By Lynda Hirsch

August 10, 2019 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Learning about the baby switch, a devastated Wyatt walks out on Flo. Seeking refuge with Sally, Wyatt apologizes for the way he broke up with her. Sally admits to Eric she still loves Wyatt. Ridge tells Flo, Zoe and Shanna he is going to make sure they pay for their deception and he plans to turn them over to authorities. Thomas runs toward the helicopter he ordered to get out of town. Liam finally gets Hope to believe that the child she thought was Phoebe is really Beth. At first, Steffy cannot believe the news about Phoebe. When she realizes it is true, she tells Hope she will fight for custody of the child she adopted. Liam and Hope promise that Steffy will continue to be a major factor in the baby's life. Steffy still plans to fight for her. Brooke is delighted that Hope's baby is alive. Ridge tries to console Steffy. It is obvious each wants what is best for their child.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Adam is thrilled when Chelsea lets him see Connor. Bonding with his father, Connor tells Chelsea he wants to live with his dad. Chelsea tells Adam that if he thinks she will let that happen, she will see him in court. Victor admits to Nick he should not have brought Adam from Vegas to Genoa City. Sharon and Adam lust for each other. Rey tells Sharon he will not play second fiddle to any other man. Billy continues to be haunted by memories of Delia. Adam warns Phyllis she will lose Dark Horse if she creates problems for him. Phyllis retorts that he will not know the meaning of "problems" if he tries to create issues for her. Devon wants to unload the nightclub. Kyle continues to tell Theo to keep quiet about their New York City past. Kyle thinks Lola will be happier is she allows her mother, Celeste, to help with the wedding. The treatments are taking a toll on Victor. Nick is outraged when Adam tells Christian that he, not Nick, is his father. Mariah assures Tessa and everyone else that she and Tessa will be together forever. Traci questions her feelings for Cane.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Kristin puts Ted's body in Tony's trunk. Taking him to his apartment, Kristen heads to the park in order to get rid of any evidence. Hope does not realize who it is but finds a $100 bill and is suspicious when the person does not take the cash from Hope. While dumpster diving, Hope finds the necklace Ted gave her. Finding a gun-toting Stefan over Ted's body, Eli arrests him. Rafe wonders why Gabi insists Stefan did not kidnap Kate and he did not kill Ted. Out on bail, Stefan goes to the DiMera mansion. He warns Gabi he will grind her to dust for having tricked him into marriage. After sleeping with Nicole, Brady's thoughts turn to Kristen. Just as "Nicole" is about to reveal her true identity, Tony arrives. Unable to hide their love for one another, Eric and Sarah take it to the bedroom. Rex is blindsided when he realizes Eric and Sarah made love. Unable to work at the same hospital as Sarah and not wanting to be in the same town as Eric, Rex leaves Salem. Tony tells Kristin there is only one woman for him: Anna. Roman is surprised when Anna walks into the Brady Pub.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Thanks to a tip from Lucy, Jason discovers Sam and gets her out of the freezer. Although physically fine, Sam is emotionally fragile. Scott asks Laura to tell Ava that the psychic she is seeing is a con artist. After talking to Ava, Laura wonders if the psychic could help her deal with Nikolas' death. Suffering from the side effects of the grapefruit Cassandra laced with a virus, Sasha collapses. Finn searches for an antidote for the virus. Brad and Liesl blackmail each other. Learning from Robert that Dante may never regain his mental stability, Lulu tells Maxie she will not sign the divorce papers that Dante sent. Abducted by Shiloh, Cameron is taken to Dr. Cabot's hideaway. Shiloh pressures Cabot to do the memory transfer on Cameron. Cabot says the procedure is for adults. Shiloh holds a gun on Cabot; he sedates Cameron. Franco arrives on the scene and volunteers to take the serum. Franco tells him forgetting his past sins might be a good thing. Just after Franco is given the needle, Drew and Curtis burst in. Shiloh and Cabot are taken away. Until Franco comes to, no one will know if the transfers giving him Drew's memories will work or if it's permanent.


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