By Lynda Hirsch

April 27, 2019 3 min read

ABC has finally released Ingo Rademacher's (Jax) return air date to "General Hospital." On May 7, the character will come to town to try and help his daughter, Joss, deal with Oscar's death. No word on how long he will be staying around.

Over at "Days of Our Lives," Arianne Zucker (Nicole) is back. At first, it was to be for a short story arc. That has changed; Zucker will be around for the long haul. The actress took off from prime time to spend more time with her daughter. The dad is Kyle Lowder (Brady and now Rex on "Days of Our Lives"). Rumor has it that Rex is about to exit Salem.

Darin Brooks (Wyatt on "Bold and Beautiful") and his real-life wife, Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie on "Young and Restless"), are expecting their first child. The beautiful pair met over 10 years ago while co-starring in a prime-time show. They dated for over five years before saying "I do." The couple wed in Brooks' native state of Hawaii. Kruger gushed to Soap Digest that the thought of having made a baby with Brooks has her over the moon.

General Hospital's Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) just learned her truTV sitcom, "Those Who Can't," has not be renewed. The show is about teachers dealing with parents and students, co-starring Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy. Patton Oswalt ("A.P. Bio" and "King of Queens") was also in the show.

Tyler Christopher went on social media to explain his exit from "Days of Our Lives." He was frank about battling alcoholism since he was a teen. His schedule at "Days" and his commuting out of town to be with his wife and children exacerbated the problem. He says he never was drunk on the set but did miss call times. He decided the best thing for himself and his family was to take an acting break and deal with his alcohol issues. Now, he says he is in a good place and just wrapped up a motion picture. Christopher won the best actor Emmy for his work on "Days."

As for Brandon Barash taking on the role of Stefan, Christopher thinks it is a great fit. The two worked together on "General Hospital" when Barash played Johnny. Barash was to be a short-term substitute, but he has been placed on contract.

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