By Lynda Hirsch

May 16, 2020 3 min read

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ciara and Ben are delighted when Hope gives their engagement her blessing. Gabi refuses to believe that Jake is not Stefano. "Jake" is frustrated when his calls to a mystery person go unanswered. Jake accepts Ben is a changed man, after Ben reveals his murderous past. Furious that Lani helped Kristen flee Salem, Eli softens and tells her that he understands and will not tell Rafe. Rafe is thrilled when Evan is found guilty and sentenced to 20 years. Visiting Rolf in prison, Gabi gets him to give her a serum that could make Jake realize he is Stefano. The jig is up when Jake sees the vial and pries it away from her. Hope comes on the scene when Steve is visiting Adrienne's grave. Kayla is also on the scene as Justin reveals how much he loves his late wife. In Paris, Rex tries to get Sarah to give back baby Rachel. When Rex does not prevail, Sarah heads to the train station. Kristen comes along and convinces Sarah to give her the baby. Brady is thrilled when he is reunited with Kristin and the baby. The joy turns to sorrow when Kristen says she must go away with the baby, as she will be arrested for stabbing Victor. Abby's family tries to deal when it appears her multiple personalities have returned. Visiting Maggie in prison, Sarah assures her mother she does not hate her. Rafe is stunned when Zoey tells him what really happened the night Sarah's baby and Adrienne died. Her father, Orpheus, drugged Maggie and threw her into her car. With Orpheus at the wheel, the car swerved, causing the accident that killed Sarah's baby and Adrienne. Eric is furious when he learns Brady let Kristen leave town with baby Rachel.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": When Maxie cannot deal with how much work she has, her assistant offers her some cocaine. Taking a hit, Maxie waits for the drug to take over. Overhearing, Brooklyn, telling Julian she knows what caused the accident that nearly killed Lucas. Nelle confronts Justin. Nelle suggests that she will keep his secret if they say "I do." Admitting they don't love each other, but they respect each other, Willow and Michael wed, hoping this will help win custody of Wiley. When Mike can no longer swallow his food, the doctor suggests they put Mike on a feeding tube. At first, Sonny is skeptical. When Mike has a lucid moment when he sees Avery, Sonny gives permission to insert the tub. A disbarred Alexis wonders what she will do with the rest of her life. Martin continues to buy up ELQ so Valentin can take over the company. Laura continues to believe Valentin is not the monster he was before.


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