By Lynda Hirsch

April 13, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Shauna is stunned to learn that Dollar Bill Spencer is Wyatt's father. Bill confides in Katie that he regrets the time he missed with Liam and Wyatt but he still resents Quinn for keeping Wyatt a secret. Quinn's curiosity is piqued by Shauna's vehemence against Flo finding out the identity of her birth father. Flo thanks Wyatt for helping her with the DNA test. Bill and Quinn are stunned when Shauna makes it known that she has met Bill before.

Shauna's past comes back to haunt her when she is face-to-face with Bill Spencer. Zoe tries to steer Hope away from Flo when Hope suggests that there is more of a connection between them than just losing children. To Zoe's chagrin, Hope calls Flo to come to Forrester. Bill calls Wyatt to his office and delivers startling news.

Flo feels guilty when Hope attempts to get closer to her. Hope presses, and Flo dodges the real reason she can't be Hope's friend. Zoe reveals to Xander that she's afraid Flo will tell Hope the truth, sending them all to jail. Bill and Shauna answer difficult questions before Wyatt reveals that Flo has already taken a DNA test.

Flo attempts to try and tell Hope the truth, but Hope continues to miss the meaning in Flo's words. Donna, Katie and Brooke discuss their childhood. Bill, Wyatt, Quinn and Shauna react in shock as Flo's father's identity is revealed. It is Storm Logan, the Logan girl's brother and the man whose heart was transplanted in Katie.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Phyllis gives incriminating photos of Kyle and Lola to Jack, threatening to leak them to the press unless Jack relinquishes ownership of Fenmore's. Disgusted, Jack refuses to yield to her demands and then warns Kyle about her plan.

Not wanting to keep her mother in the dark, Victoria tells Nikki about Victor's secret trips to Vegas. Furious that her husband has been keeping secrets, Nikki decides to get some answers for herself. She takes Victoria to Victor's office, where they dig through his files. Meanwhile, Billy has an unexpected encounter with Cane, who apologizes for his behavior and insists that he's taking responsibility for his actions.

Wanting to best Ashley, Jack asks Abby if she'd be open to partnering with Jabot for her restaurant opening. Abby is flattered, but she turns him down, insisting that she won't take sides in his battle with her mother. Jack agrees to respect her wishes, but he's still stung when he receives Ashley's latest taunt. Traci warns him not to drop to Ashley's level, but Jack insists that he'll do what it takes to win.

Jack also worries about Kyle, who finds himself caught between Summer and Lola, unable to choose. Jack warns Kyle that if he doesn't act soon, he'll end up hurting them more, especially because Summer is already so attached to him. Knowing that he's in trouble, Kyle tells Lola he hasn't ended things yet, but he promises that he will soon. Meanwhile, Summer grows suspicious and territorial, determined to keep Kyle for her own.

Wanting to help Jett find his voice, Devon tries to sign him, but Jett resists, insisting that his singing days are over. Ana also resists a return to the spotlight, until Devon asks that they perform at the restaurant opening together, as father and daughter.

Mariah and Tessa are shocked when someone throws a brick through the window of the coffeehouse, and they discover that it's attached to a threatening message. Despite Tessa's obvious concern, Mariah puts on a brave front, but she eventually admits that she's afraid someone is out to get her.

As Abby prepares for the opening of her restaurant, Arturo stops by to see her and asks her to give him another chance.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Will and Sonny are crushed when Rex tells them that Will has a brain tumor. Eve is horrified when Claire admits she set the cabin fire. Still hating Ben for killing Paige, Eve tells Claire they are going to make Ben take the fall. Jordan will not tell Rafe who fathered her child. Learning that Ted told Hope he loves her, Rafe decides to take care of baby David while Hope decides which man she wants to be with. Staging an event from their past, Jennifer is hopeful when Jack has a flash of memory. He tells her that despite remembering some things, he does not love her. JJ feels guilty when he wishes Jack never came back from the dead. Haley tells JJ she forgives him for telling Jack about her immigration issues. Claire tries to stop Tripp from marrying Haley so she can get a green card. As Adrienne is about to marry Eve and Jack, Jack stops the vows. When Marlena tells Eric that he should tell Sarah he cares for her, Eric tells his mother to back off.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Kristina is furious when she realizes Jason kidnapped her from the Dawn of Day ceremony. Neil warns Alexis that if she continues to pressure Kristina to leave Dawn of Day, it could push her closer to Shiloh. Peter and Maxie share a kiss. Taking her mother's advice, Lulu heads to Paris. Valentin lets Laura know that she is not part of the visitation rights with Charlotte. Willow and Chase take things to the next romantic step. Coming out of the coma, Oscar realizes he is near death. Monica wants Oscar to get his hospice care at the Quartermaine mansion and tells Drew and Kim they should also stay there. Anna fears that Robin is really Alex's daughter. Valentin warns Spencer not to cause trouble, or else he will let everyone know Spencer stuffed the ballot box, which led to Laura becoming mayor. Thanks to legal eagle Nora, the charges against Kevin are dropped. Kevin plans to get his privileges back at the hospital. Ava and Felicia think Ryan is alive. Curtis is desperate to find a kidney for Jordan.


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