By Lynda Hirsch

October 20, 2018 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Ridge and Brooke's marriage is in jeopardy when they both accuse the other of disloyalty. Things get worse for Brooke when she inadvertently admits to Ridge that the kiss Steffy witnessed was the second one she shared with Bill. Katie struggles as she watches Bill bond with Will and helps him with his homework.

Brooke pleads with Ridge to not let Bill come between them and ruin their marriage. Brooke makes Ridge a promise about their future. Wyatt delivers the news to Bill that he no longer works for Spencer Publications because he accepted a job at Forrester Creations. Bill lists all of Brooke's virtues to Wyatt.

Steffy snaps at Hope before spilling the news that Brooke cheated on Ridge by kissing Bill. Unable to process this information, Hope places the blame squarely on Bill.

Hope confronts Brooke about her kiss with Bill. Bill spends time with Will by teaching him how to be a good investor. Having been sworn to secrecy by Brooke, Katie tells her new husband, Thorne, that she is allowing Bill to spend more time with Will, without telling him that Ridge bribed the judge. When Thorne presses her for answers, Katie gives in and shares that Ridge blackmailed Judge McMullen. Thorne stuns Katie when he shows his support for Ridge. Charlie makes a "sweet" and unexpected marriage proposal to Pam in the Forrester kitchen. Thorne and Ridge bond over their mutual hatred of Bill Spencer.

Bill admits to Brooke that he sought her out at Il Giardino. He believes she is the reason that Katie is allowing him more time with his son, and he expresses his gratitude. Uncomfortable because of the promise she made Ridge, Brooke tells him that he must stay away from her. Tension rises when Quinn objects to Pam's one request to Eric about her wedding: to have it at the mansion. Ridge sees Brooke return from her client meeting and senses that something horrible has happened.

After hearing Brooke's story about her meeting at Il Giardino, Ridge becomes fed up with Bill pursuing his wife. Ridge warns Brooke not to trust Bill, while in his office with Justin, Bill credits his newfound happiness in life to Brooke. Brooke and Steffy have their first meeting since Steffy told Ridge that Bill kissed Brooke. Pam shows off her engagement ring to Hope, Liam, Steffy and Thorne. Ridge fills Thorne in on Brooke's encounter with Bill, and Thorne fills Ridge in that Katie is allowing Bill more access to Will.


YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Summer is stunned when Billy tells her he only slept with her to get even with Phyllis for sleeping with Nick. Horrified by Billy's bedroom time with Summer, Phyllis slaps him. Phyllis and Summer bond over Billy's heinous act. Sharon tells Nick she still wants to be in Christian's life but wants nothing to do with Nick. Nick vows to re-win Sharon and get Rey out of the picture. Fearing they are about to be exposed for killing J.T., Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria agree to pay the blackmailer the fortune they demanded. Ashley finds herself shunned by the family for letting Jack think John was not his biological dad. With Ashley still living in the house, Jack says she is still family and asks her to breakfast. When the repast turns sour, Ashley decides to move out.

Learning Kyle set him up to start gambling, Billy vows revenge. Jack prepares to return as CEO of Jabot. Although she has become open about her love of Tessa, Mariah thinks about some of Tessa's past misdeeds. Cane makes up excuses not to visit Lily in prison. Deciding that that is cruel, Cane steps up and promises to visit Lily whenever he is allowed. Dina's "one moment she knows them, and one day she does not" situation is causing stress for the Abbott family.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Mimi hires Belle to fight Lucas' custody fight for Baby Bonnie. Mimi tells Belle she killed her father and her mother is claiming she will go to the police unless she gets custody of the baby. Gabi continues to gaslight Abby. Gabi drugs her, puts on Gaby's black wig and hits herself in the head to make it look as though Abby attacked. Abby is certain that Gabi is behind this. JJ and Chad are not so certain. Gabi blackmails Kate into saying she had a meeting with Gaby. Eric and Nicole's loving reunion is interrupts when Xander arrives on the scene. Not only has he married Nicole, he also wants her to have his baby. Xander arrives as Eric is listening to Nicole's taped confession about killing Deimos. He takes the tape and bashes Eric on the head. Kirsten arrives; waving a gun, she tells Eric she cannot let him go. Getting the upper hand on Xander, Nicole takes the tape and searches in vain for Eric. Finding a tied-up Brady, Sami gets him to admit he saw a man in a wheelchair who seemed to have the same build as EJ. Will and Sonny keep their love at bay so as not to hurt the paralyzed Paul. Paul gets suspicious when he sees Will and Sonny in a close moment. With Brady out of her life, Eve considers leaving Salem. Hope and Rafe decide that Ben planted the evidence to make it look as if someone else did it so he would not be charged with setting the cabin on fire. Claire convinces Ben to help her break up Ciara and Tripp; she wants Tripp and makes Ben realize he loves Ciara. Roman is pleasantly surprised when his son Rex walks into the pub.


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura is suspicious when "Kevin" continues to postpone sex. Visiting Kevin at Ferncliff, Ryan assures him he has everything he wants, including his wife. Back in Port Charles for his fall break, Spencer confronts Ava. He calls her a traitor for having anything to do with Valentin, even it was the only way she could repair the scars on her face. Valentin convinces Sasha to give Nina a chance. Going to Nina, Sasha says she will try to explore their mother-daughter relationship and tells her Valentin convinced her. Spencer tells Josh, who does not know Oscar is dying, that the best way to get un-dumped from Oscar is to make him jealous. Cameron, who does know Oscar has a deadly brain tumor, agrees to be the bait to make Oscar jealous. Wanting to be emancipated, Oscar seeks help from Alexis. Kiki and Griffin continue their hot romance. Scott tells Ava she has to control her hatred of Kiki. Liz is concerned when Aiden's teacher says Aiden is withdrawn in class. Monica is thrilled when Jason visits her. He says she in a wonderful mother and grandmother and he loves her. Learning that he would have the memories of his last five years if he utilized the flash drive, Drew tells her he will not trade info on Jason and Sonny in return for the flash drive. Jason admits to Sam that he has been taking cold showers, while he waits for her to take the next step in their relationship. When Olivia reveals she double-booked the date for Jordan and Curtis's wedding, they move it to The Haunted Star Yacht. Maxie is jealous when she sees Peter and Lulu together at the film festival.


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