By Lynda Hirsch

May 4, 2019 3 min read

This network meeting may have taken 30 seconds — no, make that 10 — to decide the fate of the CBS afternoon slate. For 32 years, the network has been No. 1. From "Let's Make a Deal" to "The Price Is Right" to "Bold and Beautiful" to "Young and Restless," the lineup is unbeatable. Just ask the folks at ABC and NBC.

There is one mystery. Why hasn't Carey, host of "The Price Is Right," ever been nominated for an Emmy? As a host, he's warm, has fun with the contestants and seems genuinely happy or sad for them.

Beyond his hosting ability, he is one heck of a dude. We share the same hometown: Cleveland. He set his hit comedy in his city of birth. Many times when he was in a celebrity contest, he would do his best to win. When he did not, he would take the moola out of his wallet.

I encountered one very sweet moment. He was in Cleveland for a baseball game. A staff member asked if he wanted a hamburger. He thought it would be great. When she started to go, he stopped her. "I'll get it. The day I cannot get my own hamburger is the day I quit. What can I get for you?" There should be a Drew Carey class on how to be a good human being.

Two very popular soap stars and characters are headed back to their respective soaps. Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, "Young and Restless") was written out last year under the "How can I destroy this show?" regime of Mal Young. It's already taping. She will be seen on air in early summer. With Adam returning and he and his brother, Nick, both wanting to father Connor and vying for Victor's approval, Chelsea's return will add to the exciting plotlines.

"Days of Our Lives" is trying to patch things up with fans. Stephen Nichols, who has played Steven "Patch" Johnson on and off for 40 years, is back on. He got a call from Ken Corday, the show's executive producer, who asked if Nichols would be willing to return. He has not said how long the stay will be, but he is jazzed just to be back. He is pleased that he and brother Jack (Matt Ashford) will do some catching up. When the scenes start airing in October, Jack's memory will have returned.

Don't forget to turn to stream the Daytime Emmys. The red carpet starts at 5 ET and rolls on to give out the statuette. There is a good thing about it streaming: no time restraints. The time had to be accounted for in order to run advertisements. Hopefully, that does not mean that winners will speak as long as Greer Garson. Winners are given 45 seconds to thank the world. Garson took seven minutes, with the award being handed out at 1 a.m.

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