By Lynda Hirsch

August 8, 2020 4 min read

"General Hospital's" Kelly Monaco (Sam) was happy when the show started taping last week. Her joy was short-lived. The studio was under very stringent virus protocol. Monaco had trouble putting on her mask. She was sent home and put on 14-day quarantine. According to her mom, she has had three negative tests. Her fans, not to mention her co-stars, are delighted. Lindsay Hartley took over for two weeks. She has been amazing. Speaking of amazing, since its return, "General Hospital" has been wonderful. The pacing and the stories are top-notch. Yes, there will be a Nurse's Ball. Frank Valentini, the show's executive producer, was in lockdown at his Hampton's home. He was not alone. He was with his partner of 16 years. He and his guy had a very small wedding. Great food, social distancing and lots of love.

More on the "General Hospital" front. A photo of Monaco showed a bit of a bump in a photo. No neither she nor the character is pregnant. The actress underwent hip replacement and spinal surgery. With no exercise for half a year, hello comes 15 pounds. On the petite Monaco, 15 pounds look like a lot — but it is not. So, all you social media shriekers, give her a break — and maybe a candy bar.

The bromance between Michael E. Knight (Martin) and James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) is so fun. The writers are having fun with sly mentions of "All My Children," where the duo first met and stayed great pals all these years,

Say it isn't so. After being back on set for "The Bold and the Beautiful," Courtney Hope (Sally) learned her three-year run was coming to an end. Not to be judgmental, but has the show's head writer Bradley Bell lost his mind. Hope is an amazing actress, and the character is one of the most interesting on daytime — a survivor, funny, scrappy. For some reason, vapid characters Flo and Hope are being given her airtime. It was brilliant when Bell brought back the Spectra gang to go head to head with the rival Forrester Fashion House. Relatives of the late great gutsy Sally Spectra included her aunt and Saul, the nephew. They added younger sister Coco to the mix, too. Coco had a sweet romance with Thorne's son, RJ. Then, pouf, they were gone. Aunt Shirley went back to running a doughnut shop. RJ and Coco went who knows where.

Maybe Bell was just busy counting the money from the sale of the family mansion. When the show went on location to the humble abode Scott Clifton (Liam) was stunned. "I never saw anything like it," he said. Neither had LeBron James, who paid $39 million for the homestead.

Speaking of big bucks, let's talk about Judge Judy. Years ago, Les Moonves, former CBS head honcho, let her buy the show's catalog for $5 million. Three years later, he bought it back for about $95 million. Such a deal. Viacom did not agree. They are suing the judge for gouging. Have they watched her show? She will gouge out their eyes. The Judge, who is exiting the show, says if they can produce a signed contract, then she will eat it like a bagel — toasted and smothered with cream cheese — on the show.

Not to worry, Judge Judy is not gone. She will be back year after next with a different format. I think if I had a nearly $100 million and was 70 plus — I am one of those, you guess which — I might bring down the gavel on my career.

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