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June 1, 2019 4 min read

Melody Thomas Scott has played Nikki on "Young and Restless" for40 years. She decided it was time to write a memoir about her life on and off the show. It was a difficult task. The first time I interviewed her, I asked about her life as a child star. She said, "I don't remember, and I do not want to." At the time, it seemed an odd answer. Except for being cut off at the pass with my first question, she was gracious. Over the years, she has always been gracious.

In announcing the book, which is set for 2020 summer release, Scott explained why it took her so long to write it. She really did not remember — nor did she want to. It is like ripping a bandage off a cut, finding a scab and picking it off. Her three daughters were stunned by their mother's pain-searing childhood. She had never shared her early life with them. Too painful for her and too painful for them, she thought. Scott had them read the galleys before they went to the publisher. They were awed by their mother's resilience. Always an involved mother, she thinks this has brought them closer together. She also wanted to be certain they did not object to anything she shared about them in the book. They didn't.

The first time I met her was at a salute to soap operas in Washington, D.C. She sought me out (wanted more of a reference than a voice over the phone).

Over the years of this column, I have vowed not to interview the same person more than once — unless they find the answer to world peace. She was an exception. First of all, it was fun to sit in her dressing room, which was large enough for a family of six. The Perrier and gentle gossip flowed. The best stories.

Her time at "Young and Restless" has brought her fame, fortune and fans. It is also where she met her husband, who served as the show's executive producer. She and Edward, who have been together over 35 years, share three daughters. She does have one rule: You have to call him Edward. She never calls him Ed and prefers no one else does.

At times, she has been perplexed by Nikki's antics. She has admitted there have been times she wanted to throw her hairbrush at the TV screen. Nikki's life has included being in a cult, stripping, alcoholism, a rolodex-style dating life, Victor's antics and trauma, dead husbands, secret sons, murder charges — just the average life of a soap character. Her character has had one interesting life, but not more interesting than her off-screen life. With her book done, she is in the process of selling her Hollywood home. The Tudor mansion sits behind a gated fence. No word on where she is moving. But it will have to be roomy enough for her three darling daughters, her boy-girl twin grandchildren and Edward.

"General Hospital's" Michael has not seen the last of Nelle. The character may be in prison, but she can always get to Michael and his loved ones. Chloe Lanier, who won the best supporting Daytime Emmy last year, shows up next week for more torment and torture.

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