By Lynda Hirsch

April 6, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope and Douglas bond over having lost a special family member. Bill and Katie finish their romantic dinner and determine to get to the bottom of who continues to set them up.

Ridge proceeds cautiously when Brooke asks him what Taylor is up to concerning Hope and Thomas. Brooke is stunned to realize that Taylor's motivation is reuniting Liam and Steffy. Thomas is moved by Hope and Douglas' interaction.

Brooke becomes enraged by Taylor's meddling ways. Ridge and Thomas share a special father-son conversation about Douglas finding comfort in Hope. Ridge reminds Thomas that Hope is married to Liam. Bill, Katie and Will share a warm family.

Brooke tells Liam about Taylor's "mad" idea. Hope becomes annoyed when Zoe presses her to have another child with Liam. Sally makes her final decision about staying at Forrester Creations or moving to Spencer Publications. Quinn shares with Wyatt that she is urging Flo to find her father. Zoe shows up at the Bikini to ensure that Flo is still sticking with their plan. Wyatt walks in on a heated moment between them. Quinn and Sally clearly disagree on Wyatt's intentions.

Hope continues to mourn Beth. Wyatt encourages Flo to find her father. Quinn and Sally continue their disagreement about whom and what will make Wyatt happy. Thomas confirms to Brooke and Ridge that Hope has been a godsend for him and Douglas. Flo calls her mother, Shauna, who lives in Las Vegas, to inquire about her other parent.

Katie and Will surprise Bill at the office. Quinn tells Eric how she reached out to Shauna, that she is coming to Los Angeles and will stop by Forrester Creations. Flo expresses anxiety about looking for her father, as her mother wanted to keep quiet about him. Shauna and Quinn reminisce and catch up on the years that they have missed since Quinn moved to LA.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Jack, Billy and Kyle allow Summer to join them as they brainstorm Jabot's new direction. Jack pitches a new model, expanding Jabot into apparel as well as cosmetics and marketing the brand across multiple platforms. Summer rolls with Jack's pitch, and she and Kyle spitball a solid social media strategy, leaving everyone impressed with her talents. To strengthen their pitch, Billy reaches out to Rebekah Barlow, who agrees to come on as a consultant for the new line. While she's in town, she reconnects with Nick, who invites her out for a drink.

Despite Kyle's longing for Lola, he still finds himself drawn to Summer and surprised by how well they work together. He's also touched by how patient she is with Dina. As their relationship grows, the couple comes clean to Phyllis about Summer being Lola's donor, and Phyllis warns Summer that she can't trust Kyle to stay faithful. Meanwhile, Lola and Kyle run into one another by chance, and they're both surprised by how strong their feelings still are. Despite this, Summer pressures Kyle to delete Lola's contact information from his phone, and he reluctantly agrees.

Jett and Elena move into the penthouse, and Ana and Jet bond over their shared musical talents. Upon hearing them play together, Devon encourages Jett to consider returning to performing. Devon also grows closer to Elena, asking her out on a date. Meanwhile, Mariah encourages Tessa to pursue her musical dreams, and Tessa agrees to try. Initially, she struggles, but Mariah helps her rediscover her voice. Soon, the music begins to flow again.

Released early from prison, Lily tells Cane she wants a divorce and plans to move out of town.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": It is a banner day for Ben: He has a new home and shares passion with Ciara. Hope is stunned when Rafe returns home with Jordan's baby and his feelings that Jordan did not set the first fire. Lani's motherly instincts kick in when she holds Jordan's baby, David, who is the same age their baby would have been if he had lived. Abe, disgusted by Jack's trying to win the mayor's race by going after Haley, tells Jack he should have stayed dead. Realizing that Tripp and Haley are only pretending to get married so she can have a green card, Eve tells Jack they have to give the information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Jack questions Eve's tactics but goes along with the plan. Eve arrives just as Jack and Jennifer are about to kiss. Maggie warns Rex that Sarah is only marrying him because she does not think Eric is interested in her. Will is concerned when Rex informs him he has a low white blood cell count. Kate tells Victor they could take down Titan if they worked together. When Stefan makes moves on her, Chloe tells Stefan she cannot think about that, as she is still being targeted by drug lords. Brady convinces Gabi to make Stefan fall in love and marry her. Claire panics when JJ questions her about the lighter he found in her jewelry box.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": After Laura posts his bail, Kevin learns he has no job, no credit card access and nowhere to stay. Lucy steps up and lets Kevin sleep in one of the units she has for rent. Lashing out at Kevin, Franco says he almost died because of him. Seeing how stressed Lulu is over Dante's departure, Laura tells her to take Rocco and head for Florida. Deciding Willow is bullying Charlotte, Nina and Valentin want her fired. The school principle gives her one more chance. When Chet asks out Maxie, she refuses, telling him there is someone else in her life. Peter tells Anna he cares for Maxie but cannot do anything about it. Michael gives Kristina another $10 for Dawn of Day. Jason tells Sam they should stop going after Shiloh, as he fears she and Danny are in danger. Not listening to Jason, Sam follows Shiloh's orders and puts on a blindfold. Ava thinks it is a rouse when the Canadian police say they found Ryan's severed hand. At the footbridge, Joss and Oscar put a love note on the landing. Josh freaks when Oscar collapses. Taken to the hospital, Oscar remains in a coma while Drew and Kim watch over him. Bobbie reveals that she was pretty harsh when Lucas told her he was gay.


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