By Lynda Hirsch

June 6, 2020 3 min read

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Alone in his CEO office, Brady reveals his real reason for taking over as head of Titan. He plans to ruin the company and destroy Victor. Ciara is suspicious when she shows a proposed program for Titan and later finds the suggestion in the trash. Marlena walks in as Sarah rages at Victor. Taking Sarah aside, Marlena asks Sarah if she still loves Xander a charge Sarah cannot confirm or deny. Maggie tells Xander she cannot condone the baby switch that Xander and Victor did; she knows he did it out of love and is thankful he stopped her from killing herself. Maggie returns home. Xander swears to Maggie he will win over Sarah again and return as head of Titan. Jake reveals his past to Ben. Involved with an unsavory gang, he stole something valuable and gave it to his girlfriend. The unnamed girlfriend skipped town with it. He cannot find her and the goons want it back ASAP. Kayla accepts Justin's marriage proposal. Gob smacked by Kayla's decision, Steve wonders if he should tell Kayla she is the love of his life and he wants her back. Out on bail, Gabi is kidnapped. After Claire begs Marlena to get her released from Bayview, Marlena is uncertain she is ready. When Marlena exits, Claire takes out a photo of Ben and vows to get revenge. Ben agrees to help Jake find Jake's girlfriend, Gwen, who has the artifact the mob wants. Jake is distressed when the goons bring the kidnapped Gabi to the garage. Jake convince them to give him 24 hours before they do something drastic to Gabi. Rafe prepares to fight for David's custody. When Hope offers to testify for Rafe, Zoey warns she will destroy Hope on the witness stand. A besotted Steve dreams he and Kayla admit their love for each other. Claire pushes to be released by Ciara and Ben's wedding day in hopes of being in the wedding party. Jake's missing ex-girlfriend, Gwen, is Claire's psychiatric roommate. Jennifer and Jack spar over telling Kayla that Steve still loves her.


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Photo credit: Pixource at Pixabay

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