By Lynda Hirsch

May 9, 2020 3 min read

Emma Samms, who played Holly on "General Hospital" for several decades, is the latest soap star to be diagnosed with the coronavirus. Now living in her native England, Emma has tweeted that she had a mild case. Then things got worse, as she had to hospitalized. Samms is as gracious as she is beautiful. After her brother died of leukemia, she started the Starlight Foundation, which grants wishes to terminal or gravely ill children and their families. Always anti-drugs, she was enough of a lady not to preach to nor throw aside her cast mates who were knee-deep in cocaine.

I have an idea for CBS daytime instead of having to air repeats of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "The Young and Restless" due to the interruption of filming from COVID-19. The repeats have been scattershot. Here is an idea that would be a treat for fans — and garner ratings. Have each episode deal with each character. Victor, Jack, Michael, Lauren, etc., all have fascinating pasts. An episode featuring Michael could be a play on "It's a Wonderful Life": What would the world have been if he had never been born? Christian LeBlanc won a best actor Emmy for his amazing work. I do not want money for this idea. A simple thank you will suffice. You're welcome.

Risa Dorken joined "General Hospital" as the gossipy, gabby and go-to girl for gentle advice in 2016. The actress wanted to tell fans she got the greatest 30th birthday present — the diagnosis of being bipolar. At first, she planned to keep it to herself. Then, she decided it could help others who may relate to her mental health struggles. Last year, Dorken was placed on 72-hour hold in a mental health facility. She returned a week later. She knew she needed help going from lower than low. Thanks to medication and therapy, she is in a good place. Her place of work is also a good place. Maurice Benard (Sonny), who has been diagnosed as bipolar since his 20s, is very open. When the "General Hospital" writers decided to make Sonny bipolar, he said, great, but they had to portray it honestly.

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