By Lynda Hirsch

August 31, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": As Thomas desperately pleads with Hope to believe that he's sorry, Brooke enters and rushes to them. Thomas loses his balance and falls off the cliff. Ridge witnesses his son's dramatic fall just as it happens; he's convinced that his wife may have murdered his son. Thomas is rushed to the hospital, where his life hangs in the balance. Bill makes it clear to Wyatt and Justin that Flo will pay for the harm she did to Liam, Hope, Steffy and Beth. Dr. Armstrong tells Ridge that Thomas' condition is dire. Brooke attempts to get Ridge to understand that Thomas' fall was a terrible accident and the push was not premeditated. Bill becomes upset when he learns from Katie that Ridge believes Brooke harmed Thomas on purpose. Ridge asks Hope to explain what happened. Brooke is devastated to learn that Thomas was not trying to harm Hope, just apologize. Eric shares his dismay over Thomas' deplorable actions with Quinn. Shauna visits Flo in jail and then goes to Quinn and pleads for her help. Detective Sanchez pays Flo a visit and remarks that he's surprised she hasn't made bail. Ridge becomes furious when he walks in on Liam lashing out at Thomas. Shauna finally comes clean to Quinn that she knew the truth all along. Quinn feels betrayed by Flo after defending her to the Forrester and Logan families. Quinn brings up Sally's past when Wyatt mentions he is moving on from Flo.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": After he agrees to drop the custody suit for Christian, Adam declares war, vowing that he'll stop at nothing to bring Victor down. Adam also maintains his hold over Michael, blackmailing him with incriminating photos. Lauren agrees to help Michael bring Adam down. Adam steals Nate's hospital tablet, and Phyllis helps him to hack in so that he can use Victor's medical records against him. Meanwhile, Nate notices that his tablet has disappeared and immediately suspects Adam. However, he has no evidence, and Adam refuses to admit to anything. Nate tells Abby his suspicions, and they worry that Adam is plotting to use Victor's health against him. As the Grand Phoenix opening approaches, Summer's patience with Theo beings to grow thin, but she still finds herself pulled back in by his charm, and she agrees to attend the opening as his date. However, her patience for Zoe grows thin, and she finally snaps at her, telling her not to be so clingy. Theo backs Summer, which further upsets Zoe. Kyle threatens Theo: If he does anything to sully his reputation, he will regret it. Theo says it is great to have the take-no-guff Kyle back. After an unsuccessful attempt to get through to Adam, Sharon realizes she needs a change of scenery and plans a trip out of town to reevaluate what she wants. Nick is quick to support her decision, encouraging her to take time for herself. Jack also does some soul-searching, admitting that his life feels empty and asking the people around him for advice. Arriving on the scene, Chloe stops Billy from mowing down Adam. Billy suffers a broken leg. Chloe and Billy take him to a secluded area to help nurse him back to physical and mental health. Adam, who was knocked out in the fray, does not know who attacked him and confronts Victor, who denies he was involved.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": It's a moving week in Salem as Tripp gets accepted to medical school in California and Chloe lands a gig in a New York-based opera company. Learning that Xander knew all along that Nicole and Holly were alive, Sarah slaps him. Xander responds by sharing his love for her and promises to be waiting for her if Eric dumps her. After Anna rescues them, Stefan and Gabi admit they love each other. When Victor refuses to name Kate CEO of Titan, she takes Shin's offer and takes that position at DiMera. Kayla and Jack make a deal; she will help disprove Eve's wrongful termination lawsuit if he will start treating Jenn with respect. Hope realizes Ted did love her. Maggie is overjoyed when she learns Holly is alive. Xander tells her he is trying to be a better person. Kristen and Jack strike a deal: her freedom for location info on Dr. Rolf, Holly and Nicole. Jack, Jen and Eric head to the Chicago address she provided. When the door opens, the trio is stunned by what they see. Bad day for Julie. Eli suggests she sometimes uses terms that could be considered racist. Lani is uneasy about her engagement party at Doug's Place because the events held there are filled with drama. At the park, she sees Gabi and collapses. Finding the gun Kate used to shoot Vivian, Stefan holds it on Kate.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Bobbie catches the bouquet at Sonny and Carly's renewal ceremony. Bobbie comforts Scott when he says Franco was the only child he could help as an adult and now he is "gone." Learning of Franco's bleak past, "Drew" tells Liz he does not want to be with her and returns her wedding ring. Jason tells Cameron of his memory loss and it took years but he finally bonded with the Quartermaines. Cam proclaims he does not have years to wait. Monica is touched when Jason apologizes for the cruel way he treated her and Alan after the memory-stealing car crash. Realizing Cassandra was responsible for Sasha's illness, Nina tells Valentin she wants her dead. Valentin offers Curtis $5 million to find her. Drew heads to South Africa to find Andre in hopes that he has the ability to restore Franco's memory. Jordan names Mac chief of detectives. Kim asks Julian to marry her. Knowing how much Franco's memory switch is hurting people he cares about, Jason tries to get him to understand how important it is to regain his memory. Franco is in no mood to help Jason. Peter tells Maxi as Henrik he tried to destroy Drew and Jason.


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