashley tells him she is headed to Paris with the patents. Billy spews his hatred of Phyllis. Billy continues to reject Summer. Phyllis and Summer come to a mother-and-daughter understanding, admitting their love for each other. Tessa and Marian get matching tattoos and move in together. Sharon tells Nick to back off when he questions her friendship with Rey. Nick is jealous when he realizes Faith is bonding with Rey. Abby enjoys working at Dark Horse. Fearing Mariah might be the blackmailer target, Sharon convinces Nikki to pay the blackmailer. Learning Lily is being targeted by other inmates, Devon asks the senator to commute her sentence. When the senator refuses to help, Lily is moved to an out-of-state facility. The Abbott children recall their childhood. When Dina left, Jack decided he had to protect Ashley. Ashley felt rejected by her mother. Traci recalls feeling she never fit in.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Rex and Mimi are surprised when they run into each other. They discuss their long-ago romance and their more recent one-night stand. Bonnie admits she loves Lucas. Chloe realizes Lucas passed out before he had sex with Bonnie, so the baby is not his. Chloe's heart breaks as she sees how much Lucas loves the baby, and she realizes Mimi is the baby's mother. Rex, who is now a doctor, tells Roman he is engaged to a doctor who is the woman of his dreams. John convinces Roman to romance Hattie so she will divorce John, so he can marry Marlena. Sami goes to the hospital to the man she thinks is EJ, but she cannot be certain since his face was destroyed in the fire. A heartbroken Eric blames Brady for Nicole's death. Maggie is delighted when she opens the door and finds her daughter Sarah. Sheila and Abe go head to head when she keeps parking in his space. Lani is jealous about Sheila living with Eli. Gabi's plan to gaslight Abby works when Chad and Jennifer decide to have Abby committed. Abby tells them they cannot do it; she is no longer married to Chad, and Stefan is her husband. Ben is uneasy working with Claire to break up Tripp and Ciara. Ciara has a sexy dream about Ben. Ben gets a job at the cafe. Sonny and Will are heartbroken when they decide to hide their newfound love so that Paul can live with Will.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Spinelli and Sam team up to talk to Margaux's mother, who has just filed for her husband's late insurance even though he has been dead 30 years. Mike is adapting to day care. Drew tells Curtis that with all his issues with Oscar, he cannot be his best man. Jason and Sam tell Spinelli not to play matchmaker. Unaware that she is talking to Ryan, Lulu asks Kevin if he thinks Ryan was born evil. Wanting to keep Laura out of his hair, Ryan pushes her to run for mayor. Drew confronts Alexis about representing Oscar in his emancipation fight. Diane agrees to represent Kim and Drew. Laura and Carly head to Ferncliff to find out who the mystery patient is. Carly runs into Mary Pat, who is collecting her belongings. Kevin — the real Kevin — is thrilled when he hears Laura and Carly in the hospital hallway. Anna tells Finn she wants him to help her find Obrecht. Valentin and Peter have a mysterious conversation about Nikolas. Nina is thankful that Valentin has convinced Sasha to stay in Port Charles. Kiki and half-sister Sasha decide to become roommates. Sam and Jason are embarrassed when Kristina keeps telling them to have sex. Oscar is hired as a busboy at Julian's. Julian says he must go to school to keep the job. Daisy wonders into Charlie's. She befriends Kristina and offers Oscar a place to stay. Lulu thinks her marriage to Dante is finished. Liz and Franco team up to help Aiden overcome his introversion.


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