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May 25, 2019 4 min read

Everyone loves Eva LaRue (ex-Maria on "All My Children"). LaRue has been hired to play Celeste, the matriarch of the Rosales family. Her remaining kids in Genoa City, Rey and Lola, are not thrilled to have Mama Rosales moving to town. It seems she was not the best mother figure in the world. While many "Young and Restless" viewers thought there were two many Rosales on the show (Arturo and Mia) brough on by the ungracious (more on that later) the regime who took over kept the likable

LaRue's ex-husbands include John O'Hurley (star of "Loving," "Seinfeld" and "Family Feud" and the "Dancing With the Stars" first-season winner), who only has great things to say about his ex. Rumor has it that O'Hurley's present wife is also a big fan of LaRue's. Her second husband was John Callahan (Edmund, "All My Children"). The two played lovers on "All My Children" and decided to go for it in real life. Although, LaRue has said she had to ask him to stop giving her notes on her acting. Ripa, who played Hayley on "All My Children" before she became one of the world's best morning talk show hits, was very close to LaRue. In fact, LaRue knew Ripa and Mark Consuelos were headed for a Las Vegas elopement. LaRue, who is good talker, kept quiet about the nuptials. LaRue's prime-time career has included procedural drama, comedies and made-for-TV movies. Casting directors have always loved the petite actress. She played Annette Funicello in a TV movie of the week. Funicello, who was everybody's favorite Mouseketeer, struggled with multiple sclerosis for decades before she died. If you say "Mouseke what?" You missed some fine TV. Thank heavens for YouTube. She also co-starred in several big-screen beach party movies with Frankie Avalon. Again, YouTube it.

LaRue is set to hit Genoa City in June.

Now for Mal Young. "Young and Restless" won the best show Emmy. The ever ungracious Young acted as if he did it alone. No shoutout to the crew, the actors, etc. Daniel Goddard (Cane) was so disgusted he went of Facebook to point out that Young's "I did it all myself" speech was disgusting.

Speaking of Cane, how great that he and Traci (played by Beth Maitland) seem to be on the road to romance. He is taking her advice about life after Lily. Traci is daydreaming about his taking off his shirt.

It is like a family reunion over at "Days of Our Lives." Ali Sweeney (Sami), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Stephen Nichols (Patch), Brandon Beemer (Shawn) and Martha Madison (Belle) are set to return. Nichols teased he is having an interesting storyline. Sweeney and Dattilo will be back for the Will storyline; he appears to be re-losing his memory. As for Belle and Shawn, they are most likely coming back for the death of McCay, who died last year at 90, last appearing as Caroline in 2015. McCay was also Vanessa Dale on "Love of Life" in the early 1950s.

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