By Lynda Hirsch

September 21, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Worried about Ridge, Brooke confides to Eric that he did not return home last night. Hungover and slightly confused, Ridge is stunned to wake up to Shauna. She fills Ridge in on all the details of the previous night and their time together, falsely claiming they did not have sex. Eric gives Brooke sage advice as he helps her search for Ridge. Shauna expresses her gratitude to Ridge for helping Flo and tells him she will always be there for him. Katie pays an unexpected visit to Flo, telling her exactly how Storm would feel about her if he were still alive. Brooke is relieved when Ridge calls and tells her he is on his way home. Ridge apologizes to Brooke but avoids an important conversation. Brooke and Ridge make up. However, Ridge withholds the truth about his night with Shauna. Flo flips when a giddy Shauna shares with her that she and Ridge slept together. Danny recounts to Carter the events of the previous night and how he feels Ridge crossed a line. Bill and Katie visit Wyatt and express their happiness that he's no longer seeing Flo. Quinn grills Sally about her current relationship with Wyatt. Shauna urges Flo to fight for Wyatt and not allow Sally to come between her and her true love. Bill grows concerned when Katie begins to feel ill. Wyatt asks Sally to marry him. She fears he still has feelings for Flo. Brooke stands her ground with Ridge about Thomas. He is not welcome in their home. Wyatt accidentally opens the gift he received from Flo while he's with Sally. Sally holds back from making love to Wyatt. Bill stays home to take care of Katie. Brooke issues Ridge a warning about Shauna.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Jack overhears Victoria and Nikki discussing their suspicions about Adam. He caused Victor's death. He's surprised by the animosity as he defends Adam against his family's accusations. Meanwhile, Nick encourages Chelsea to keep Connor far away from Adam. Michael confesses to Lauren that he's being blackmailed by Adam. Devon reflects on Katherine's will, renewing his determination to protect it. Devon and Jill decide to do whatever it takes to protect Katherine's legacy. Jack reflects on his unresolved issues with Dina. He forgives his mother for leaving when he was a child and then asks for her forgiveness as well. Jolted out of her trance, Dina recognizes her son and tells him she loves him. Jack tells Traci about his time with Dina and then announces his plans for the future. Lola encourages Rey to start dating again. Meanwhile, Sharon shares with Jack that she had a breakthrough with Adam, but Jack wants to know what that means for her relationship with Rey. Sharon sits with Rey. She admits to him that she can't save Adam. When Victoria leaves Billy alone in the boathouse to get him some food, he has a psychological battle with his good side and bad side. Back in Genoa City, Jack asks Kyle to be his right-hand man. Victor's friends and foes remember the man and the myth. Nick plans to prove Adam killed Victor by giving him too much medication. When an Rx for Victor's medication is found in Victoria's name, she's arrested for his murder. Devon is stunned when he opens the door to a woman who looks just like Hilary. She says she is Chance's lawyer who is contesting Katherine's will.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Eve swears to Jack she did not trash Dr. Rolf's lab. She insists she has a better way to get rid of Jennifer, who she despises. While cleaning up the lab, Jennifer is abducted. Ben's joy at being able to see baby David as Rafe is named the guardian is shattered when Jordan appears and says Ben will never be allowed near Ben. Doug calms Julie when she tries to get out of the hospital. Just as he is getting Julie orange juice, Gabi comes into Julie's room to explain she didn't think Julie was really having a heart attack. Not in a mood to forgive Gabi, Julie says she and Nick will destroy her in the afterlife. Hope walks in as Gabi is yelling at Julie. Vivian turns off Kate's life support. Kayla arrives in time to save Kate's life but tells Will his grandmother is now in a coma. Xander tells Sarah that, whatever she decides or needs to be about her pregnancy, he will be by her. Nicole and Eric make love. Jack is concerned when Jennifer does not show up for their lunch date with JJ. A kidnapped Jennifer spits in the face of her abductor when they try to give her water. Henry Shah, the doctor she rejected, reveals himself to Jennifer. John tells Brady he understands his obsession with Kristen, as he once had the same feelings for her. To prove she is not pure evil, Kristen goes to court and says Tony shot Ted accidentally. Jordan, declared sane, is released from the sanitarium. Fearing Ben is still mentally ill, Jordan tells Ben to stay away from her son and warns Ciara she needs to be careful around Ben. Trying to prove to Brady she is a better person, Kristen locates Dr. Rolf so he can make the memory-restoring serum for Jack. Xander accidentally let Kristen know Sarah is pregnant. Kristin uses the info to force Xander to do his bidding or she will tell Eric. Abe turns down Eve's suggestion that they team up to bring down Jack. Kristen tells Xander things will be perfect for both of them. Xander is going to get hold of the baby Sarah is carrying, it will be implanted in Kristen and Brady will think he is the father.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Originally crushed by Sasha's revelation that she isn't Nina's daughter, Michael later tells her she is not an evil person and not to say anything to Nina for now. Catching Lulu and Dustin having sex on the Haunted Star, Laura tells her daughter she is proud that she is moving on with her life. Laura and Curtis discover a gun-toting Cassandra. An overpowered Cassandra is arrested. Planning to tamper with Obrecht's car, Julian stops when he remembers his promise to be a better man for Kim. Liz is horrified when she finds Kim in bed with Franco, who still has Drew's memories. No longer under house arrest, Franco prepares to leave town with Kim. His plans are derailed when Liz and Scott's commitment orders have him transported to the hospital. Willow gets a job at General Hospital. Jason asks Spinelli to find out what is going on with Shiloh. Shiloh takes the stand. Peter orders a hit.


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