By Lynda Hirsch

August 29, 2020 6 min read

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Carter, who has a thing for Zoe, tells her not to trust Thomas. She believes Thomas' apology is sincere. Zoe agrees to have dinner with Carter. Katie is crushed when she hears Bill and Brooke will always love each other. When Bill tries to explain, she pushes him away, saying she is tired of being second-best to Brooke. Shauna is hesitant to help Quinn destroy Ridge and Brooke's romance. Brooke is ready to start anew with Ridge, until she realizes Ridge and Shauna had sex. Fearing he has lost Katie forever, Bill is comforted by Donna. Eric apologizes to Shauna for his reaction to Quinn's latest plot to destroy anyone she thinks is the "enemy." He says Quinn is a very complex person, but her affection for Shauna is real. Wyatt is uneasy after he talks to Quinn. Liam wonders if Steffy, who is strung out on pain medication, can take care of their daughter. Katie tells Bill they are through and wonders how to tell Will his parents have split. Ridge tells Brooke that he cannot deal with her feelings for Bill, the man he hates most in the world. Shauna tells Brooke she plans to stay married to Ridge.


YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Lily is thrilled when Traci agrees to work at the company. Lily is uneasy when Billy says there is something in Adam's past that will destroy Adam and make their company an international juggernaut. Lily wants to have the company be successful on its own. Sharon gets Adam to recall his past. Under hypnosis, he remembers being 10 and killing AJ. Adam, Chelsea, Sharon and Rey arrive at the Kansas farm where Hope raised Adam. Nick accuses Victor of always putting Adam first. Kyle and Summer move in together. The mother and daughter CEO and COO, Nikki and Victoria, make major changes that upset Victor. Lola and Theo put the do not disturb on his apartment door and make love. Phyllis, Abby and Summer enjoy a girls' night out. Devon remembers losing Neil. Lola snaps when Theo wonders if she slept with him because she is on the rebound from Kyle. Aware of Nick's displeasure with Victor, he's warned not to walk away from his father. Jack decides to stop blaming Dina for his relationship issues and vows to have lots of work and play.


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: A vision on Paige tells her mother that having Ben kill Ciara will not solve anything. As Ben fiddles with a necktie, Ciara begs him not to kill her. He tries not to give in to the brainwashing, but he prepares to kill the love of his life. Hope and Rafe think they may have a romantic future. Rafe is stunned when daddy Eduardo arrives and says they must leave Salem or they are dead men. Gabi tells Jake she fears she will lose her daughter when Will and Sonny leave Salem. John pulls through brain surgery but starts to have seizures. When Sami blames herself for John's collapse, Marlena assures her John had a medical condition and their argument was not the cause. Sami decides to represent herself in the custody case. In court, Eric testifies about Sami's troubled past. Sami counters with all of Nicole's misdeeds — from baby-snatching to murder. After Gwen throws a vase at him, Jake throws her out of the mansion. Wanting to keep Ari safe from Eduardo's enemies Gabi says goodbye to her daughter, Gabi admits she is lying about leaving Salem to tend her ailing mother. To keep Ciara safe, Ben insists Hope must arrest him. About to leave town with Gabi, Rafe tells Hope he must leave town just as they were rekindling their romance.


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam is unhappy when Jason checks himself out of the hospital. Jason does not agree with Sam when she thinks Brando caused his motorcycle accident. At the pier, Jason finds a very alive Taggert. He realizes Epiphany was in on Taggert's death. Julian is about to kill Nelle when she runs off. At the cabin, she realizes the tracker in Wiley's toy kangaroo will let everyone know where she is. Carly, Michael, etc., descend on Nelle. Nelle heads toward the cliff and starts to fall off. Carly tries to get Nelle to grab her wrist. Unable to do so, Nelle falls over the edge. Jax and Carly do not let anyone know what happened to Nelle. Her throat slashed by Nelle, Brooklyn's life is in the balance when she is rushed into surgery. Ned, who tossed Brooklyn out of the house after she gave her ELQ shares to Valentin, blames himself for his daughter's predicament. Surviving the surgery. Brooklyn is told not to try to talk. Once her bitter enemy, Lulu feels sorry for Brooklyn. Jax convinces Carly to keep Nelle falling over the cliff a secret. Sonny gets positive news about Mike's mental condition. Sam fumes that Jason checked himself out of the hospital to search for Wiley. Michael brings Wiley to the Quartermaine mansion. Dante struggles to deal with his emotional problems.


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