By Lynda Hirsch

August 24, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Realizing she has no right to Hope's forgiveness, Flo begs for it anyway. Wyatt apologizes to Liam for his involvement with Flo while she was keeping this terrible secret. Wyatt is conflicted in regard to his feelings for Flo and his loyalty to this family. Hope unleashes her anger on Flo and, in a heated moment, slaps her cousin. Ridge announces that Reese in finally in custody as he watches Detective Sanchez arrest him. Knowing how furious he is with him, Thomas dodges Ridge's many phone calls. Ridge is concerned when Detective Sanchez shows up looking for Thomas to question him about Emma Barber's death. Hope calls on Justin to help her annul her marriage to Thomas and undo Phoebe's adoption. Thomas believes there is only one way to get Hope away from Liam. Ridge argues with Detective Sanchez that Emma's death was an accident. Alone, Thomas angrily yells at a photo of Hope while threatening Liam. Ridge is hesitant to tell Detective Sanchez about Thomas' past. Brooke believes Thomas was involved in much more than Ridge believes. Thomas's rage is fueled when Hope calls to deliver bad news. Brooke, Ridge, Hope and Liam are concerned about Thomas and wonder where he is hiding. Hope feels that Thomas' abandoning Douglas is unconscionable. Liam worries for Hope's safety. Meanwhile, Vinny is taken aback when he hears Thomas speaking about his son in such a derogatory manner. Thomas calls Amelia and asks her to bring Douglas to him. Thomas manipulates Douglas into thinking he let Liam take Hope away from him. Douglas fears for his life when he realizes how angry his father is at him. Thomas is quick to apologize, realizing the boy has information on where he can find Hope. Ridge learns that Douglas has told Thomas where Hope is, and separately, he and Brooke race against time to reach the cliff house before Thomas does.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Uncomfortable at having witnessed Nick and Sharon's close moment, Chelsea and Adam quickly flee the scene. Although Adam pretends to be unbothered, Chelsea realizes that he's threatened by Sharon's friendship with Nick and warns him not to push her away. Chelsea later seeks Sharon out, accusing her of having lingering feelings for Adam. Meanwhile, Adam considers Chelsea's warning when he comes upon Victor, Nick and Christian sharing a warm family moment. Feeling hurt and rejected, Adam longs for the family that has renounced him. Theo tries to make amends with Mariah by suggesting that they work together. Mariah cautiously agrees to give him a chance, and the two hit it off. However, upon parting ways, it's clear that neither trusts the other at all. Abby is excited by her next chapter when Adam hands over the paperwork for the Grand Phoenix, telling her that she owns the hotel now. Thrilled, she and Nate celebrate by spending the night together. Elena begins her residency at Memorial, where she and Nate begin to grow closer, but she keeps the details of their new friendship a secret from Devon. Michael's first act as DA is to arrest Chloe. A furious Kevin punches Michael.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Everyone in Salem is beginning to realize Nicole is two-faced; she is really Kristen. Eric's unhappiness about Nicole being with Eric has Sarah wondering if she made the right choice in divorcing Rex. After visiting Nicole, Eric realizes he no longer has feelings for her. A delighted Sarah heads for the shower with Eric. Finding Xander's suitcase, Will and sonny discover he is on Kristen's payroll. Xander reveals he is working with Kristen. Mr. Shin pressures Kate to help get rid of Gabi and Nicole so she can return as CEO. After clobbering Stefan and Gabi, Kristen hides them in her secret room. Stefan and Gabi go from loathing to love-making. Talking to Stefano's portrait, Kristen wonders what to do with them — kill them, keep them trapped or maybe set them free. Kristen decides she should have Tony kill them. Tony refuses. Heading off to Marlena and John's dueling surprise parties, Kristen packs a gun. When Susan shows up, Kristen pulls the gun on her. At the party, John realizes Kristen is Nicole and pulls off her mask — a mask made by using one of Dr. Rolf's mad genius experiments. Roman thinks Anna's marriage scheme has gone to far. After admitting to Kayla he has fallen for Haley, Tripp finds JJ and Haley making out on the sofa. JJ suggests it might be best if they move out. After John pulls off "Nicole's" mask, revealing she is Kristen, she explains she did what she did for two reasons: to regain control of her father's company and to reunite with Brady. Pulling out her gun, she says she is going to get one more thing: She is going to kill Marlena. The not-dead Susan hits Kristen over her head. Eli arrests Kristen. At the police station, Brady confronts Kirsten. Asking how many people she killed, she responds that she didn't kill anyone.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Shiloh and Nelle bond in Pentonville. With her divorce from Dante final, Lulu tells Olivia. Olivia buys Charlie's. Shiloh reminds Peter he has the goods on him; he knows he worked for Helena Cassadine and was responsible for Drew's kidnapping. Shiloh tells Peter to get him out of jail or he will reveal Peter's secret. Monica wants to talk to Franco about what he remembers from Drew's past so she can learn what she can about Jason's unknown twin. Scott defends Franco and gets him sprung from jail. Staying with Liz, Hayden makes a mysterious long-distance call. Finn tells Hayden he is glad she is in town. At Sonny's request, Jason is keeping an eye on Dev. Sonny backs up Dev when Jason suggests he stole money from Sonny. Denying it, Dev says the factory foreman set him up and is grateful when Sonny takes his side and follows the foreman. Drew, realizing the money in Oscar's car was from an arms deal in Afghanistan, decides he needs to go there and return the cash. Sam agrees to let Julian see Scout before he moves to New York with Kim. Curtis traces Andre to Ethiopia and thinks he might be the key to Franco remembering. Josh wants to be home-schooled.


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