By Lynda Hirsch

August 3, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Realizing Douglas overheard him saying Beth was alive, Thomas throttles the boy and orders him not to tell anyone what he heard. It is too late, Douglas has told Liam and Steffy. Neither believe him. The boy sticks to his story. Liam finally realizes that Phoebe is Beth. Meanwhile, Thomas is pressuring Hope to have sex. Vinny gives Thomas pills to make Hope want sex. Thomas places them in a drawer of the honeymoon suite. Made aware that Liam knows the truth, Thomas orders the Forrester helicopter, planning to go on the run with Hope. Just as Liam arrives at Forrester Creations, Hope locks herself in the office with Liam. She cannot believe Liam's news, until a livid Thomas arrives tries to beak down the door. Wyatt is horrified when Flo admits the baby switch. Stephanie tries to absorb the news that Phoebe is Beth.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Despite Kyle's obvious dislike for him, Theo continues to try to force a friendship with Kyle, insisting on throwing him a bachelor party. Kyle refuses the offer, and vents his frustration to Mariah, who offers to throw him and Lola a joint bachelor/bachelorette party instead. Kyle eagerly accepts and puts her in charge of the planning, upsetting Abby, who feels that Mariah is butting in on her maid of honor duties. Needing a date to the party, Abby bluntly asks Nate, leaving him confused about where they stand. Feeling grateful for everything she has, Lola extends an olive branch to Summer by inviting her to the party. Summer accepts the invitation, and invites Theo as her date. Eager to cause trouble for Kyle, Theo happily accepts. Victor continues to struggle with his illness, eventually coming clean with Summer about his battle and promises to stay strong for his family. Nick vows to do whatever it takes to bring Adam down, and Adam declares that he's up to the challenge. Sharon interrupts their heated exchange and blames Nick for taunting Adam. At Sharon and Victoria's urging, Billy agrees to try therapy, but he's unwilling to commit to the process. Noticing his combative attitude, the therapist realizes that Billy doesn't want to get better, and calls him out for his desire to continue punishing himself for Delia's death. Wanting to play matchmaker, Mariah invites Sharon and Rey to Lola and Kyle's joint bachelor/bachelorette party.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": After Sarah murmurs Eric's name in her sleep, Rex pressures her to admit they have feelings for each other. Storming out, Rex heads to Eric's apartment. Eric is uneasy when he finds Rex waiting in his apartment. Nicole — or Kristen as Nicole — thinks she has won everything she wanted when she gets Tony to marry her. Gabi beat her to the punch and married Stefan. When Shin does not want Stefan as head of the company, Gabi tells Stefan to sign everything over to her. Once Stefan is cleared of kidnapping charges, she will turn it over to him. Just after a defeated Nicole exits, Gabi laughs in Stefan's face and throws him out of the mansion and the company. Jack storms off after Jennifer tells him he was a lousy mayor. Eli accepts Jack's offer to be police commissioner. Jack is crushed when he learns there is nothing left of Dr. Rolf's serum. Ciara and Ben continue to make beautiful love music. Kate suggests to Xander that they work together. Hope is stunned when she finds a fortune in Ted's apartment. Not buying Ted's story about the money, she takes off the necklace and leaves. Heartbroken and furious, Ted destroys the necklace.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Liz asks Jason to work with Franco. Jason promises not to bad-mouth Franco, but he cannot forget what he did to Sam. Cameron is thrilled and sad when Kim gives him Oscar's car. Unable to deal with Oscar's death, Kim wants to leave Port Charles. Shiloh gets ahold of the flash drive with Drew's memories. Shiloh wants Jason's memories to take over Drew's. Despite Jason's wishes, Sam breaks into Shiloh's apartment and finds the flash drive. Shiloh arrives as she is about to leave. Nina is thrilled to have Charlotte, Valentin and Liesl under one roof. Liesl, not so much. Finn and Hayden decide their breaking up is the best thing they ever did. When the power goes out, Alexis and Neil are stuck in the elevator. Alexis learns it is the fifth anniversary of his daughter's suicide. He always remembers it by singing a lullaby at a bar. Alexis starts to sing it and Neil joins in. On Sonny's private island, Michael and Sasha enjoy romance. On the island, Cassandra spots them and poisons their grapefruit before getting off the island. Sonny wants Dev to work in the coffee business. Drew learns that Shiloh involved him in selling arms to the enemy.


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Photo credit: JillWellington at Pixabay

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