By Lynda Hirsch

May 4, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Shauna holds Zoe at bay while she checks to see if Flo is conscious. Ridge tells Brooke he thinks Katie gave Bill the right answer. Thomas quickly agrees when Brooke suggests to Hope that she move to the main house while Liam is away. Flo decides the time is right to tell Hope the truth. Hope makes Flo an offer.

When the lights go out at Forrester, Hope is haunted by memories of losing Beth. Thomas confides in Sally his desire to reunite with Hope. Sally issues Thomas a warning. Zoe demands that Flo and Shauna go back to Vegas and never reveal their secret. Wyatt becomes suspicious when he walks in on Thomas and Sally. Hope tries to help Xander understand why Zoe may be closed-off. Flo, Shauna and Zoe make a pact.

Wyatt becomes irritated when Sally declines an invitation to have dinner with him and Flo. Flo attempts to navigate her guilt over keeping Beth from Hope. Zoe and Shauna hide in the bedroom when Wyatt arrives to speak with Flo. Amelia tells Liam that he belongs with Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe.

Without using specific details, Zoe admits to Xander that she was recently thrown a major curveball. Brooke introduces Shauna and Flo to Ridge. Ridge's kindness intensifies Flo's guilt. Hope urges Flo to accept the job offer with Forrester. Xander promises Zoe that she won't lose him.

Thomas leaves a message for Steffy requesting an item he will use in part of his plot to get Hope back. He then uses Douglas as part of his manipulation. Shauna admires one of Ridge's designs that Pearl is wearing. Brooke and Ridge wonder about Hope's relationship with Douglas. Shauna tries on a Forrester original.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Despite Lola and Kyle's perfect night together, Summer continues to make trouble for the happy couple. Wanting to undermine their renewed relationship, she uses their working relationship to her advantage, manipulating Kyle into joining her on a last-minute business trip. Together, they travel to New York to meet up with Kyle's friend Theo, who manages influencers. They set up a deal for Theo's influencers to promote Jabot Collective products, and Theo invites them out to a new club to celebrate. Summer jumps at the chance, but Kyle insists on flying home to Lola, leaving Summer disappointed. Annoyed by Kyle's devotion to Lola, Summer goes to Jack, telling him that Kyle isn't fully focused on the job. Not realizing that Summer has ulterior motives, Jack plays right into her plan, insisting that Kyle devote more time to their joint project.

Wanting to make a new opportunity for herself, Phyllis uses Billy's seed money to plan out an accessories line, which she then pitches to Jack as part of Jabot Collective. Not wanting to get mixed up with Phyllis again, Jack turns her down flat, leaving Phyllis angry and embarrassed. Determined to take Jack down, Phyllis uses Summer's password to hack into the Jabot servers, hoping to find something she can use to give her new company a boost.

Rebekah comes onto the Jabot Collective project as a consultant, and she and Nick reconnect.

Mariah's stalker continues to haunt her, so Tessa steps up, texting the stalker back and issuing a challenge. Mariah distracts herself from the constant threat by turning her attention to supporting Tessa, who is starting to record with Ana.

Wanting to know more about Elena, Devon turns to Jett for details, and he reveals that Ana lost her mother recently. Upon learning that Devon went behind her back, Elena is angry, but eventually, they reconcile and grow closer as they bond over their shared losses.

Arturo goes to Society, where he tries to win Abby back, but she makes it clear that she's not interested. Arturo persists until Nate steps in, coming to Abby's defense. In Vegas, Rey and Sharon learn the mystery man Victor is contacting is a psychiatrist. The medico warns Victor that they must help the patient retrieve his memory slowly or it could be dangerous. Paul arrests Mia.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Hope is not pleased when she learns Ciara slept with Ben. Haley is thrilled that her marriage to Tripp allows her to stay in the country and return to nursing. Learning Tripp's marriage to Haley could last years, Claire moves out of the loft. The radiation is shrinking Will's benign brain tumor, but he continues to have mood swings. Paying a visit to Salem, Valerie is upset when she sees a photo of Abe and Sheila kissing. Abe and Val go their separate ways. Abe refuses to let Sheila quit her job. Jack is horrified JJ tells him that he (Jack) raped Kayla. Eric is overjoyed when he finds Nicole at his apartment. Sarah is sad when she realizes Eric wants to be with Nicole. Nicole tells Eric someone pulled her from the fire and nursed her back to health. Chloe panics when she cannot find Holly.

As the police search for baby Holly, Xander is with the tyke. Brady is stunned when he comes home from his business trip and learns Nicole is alive. Eli is uneasy when Lani takes a leave of absence to watch over baby David.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Oscar's death shatters Port Charles. Cameron pretends he is not grieving, but alone, he breaks down at the foot of the hospital stairs. Moving back home, Kim breaks down when she sees Julian. He promised to help her deal with Oscar's belongings. Joss asks Ned to help her finish the song she and Oscar were writing before he died. Robert tells Anna not to settle for Finn. Sonny cuts Ava some slack but warns her not to take advantage of him, or she will get less time with Avery. After talking to a therapist, Kristina admits she needs to know more about Shiloh. She does not know if she will stay with Dawn of Day, but it is choice she needs to make. Whatever she decides, Kristina wants her family and friends to accept her choice. Neil lets it slip that he had someone important become involved. Willow tells Brad he should not get involved in Dawn of Day. Sonny is thrilled when he has a lucid conversation with Mike. Jason tells Sam he does not want her to use herself as bait to get rid of Shiloh and that he can take care of it.


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