By Lynda Hirsch

October 29, 2016 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Ridge makes serious allegations against Quinn in regards to her treatment of Eric, comparing his father to Liam. While recovering, Eric confesses his feelings about his marriage to Ivy. Knowing that his son is going through marital problems of his own, Bill asks Wyatt to be his best man in his wedding to Brooke. When RJ pressures her about reuniting with Ridge, Brooke has a difficult time getting through to him that she is marrying Bill. RJ pressures Ridge to do whatever it takes to stop Brooke from getting married, since he wants his parents back together. The nervous bride-to-be, Brooke, confesses to Donna her concerns regarding Ridge's plan and marrying Bill.

Donna does her big sister a favor by stalling the wedding so that Brooke can sort out the internal conflict that she is facing. Bill worries that history could be repeating itself with Brooke, and not everyone is happy when Bill and Brooke's wedding is put on hold.


"DAYS of OUR LIVES": Valerie Grant, Abe's former lover, arrives in Salem to help save his life by removing the bullet fragments that remain in his heart. Theo accuses Val of trying to murder his father when he codes out. Abe assures Theo he will be fine and signs papers to allow Val to operate. Victor steps down from Titan, deciding that Maggie needs his full attention. The family is stunned when Victor makes Deimos head of the company. After much grousing, Philip, Brady, Sonny and Justin agree to take orders from Deimos. Deimos is furious when he learns Chloe is pregnant by him and Nicole knew all along. Chad tells Andre he will let him work in the family company because he saved Salem from Clyde. Disgusted by how he has treated Hope, Aiden tells her he is not this awful man; he resigns as DA, gives Hope her freedom and heads to Portland to be near Chase. Eduardo and Kate decide to work together


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Mistaken for Claudette, Maxie is kidnapped. Dante and Nathan rescue her. Spinning from the news that he is Charlotte's biological dad, Griffin promises to be a good father. Fearing Charlotte will not be safe from Valentin, Claudette leaves Port Charles. Sonny is out of control when he tells Jason Morgan would be alive if Jason helped him kill Julian; he then tells Jason to leave him alone. After getting the check from Evan to help find a cure from Finn, Hayden skips out on their deal: cash for sex. Finn tells Hayden he cannot accept the money for research, and they make love. Ava continues to blame herself for Morgan's deadly car crash. When Sonny goes after Scott, Scott tells him Morgan's death was karma for the death of Scott's daughter Karen. Carter agrees to work for Julian. When there is still no trace if Morgan's body, Curly hopes it is a sign that he is alive, and Dante gently explains that that does not seem to be the case. Curly slaps Julian when he makes disparaging remarks about Morgan. Recalling the fun times he and Morgan shared, Michael continues to blame Sonny for his brother's death. With evidence that Heather was responsible for the unsolved GH murders, it appears the case will be re-opened. Tracy cannot believe she has Franco to thank for getting Heather's taped confession. Liz admits to Franco she is falling in love with him.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Victor watches Hilary's story on GC Buzz about receiving leaked documents from Newman Enterprises. Devon confronts Hilary and wants to know why she would air a negative story about Victor without his clearance. Hilary assures Devon that the story will help GC Buzz's ratings. Victor threatens to sue Hilary and Devon and shut down GC Buzz. Meanwhile, Phyllis is worried that Jack might be enjoying his scheming against Victor a little too much. Ashley arrives and accuses Jack of leaking the documents to GC Buzz. Dylan video chats with Sharon from out of town and informs her that he thinks Patty might be behind the calls. Mariah tells Sharon that Nick has gotten very attached to Sully since staying with them while Dylan is out of town, and Sharon wants to get Nick away from Sully before things get even more complicated. Dylan returns home and asks Sharon why Patty is obsessed with her. Patty tells Sharon if she does not get her spring from the sanatorium she will reveal that Sully is not Dylan's son. With Sully's first birthday at hand, Dylan tells Sharon she has given him everything he has ever wanted. Lauren is furious with Jill for giving Brash & Sassy products to another dealer. When Cane confesses to making the decision, Jill reminds him that she's the boss.


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