By Lynda Hirsch

September 7, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Dazed and confused, Thomas wakes up in his hospital room and is immediately greeted by his family, Dr. Armstrong and a very eager Detective Sanchez, who demands answers about his fall. Brooke becomes nervous when Thomas is asked who or what caused his accident. Sally and Wyatt share a tender and unexpected kiss. Shauna and Flo worry that the mess Flo is in might be bigger than they expected. Ridge accuses Brooke of having no remorse over what happened to Thomas. Brooke remains utterly shocked at Ridge's inability to believe that she didn't premeditate Thomas's accident. Bill and Katie share a kiss and then discuss Flo and Shauna's involvement in destroying their family. Ridge pays Flo a visit in jail. Bill is stunned when Brooke finally admits the truth about what happened the night of Thomas' accident. Enraged, Ridge demands answers from Flo. Flo pushes back and insinuates that Thomas had something to do with Emma's death. Bill pays Thomas an unexpected visit. Bill and Ridge go head to head about Thomas. Brooke and Liam argue about Ridge and Thomas. Detective Sanchez questions Thomas about Emma and her death, threating him by telling him he has inside information. Ridge demands the truth from Thomas about Emma's death. Bill helps Brooke gather hard evidence against her stepson. Liam and Hope rekindle their love and passion for one another.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Adam declares war, vowing that he'll stop at nothing to bring Victor down. Adam also maintains his hold over Michael, blackmailing him with incriminating photos. Adam steals Nate's hospital tablet, and Phyllis helps him to hack in so he can use Victor's medical records against him. Meanwhile, Nate notices his tablet has disappeared and immediately suspects Adam. However, he has no evidence, and Adam refuses to admit to anything. Nate tells Abby his suspicions, and they worry that Adam is plotting to use Victor's health against him. With Nate's tablet, Adam orders a deadly dose of medication for Victor. As the Grand Phoenix opening approaches, Summer's patience with Theo beings to grow thin, but she still finds herself pulled back in by his charm, and she agrees to attend the opening as his date. However, her patience with Zoe grows thin, and she finally snaps at her, telling her not to be so clingy. Theo backs Summer, which further upsets Zoe. After an unsuccessful attempt to get through to Adam, Sharon realizes she needs a change of scenery and plans a trip out of town to reevaluate what she wants. Nick is quick to support her decision, encouraging her to take time for herself. Jack also does some soul-searching, admitting that his life feels empty and asking the people around him for advice. After a heartfelt talk with Victor, Jack sets out on a life-altering journey. Being held at the boathouse by Chloe, who is trying to help him, Billy swears he would never have tried to run over Adam. Victor takes a double dose of his medication that was switched. Jill wonders if Chance is the person contesting Katherine's will.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Thinking Julie is faking her heart attack, Gabi walks away. Coming on the scene, Ben gives lifesaving CPR. Julie manages to survive, but she needs a heart transplant. Victor orders Xander to kill Ben. Ciara gets a job at Titan. Jack and Jennifer are stunned when they open the door in Chicago and find Dr. Rolf. Rolf agrees to come back to Salem; in return, he gets a lab, money and complete control of a facility at the hospital. Stefan is overjoyed when a very much alive Vivian shows up. Vivian is furious that Kate is living in the mansion and heading DiMera. A gunning-toting Vivian finds Kate in the park. Kate offers Vivian a deal if she does not shoot her. Vivian shoots Kate and buries her alive. Eric and Nicole are overjoyed when they are reunited. Sarah decides not to stand in the way of true love and plans to set Eric free. Sarah is touched when Xander reveals his undying love for her and what an amazing person she is. Sarah is horrified when her pregnancy test is positive. When Ben tells Victor he will not break up with Ciara, Victor orders Xander to strangle Ben. While following his orders, Xander has a change of heart and sets Ben free. When Xander releases Ben, Victor takes over. Xander delivers Ben to Brady and Victor. Nicole, Eric and Holly bask in their reunion. Kayla comforts Sarah, who promises to stand by her. Brady tries to assure Ciara and himself that he has no feelings for Kristen. Brady walks in as Victor is strangling Ben.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Cameron tells Liz he saw "Franco" kissing Kim. When there is a glitch in the sale of Charlie's, there may be a hold on Kim and Julian moving to New York. Liesl gets Brad to make certain that Sasha and Nina's DNA match will reveal the truth about Wiley. Before heading to Afghanistan, Drew stops in Ethiopia to bring Andre back to Port Charles in hopes he can reverse the memory transfer. At the airport, Andre is met by a car service he thinks Drew hired. In fact, the driver is a hit man, and he stabs Andre. Andre gets himself to the hospital. Peter sneaks into Andre's room to kill him. When alarms go off in Andre's room, Peter runs out before he can finish his task. "Franco" is desperate to find a lawyer to get his ankle monitor removed. He strikes out with Scott and Alexis. Carly is not on board with legally adopting Dev; she says all their kids need to approve. Jason understands why Monica wants to talk to "Franco" so she can learn Drew's past, but he doesn't think it is a good idea. Everyone in town is concerned when they learn Drew's chartered fight to Afghanistan is off the radar. In prison, Shiloh and Nelle plot revenge for the folks in Port Charles. Devon convinces Josh to return to school. With Sasha on the mend, Nina, Michael and Valentin celebrate. Nelle tells prison mate Shiloh she has a plan to destroy their Port Charles enemies. The duo plans their escape and reunites Shiloh and Wiley. After altering the DNA tests, Brad warns Liesl he is done doing anything for her. Neil and Alexis bond playing drag queen bingo. Upset he did not know Dev was living with Sonny and Carly, Jax wants Carly to move in with him. Carly tells Sonny they need to rethink adopting Dev.


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