By Lynda Hirsch

May 30, 2020 4 min read

It took a pandemic, but after a five-year break, the Daytime Emmy Awards are back on TV. With so many hours to fill, and not much product, all the networks are looking for new stuff. Slated on June 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, the show will have a different look. Presenters and nominees will be beamed from their homes. Do not expect a tour of the houses. It will look like all those news folks. The person and a backdrop.

I was at the first Daytime Emmy Awards. It was held in a New York City park. Paul Rauch (producer on over six soaps) put it together. He was dashing in an open shirt, velvet pants and a purple sash. It was hotter than hell on that Manhattan day. The mayo on the sandwiches curdled. What I remember most was that Susan Lucci and I wore the same wrap dress. I was so embarrassed for Susan. After that, whenever we were going to be at the same event, we would talk to make we did not repeat the Daytime Emmy fiasco. OK, that part isn't true.

From those humble beginnings, the Daytime Emmy Awards were the place to be. Part of the attraction was the question: Will Lucci win this year? Radio City Music Hall was the venue. There were red carpet parades. Clamoring fans. Paparazzi were snapping photos to sell to tabloids and the myriad soap magazines. At one time, there were a dozen soap magazines. Today, only Soap Opera digest has survived.

Each year, the rules change. This year, it is a single scene lasting less than 15 minutes. Instead of a category for male and female younger actors, it has melded into one. Unlike previous years, no one except the voters get to see the submissions. Although Steve Burton (Jason, "General Hospital"), who is up for outstanding performance by a lead actor in a drama series, revealed that the producers (he always let them choose) picked the scene where he talks to Carly about not being to see Sam. Burton has won two Daytime Emmy Awards.

Two of my favorites are nominated. Michael E. Knight (Martin, "General Hospital") and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, "Days of Our Lives") Knight won two Emmy Awards for his work as Tad on "All My Children."

Forget Luke and Laura from "General Hospital" it was Seaforth Hayes and her on- and off-screen hubby, Bill Hays, graced the cover of Time Magazine. How come he did not get a nomination? He was magnificent, was Max Gail (Mike, "General Hospital") he did win last year, he deserved a nom this year.

Now for my guilty pleasure: courtroom TV shows. I am addicted. This year, it is the usual suspects. "Judge Judy," "The People's Court" (with Judge Marilyn) and "Hot Bench" (three judges for the price of one). This year, I am routing for Judge Greg Mathis. He is funny and can size up a scammer in a second. He talks about his days as a teenage thug. His staff gets help for people who are trying to stay or get sober. The banter between him and his bailiff, Doyle, is great. Most other court TV bailiffs just run back and forth from judge to litigants. So, Judge Mathis it is.

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