By Lynda Hirsch

May 20, 2017 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thomas goes on the defensive after Ridge unleashes his anger regarding Sally getting a second chance. Steffy begins to worry that Thomas being under Sally's spell will cost Forrester Creations millions of dollars. Sally pays a visit to Steffy with an apology and hope for them to become friends in the future. Steffy says the only way they can call a truce is for Sally to return Thomas's money and shut down Spectra. Stating she and Thomas are in love, Sally refuses to meet Steffy's demands. Feeling he has been stepped over, just like Thorne was, Thomas decides to work elsewhere. Ridge makes a proposition to Brooke for her to please reconsider marrying Bill and to meet him later if she changes her mind. As Brooke is getting ready for her wedding, Katie questions her sister about which man she plans to marry when she walks down the aisle. Realizing that Brooke has made her decision, Quinn consoles a defeated Ridge who blames himself for his current situation. Katie is rankled when she learns Ridge is living in the Forrester mansion. The blushing bride, Brooke, walks down the aisle to an overlyeager Bill as Justin presides over the ceremony. Bill is displeased that Brooke has invited Rick and Maya to accompany them on their honeymoon flight. Having to travel to Paris for a photo shoot, Rick and Maya are in a bind when their nanny is unable to care for Lizzy. Zende and Nicole save the day and graciously offer to watch their niece. Nicole pays a visit to her doctor with the intention of starting a family with her new husband as soon as possible.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Brady survives his gunshot wound, but learns his transplanted heart is rejecting. Marlena is thrilled when John comes home from his ISA assignment. John promises he will make certain that Brady survives his latest medical crisis. Chad is blind sided when Abby files for divorce. Facing deportation, Dario tells Abby he can stay in the country if he can find someone to marry him.. Spotting Joey on a blind date arranged by Kayla, Jade makes Joey seem like a jerk. Vowing to get even with Kayla for turning against her, Jade makes Trip think Kayla killed Ava. Back from Arizona, Adrienne tells Justin their sons are trying to deal with her plans to marry Lucas. Half of Salem is in Greece. Chad is thrilled when he gets to the amulet before Deimos. When Eric arrives on Zander's Greek Island to save Nicole and Holly, Nicole says she hates him for killing Daniel and always will. Eric says he knows but now they need to work together to get her off the island. Using the smarts they each acquired in prison, Eric and Nicole manage a get away. Holly is safe on a private plane and reunited with Nicole. Feeling guilty that she left Eric to be held hostage by the insane Zander, Nicole seeks the help of Greek Policeman. It turns out that the constable is under Zander's thumb and she is once again being held hostage. At first chad is unhappy when he learns Gabi is on Greece. They decide to spend time together when their plane is grounded due to engine trouble. Eli, Lani and JJ learn they are being detained in Greece due to improper paperwork. Eli is jealous when he spots Gabi with Chad.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Hayden is stunned when she learns she is pregnant. In need of a boat to get to Cassadine Island, Jason relies on Franco. Jake does not let anyone know that the magic kit he got from Spencer for his Birthday has a chimera emblem. Jake tells Aiden no one can know about what is in his magic set. Jake plans to do magic at the Ball. Anna comes to in the Merrick clinic in London. Getting a nurse to believe she is Anna — not her twin sister, Alex — Anna sedates the doctor who has been keeping her hostage and plans her Port Charles return. Thinking Alex is Anna, Valentin says she no longer has a hold on him. Nina still angry that Valentin did not tell her the truth about his meetings with Anna and says they are through.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Ashley is unhappy when she finds Dina in Jack's living room. Running into Dina at the Club, Jack considers giving his mother a second chance — an idea Ashley vetoes. In Hollywood to do interviews, Hillary is thrilled when she nabs Julie Chen for a segment. Hillary pretends she is not jealous of Mariah and Devon's relationship. Lily is delighted when she sees a billboard with her face on Hollywood Blvd. While in L.A. with Billy on the commercial shoot, Victoria uses the time to try and patch up their relationship. Billy is surprised and delighted when he discovers Phyllis in his hotel room. Thanks to some slick editing by Cain it appears that Billy is doing some illegal Vegas betting on the Hockey playoffs. When a customer hits on Tessa, she clobbers him. Nikki assures Tessa that she has not taken her in because she pities her. Gloria thinks Jack no longer wants to spend time with her because their affair is out in the open. Gloria let him know when he wants her he knows where to find her. Nick is unhappy when Chelsea asks Victor to help her find Chloe. Victor feeds Chelsea lies about where he is looking for Chloe. Scott is uneasy when Christine asks him to work undercover to help deal with the Genoa City slave trade. Sharon tells Scott she is still waiting for her divorce to be final, so they need to take thing slow


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