By Lynda Hirsch

July 6, 2019 4 min read

The dazzling Gordon Thomson is headed to daytime. Thomson, 74, is set to play a man involved with Chelsea on "Young and Restless." Catherine Bach is set to return next month as Chelsea's mother, Anita. Thomson relishes gossip. He told me that when he was cast to play Adam on "Dynasty," Joan Collins, who played his mom, walked over to him and said: "So, you are a playing my son. I get it in the looks department. The age is no good. I cannot possibly have a son that old." When he explained that all the real info was in his bio, she gave him a stare. "I am your mother. I know what year you were born. I was there." Thomson was bright enough to understand that Joan gets what she wants — even if it meant him shaving over a decade from his bio and telling everyone he was that age. Collins was born in 1933; Thomson in 1945. Thomson and Bach will play a major part in Chelsea's (Melissa Claire Egan's) storyline. "Young and Restless" has been on fire — except for one storyline. Victor has a terrible illness, he wants to live, as he loves his family, and he says he loves them even as he plunges a steak knife in their back. Jack, who has been preyed upon and bullied by Victor, gets back into hero mode when he is kind to the near-death Victor. Kudos for the show having scenes with Dina in assisted-care living. Just because someone is in an assisted home does not mean they are treated like a sack of potatoes.

Rumor has it that David Lago, who played Raul, has been seen during "Young and Restless" events. Once again, I implore "Young and Restless" to bring him back. The Daytime Emmy award-winning actor is needed to give Billy someone to talk about with other than Jack. Since "Young and Restless" has been playing up its Latino characters, it would be a great time to bring him back. Raul is a good guy who is forced to deal with life's unkind blows.

Kin Shriner (Scott, "General Hospital") has been seen using a cane and brace on the show. So far, no one has asked him "What did you do to yourself?" Hopefully, they will. As for Shriner, he posted he had four-hour foot surgery due to a boating accident. Before Luke, Scott was Laura's one true love. Gloria Monty, the show's executive producer, had other things in mind. She understood the power of Luke and Laura. The ever-generous Shriner, who has been on the show over 40 years, was fine with that. Until a few months ago, he played a shyster lawyer. Guess what? Now he wins some cases, is a good dad to Franco and an ever-ready, if not wanted, sidekick for Ava. At one after-Emmy party, Kin was sitting near me. In sweeps Monty. "I know she is going to make me kiss her." She did. Monty was fuming because he decided to exit the show. No one leaves Monty; she dumps you. His character's send-off was hardly noticed by any of the other "General Hospital" characters. That was ludicrous. Scott was a major part of "General Hospital." As Monty approached, she stuck out her chin at him, and he played the part and kissed her. The actors on "General Hospital" adore Kin. He has come to the aid of more than one fellow actor in a jam. Getting to do a scene with him is near kismet. No one ever knows where he is going to take a scene, but it is always in a good place. Last year, Leslie Charleson (Monica) hurt her leg and was on crutches. If you head on over to the "General Hospital" set, do not say, "Break a leg!"

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