By Lynda Hirsch

July 15, 2017 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hoping to break up Sally and Thomas' romance, Steffy tells Caroline she should come home. Thomas is delighted to see Douglas. Thomas assures Sally that she has nothing to fear from Caroline, but he does admit Caroline wants what she wants and can be a mean girl. Bill tells Caroline if she acts like a damsel in distress, she will get Thomas back. Brooke is furious when she learns RJ and Coco's car accident occurred because Coco was texting. On the mend, RJ asks his parents to give CoCo another chance. Heartsick after learning that Ridge and Quinn shared more than a few kisses, Eric moves out of the mansion. He heads for a hotel where no one will find him. He is stunned and suspicious when he realizes Sheila is the room next to him. He wonders if she is stalking him. She insists it was a coincidence and thinks it is fate. Trying sneak into the mansion to get Eric's medication, Sheila is caught by Quinn, Sheila tells Quinn Eric is fine but heartbroken and does not want to hear from anyone in the family. Katie and Wyatt cannot deny the attraction they feel for each other. The two think it is weird since she was his stepmother.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Victor is unhappy when Sonny confesses to killing Diemos. Paul says he will stand by him and is proud that he could not be quiet while JJ was a suspect. Doing some sleuthing, Lani thinks Xander may be the killer, but then learns Xander is still in a Greek prison. Stunned that his mother married Andre, Lucas confronts Kate. Kate explains they did it to save the company and will divorce in six months when Chad will be named CEO. Hope warns Abby that Dario may be getting the money for their lavish honeymoon from an illegal source. Dario is angry when he sees Abby looking on his computer, and his reaction makes her even more suspicious. Kayla fears she has harmed her patients because she has been working too hard and dealing with family pressures. Breaking into Anjelica's hotel room, Steve and Kayla hear her on the phone stating "it is important to do your homework." They wonder if she has an adopted a child. If she has they feel sorry for the kid. Claire tells Theo once they were lovers they cannot go back to being friends. Theo gets a summer job doing IT work for Chad. Claire's first day as a waitress is so bad, that her boss demotes her and makes her a hostess. Tripp is uneasy when Jade suggests Kayla may not have killed his mother.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Ned and Olivia say I do. Monica says it is fitting they take on the mantle of Lila and Edward. Jason asks Monica to help him deal with Sam's illness. Still plagued with visions, Sam worries that Scout is in danger. Josh learns she cannot spend the summer with Jax because he in Asia. Sonny decides he can use Oscar to make Josh forgive him for getting Jax deported. Michael and Nelle bask in the afterglow after making love. Carly tells Bobbie she will do anything to keep Michael from Nelle. Nina is stunned when Valentin arrives at Wyndemere. He explains that the WSB dropped the charges. Valentin suggests Nikolas hired him to make it look as if he killed him. Spencer is stunned when he finds Mikko's will and Valentin was left everything. Laura is uneasy when Spencer says he will get his birthright and make Valentin pay for killing his father. Nathan is blindsided when Obrecht is arrested for doctoring Finn's drug tests. Monica tells Obrecht she will not do jail time if she gives resigns from the hospital and writes a note of apology. Obrecht bristles and tells Nathan those who have hurt her will pay. Valentin lets Dante and Lulu know that he plans to retain custody of Charlotte. While Charlotte is happy living with Dante and Lulu, she thrilled that Valentin is home. Serena and Lucy help Scott deal with his grief.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Nick fearing that giving a concert will harm his mother's health makes certain the sounding board will catch on fire. Abby who is in charge of the product freaks out when she is told the venue will be shut down as it could pose a danger to concert goers. Nikki does not let anyone but Jenna know she is having a major MS flare up. When Juliett tells Cane he does need to be involved in raising their child, Lily is furious. She tells Cane it is his responsibility to be in his child's life. Learning of Cane's problems, Billy tells Phyliss he almost feels sorry for him. Billy tells Phyliss with Cane gone and the other issues facing Brash and Sassy he will have to spend a lot of time working. Kevin is stunned when Chloe tells him Victor was the man who got her released from the hospital. Kevin says he knows he should not but he loves her. Chloe does not undestand how he can but she is thankful. Kevin and Chloe prepare for life in Oregon with Bella.


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