By Lynda Hirsch

September 14, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Having shared his dark confession to his father, Thomas is reassured when Ridge promises that he will not allow him to go to prison. Steffy unleashes her fury on Thomas for his misdeeds against her, Hope and Liam. Having overheard Ridge speaking with Detective Sanchez, Shauna begs Ridge to set Flo free. Steffy pays an unexpected visit to Flo in jail and refuses to offer her forgiveness. Brooke insists to her sisters Katie and Donna that Thomas is too dangerous to be around Hope, Liam, Beth and Douglas. As Brooke vows to make Thomas and Flo pay for what they did, Ridge sets a plan in motion. Ridge incurs Brooke's wrath when he tells her about the deal he made with Detective Sanchez. Sally tells Wyatt that she needs more time before she can fully trust him. When Brooke tells Ridge that their main priority should be justice for Hope and Liam, Ridge tells his wife that his main priority is Thomas. Flo makes a grand apology to Wyatt. Brooke and Ridge fight over whether or not Douglas and Thomas should be kept apart. Ridge leaves when the argument begins to escalate, leaving Brooke reeling. Wyatt calls Flo out on what she did to Hope and Liam. Ridge begins to drink alone at the Bikini Bar. Shauna visits Brooke and asks for her forgiveness for Flo. Shauna runs into Ridge at the Bikini Bar and reiterates how much she appreciates what he did for Flo. Sally confronts Flo for her deceit. Brooke tells Katie about her fight with Ridge and then admits she doesn't know where he is. A drunken Ridge tries to leave Bikini Bar, but he is so drunk he cannot stand. Shauna offers a helping hand and a bit more.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Jack finds himself reconnecting with Sharon when they offer insight and advice on one another's lives. Despite their history, the pair parts as friends, grateful for each other's support. Thanks to party-crashing Zoe, who spiked the sangria with the mind-altering drug molly, everyone's inhibitions are turned loose. When the drug interacts with the meds they are on, Devon and Sharon have a bad reaction. Nate, also affected, cannot help. It is Elena to the rescue. To bring credibility to the Grand Phoenix, Devon suggests hosting a birthday party for Elena at the hotel, and Abby happily agrees. Meanwhile, Theo jeopardizes his career efforts when continues to sabotage Mariah. Billy is determined to return to his life in Genoa City, but Chloe and Kevin are reluctant to let him go when he's still unable to acknowledge what he's done. Realizing that they need backup, they turn to Victoria, revealing that they've been keeping Billy contained until they can get through to him. Victor's health continues to decline, but he's unwilling to discuss it with his family until Victoria joins them. However, the Newmans are unable to get in touch with her, so they're forced to conduct a family meeting without her. As Adam joins the meeting, Victor implores him to make amends with his siblings. Thanks to Adam double-dosing his meds, Victor collapses and stops breathing.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Gabi is horrified when she learns Vivian shot Kate but agrees to let her stay at the mansion for Stefan's sake. Rushed into surgery, Kate flatlines. Doug is heartbroken when he is told Julie is too old for a transplant; Doug assures Hope he will find a way to get the heart Julie needs. Seeing Kristen, Nicole starts to attack her. Eric breaks it up. Brady, Nicole and Eric make amends. Though he denies it, it is obvious Brady is still attracted to Kristen. Jennifer and JJ are thrilled when Jack agrees to take Rolf's memory-enhancing drug. To that end, Kayla gives Rolf a lab at the office. Having lost her wrongful termination suit, Eve's ire spikes when she learns about the lab. A pregnant Sarah considers an abortion. Finding Sarah's pregnancy test, Xander says he will stand by her, Maggie tells Xander she is fond of him but to stay away from Sarah. Maggie is horrified when Xander tells her Victor ordered him to kill Ben. When Xander refused, Victor took over. Coming on the scene, Brady stopped him. Xander tells Nicole he will give her a divorce so she can marry Eric. Kristen vows she will get her man — who is Brady. As Will prepares to see Kate, Vivian, dressed in doctor scrubs, prepares to give Kate a lethal injection. Jennifer tells Eve she will get even for destroying the secret to Jack's memory.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Julian is horrified when Brad reveals Wiley is Michael and Nelle's thought-to-be-dead baby, Jonah. Saying that the news will destroy Lucas, Brad tells Julian he has to kill Liesl as she also knows. When Carly does not want to adopt Dev, Sonny calls her selfish. They snark back and forth about each one's infidelity, in the end, they know they are meant for each other, Diane presses Alexis to get it on with Neil. Scott grudgingly agrees that the only way to keep Franco from leaving Port Charles is to have him committed Joss feels guilty when she is happy on her first day of school. Thrilled that Sasha is on the road to recovery, Nina tells Valentin she wants revenge. Jason tells Sam that Shiloh is still a threat, Peter continues his quest to kill Andre. Leisl is horrified when Lucy asks Sasha to be the face of Deception. Sasha prepares to tell Michael the truth about her past. Lulu and Dustin fall into bed while touring the Haunted Star. On the boat with Curtis, Laura is stunned by who she finds on the ship. Jax gets Tamron Hall to be on the cover of Crimson. Julian and Alexis share a bittersweet goodbye.


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