By Lynda Hirsch

July 1, 2017 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": While Wyatt is advising Katie on her new position at Forrester Creations, she gets out of him that he is still hung up on Steffy. Wyatt gives Katie an idea to pitch that will ensure her success within the company. Liam surprises Steffy with a luxurious day at the spa and a reminder of why she married him. Ridge's nostalgic gift to Quinn compels her to remind him that their inappropriate relationship is long behind them. RJ and Coco make their relationship official by posting an adorable selfie together on social media, but as they do so, their car crashes. Maya and Rick are concerned about Nicole not having signed the adoption papers yet, especially after Julius spoke with her. Katie interrupts an intimate moment between Steffy and Liam to pitch her idea about how to launch the new summer collection. Zende is concerned that Julius' interference in Nicole's life is making her more unhealthily attached to Lizzy. Julius attempts to convince Nicole that the situation with the adoption papers is a sign that she should be the one to raise Lizzy. Maya tells Nicole if they go to court over Lizzie" adoption she will not fight it. Despite Julius's hectoring that Nicole is truly Lizzy's mother. Nicole signs the adoption papers. Charlie and Pam argue about the alleged Ridge and Quinn affair when he refuses to drop the subject. At the next table, Sheila overhears the fight and realizes Quinn is not the perfect wife. Sheila gets a crazy look in her eyes and plans to make certain that Eric winds up with her. Ridge calls in Liam and Wyatt and pitches them the idea to partner for the Spencer Summit, throwing in a charitable event as well. Sally begins to get excited when she sees the designs that Thomas is working on for Spectra's newest collection. Steffy announces to the media about Katie's new position and that they will be launching the new collection at the Spectra Summit in Monte Carlo. Thomas suggests to Sally that they crash the Forrester photo shoot.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": On his first day as CEO of Titan, Sonny fired 50 employees. When questioned about the move, Sonny said all the people he fired had been hired by Deimos and he could not trust them. Dario tells Abby they need to marry ASAP or he will be sent back to Mexico and face certain death because he angered a drug lord. Eli is stunned when Julie gives him a house. Valerie is thrilled when Eli appears to accept that she did not tell him David was his bio dad. When the Horton Center needs money, a charity ball is hosted at the house. Deimos hatches a sinister plan: masquerading as a bartender, he slips a truth serum into the drinks. Affected by the drugs, Abigail and Chad exchange rings and want to re-marry. Seeing a vision of Daniel, Nicole agrees to grant Daniel's request and forgive Eric for the car accident; Suddenly Eric and Nicole share a passionate kiss. Seeing Gabi and JJ in a close moment, Lani decides JJ loves Gabi. Eli comforts Lane, by telling her how wonderful she is. Aware that Sonny has the amulet, Deimos takes off his disguise and attacks Sonny. Deimos suggests that Sonny wants power as much as Deimos does. When Sonny warns Deimos he will arrested for what he did, Deimos says no one will remember what happened. Hope tells Rafe she cannot marry him until Salem is rid of Deimos. Having sipped the Halo, Hope collapses and is near death.. Nicole is crushed when the judge rules that Holly be placed in foster care. Hearing Deimos in the hallway, Chad and Abigail chase after him. Gabi discovers Deimos, who has been stabbed to death.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Sharon presses Nick about his problems with Victor. Nick bends the truth and tells her that his family is freezing Victor out because of his role in Adam's escape from prison. Jack meets Nikki at Chancellor Park and implores her to cancel her concert. Nikki insists she needs to perform so she can prove that Victor can't shake her confidence. A furious Victor arrives to find Jack hugging Nikki. Victor orders Jack to stay away from his wife. Cane calls Hilary out for all the problems she's caused and demands she stay away from Lily. Meanwhile, Devon asks Lily if there is a chance Cane lied about sleeping with Juliet. Cane arrives home and Lily decides to stand by him. Lily is devastated when Cane admits he slept with Juliet and she is pregnant. Jill returns to town and is shocked that Billy and Phyllis are back together. Jill berates Billy for not trying harder to make things work with Victoria. Later, Jill meets with her doctor to discuss the changes she has been making to improve her health. Dr. Lang is pleased with the results of Jill's EKG and tells Jill she must continue to lead a healthy life. Chelsea confesses to Nick that she met with Victor for business advice. Nick is tempted to tell Chelsea the truth about Victor and Chloe but holds back as he's worried it will ruin their relationship.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Hayden, Griffin and Finn realize Liesl has been altering Finn's drug tests. Hayden fears she will not make a good mother. Thanks to a tip from Julian, Jason heads to Puerto Rico. Garvey takes aim on Sonny. Jason gets the drop on Garvey. Carly accidently shoots Jason, giving him a flesh wound. Sonny and Carly reunite and he says he is getting out of the mob. Carly is angry when she realizes Joss had a risky business party while she was away and Joss is angry when she learns Carly and Sonny are back together. When Ava says she is going to reveal her involvement in Morgan's car accident. Despite Laura's admonishment, Spencer asks Sonny to kill Valentin.


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