By Lynda Hirsch

July 20, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope comforts Douglas, not realizing it was Thomas who scared the child. She then tells him that she and his father are getting married right away. Steffy assures Liam that Thomas is devoted to Hope. Brooke tells Ridge that Liam will always be Hope's soul mate, not Thomas. Ridge encourages Brooke to keep an open mind. Thomas changes out pictures of Caroline in Douglas' room to pictures of Hope. Eric reveals to Ridge and Quinn that Xander has left Forrester Creations. As Thomas breaks the news to his father and grandfather, Hope tells Liam that she is marrying Thomas the next day. Liam urges her to reconsider, but Hope justifies her decision to her ex-husband. Ridge calls out Brooke for hating the fact that Hope is marrying Thomas. Thomas tells Hope that he loves her and asks her to return the sentiment. Steffy again tells Liam to be happy for Hope and keep his feelings about Thomas to himself. Liam recalls his best memories with Hope. On he and Hope's wedding day, Thomas warns Ridge to get Brooke to stop interfering in his relationship. Brooke asks Hope if she wants to call off the wedding. Steffy helps Hope prepare for the ceremony. As friends and family gather, Hope asks Steffy to bring Brooke to see her. Brooke begs Hope not to marry Thomas. Thomas manipulates Douglas to be part of the wedding vows. Liam and Thomas bicker about why Hope has not yet made her bridal entrance. Zoe panics when Flo gets drunk and tells her there is still time to stop the wedding and tell the truth about baby Beth.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Phyllis eventually agrees to collaborate with Abby on the lounge for her new hotel and then recruits Theo to help as well. Summer tells Theo that the partnership makes her uncomfortable, but Theo is too interested in Phyllis' proposition to back out. Abby and Nate celebrate her new deal at a group dinner, where the friends toast to their recent accomplishment. Following the date, Abby and Nate grow closer. Jack and Ashley return from Paris, excitedly announcing that they've called a truce. Traci is thrilled by the reunion, but Billy refuses to trust Ashley again. Learning that Summer and Theo have been growing closer, Kyle steps in to warn Summer, but she brushes off his concerns. Lola secretly meets with Theo, asking him for details on Kyle's party days in New York. He tells Lola just enough to make her nervous, insisting that if she wants to know more she'll have to ask Kyle himself. Wanting out from under Adam's thumb, Kevin decides to frame him for blackmail. However, Michael catches him and intercedes, telling his brother that his plan is too risky. Michael promises Kevin that he will handle Michael. Meanwhile, Phyllis warns Adam that people are looking into his relationship to Chance. Chelsea and Sharon finally come face to face, each blaming the other for Adam's recent turn to the dark side. Chelsea eventually drops her anger, imploring Sharon to help Adam see the light. Billy also struggles with the pain of Adam's return as he's continually haunted by dreams of Delia.

Victor asks Chelsea to see Connor. Chelsea is hesitant to share his whereabouts with Victor. Victor assures her that he will be discreet and protect Connor from Adam. Later, Nikki decides to hold a Newman family dinner in an attempt to strengthen the family's bond. Jill is surprised to see how Cane and Traci have bonded. Billy is upset when he learns that Cane is traveling to New York City with Traci. In New York, Cane is charmed by Traci's ease and love for the city. Rey returns home from Las Vegas and makes up with Sharon. Later, he questions Phyllis about Adam's connection to Chance. Phyllis does her best to deflect his questions, but he is still suspicious.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Xander gets even with Kristen by stealing her Nicole mask. Kristen as Susan Banks slobbers all over Brady, who pushes her away. Her divorce from Rafe final, Hope wonders if she should try for romance with Ted. Jordan tells Rafe she wants him to have custody of David and wants Ben kept far away from him. Julie fumes when she finds Gabi and Stefan kissing. Gabi is unable to fight her attraction for Stefan. Eli and Lani continue to see their love grow. Fired by Stefan, Nicole (Kristen) is uneasy when Brady offers her a job at Titan. Maggie hides another flask. Eric wonders if he should leave Salem; Nicole hates him, he is no longer a priest and cannot be open about his feelings for Sara, as she is married to his brother. Jack's decision not to take the serum has Jennifer looking for love elsewhere. Jack feels bad that JJ lost his apartment because Haley was living with him. When Jack swears he is not a bigot, Jennifer tells him to prove it.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Visited in Pentonville by a thankful Jordan, Ryan says his kidney was stolen and he will get even. Ava holds a seance. While she contacts Kiki, she cannot contact Nikolas. Diane is thrilled that Shiloh no longer has a case concerning custody of Wiley. Diane does not understand how he made bail. Drew asks Jason to help him understand why Shiloh wanted to contact him and what may have happened in the Middle East. Jason says he will try to help. Spotting Peter with Lulu, Dante shoots him. Luckily, it is merely a flesh wound. Lulu is crushed and wonders what to do when Dante files for divorce. Laura tells her daughter to make a choice and stick with it. Sam has a present for Jason: She has had the tattoo from the cult removed. Jason says he will always love her and be there for her. The two share a blissful day in bed. Finn decides he cannot have a life with Hayden. He tells Alexis he is worried about Anna. Sasha tells Valentin she is in town to stay. At their haunted star wedding reception, Franco and Liz think Liesl was attacked by a man.


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