By Lynda Hirsch

April 8, 2017 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": As Eric is sharing photos of his trip, Rick relents how he misjudged the true character of Quinn and is content knowing that his father is happy. Quinn confesses to Ridge her great fear of Eric finding out about their attraction to one another and Katie using the information to her own advantage on top of it. Not understanding why Brooke and Ridge did not go through with their wedding, Eric questions the former couple. Eric is very blunt with Ridge, asking if another woman was the reason behind the breakup. Having had previous suspicions about the relationship, Pam and Charlie are not surprised when they learn about Brooke and Ridge's canceled nuptials. Brooke takes a private moment alone with Ridge to unleash her anger and disappointment onto him. Ridge confesses his mistake to Brooke, begs her forgiveness, and asks her to please reconsider marrying him. During an unannounced visit to Quinn, Katie enjoys watching her nemesis squirm while holding a threat of revealing her affair with Eric over her. While Ridge is reluctant to do so, Brooke admits to a disappointed RJ that they were not married in Australia as they had planned. Quinn hopes to get Katie to back off on her threats by offering her a job at Forrester Creations. As not to let Coco get suspicious about the hidden camera they've outfitted her with, Shirley provides her granddaughter with a different spying device. Thomas goes on the defensive when Steffy chides him for bringing Sally as a date to her wedding, knowing how the ladies do not get along. Unaware that Coco is an unknowing spy, RJ invites her to see the latest and confidential Forrester designs. The Spectra gang immediately gets started on their knockoffs upon witnessing the competition's work.


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Missing John, who has been away on a secret assignment, Marlena has a fantasy about being reunited. Chad tells Kate to back off when she says he should be with Gaby, not Abby. JJ assures Abby that Chad loves her and she should go through with renewing her marriage vows to Chad. Gaby agrees to go on a date with Eli. Lani lashes out when Eli says his FBI assignment is to work on the warring Salem crime families. He tells her the FBI is heading up the case and the police force will be assisting the investigation. JJ tells Lani he wants to sleep with her, but needs to wait, as he wants to be worthy of her love. Tripp searches for the truth behind Ava's murder. Steve and Kayla fear Jade my reveal that Joey killed Ava. Sonny reveals to Paul that he is working with the police to bring down Deimos. Despite Paul's fears that Sonny is putting his life on the line, Sonny says he has to bring down the mad man. Deimos plots to kill Sonny. Nicole freaks out when she realizes Hilary's husband a porn addict who knows she was once a porn star. Scooter agrees to keep quiet so his wife does not learn about his addiction. Theo tells Chad he feels awkward about taking his relationship with Clare into the bedroom.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": In Turkey, Tracy and Laura go to the monastery that has the masterpiece that belongs to Edward. Tracy is touched when she see the woman in the painting resembles her. A letter from Edward says how much he loves her and regrets having cut her out of his will. Even though the monastery needs the money from the painting to do good works, Tracy says she is laying claim to it. Ned and Olivia bask in the glow of their engagement. Sonny tells Carly he plans to file for divorce. Jax arrives in Port Charles to tell Josh Lady Jane died. Carly is stunned when Jax says he paid Frank Benson for Josh's kidney. Nelle is horrified when she learns Carly did not buy her kidney; Sonny explodes when Nelle admits she and Sonny did not have sex. Sam thinks Julian may be alive when she sees a man wearing a hoody looking like Julian by the bridge where he was thought to have been shot to death. Learning someone used Julian's credit card to buy a one-way ticket to L.A., Sam tells Jason she has to be certain if her father is dead or alive. Ava blackmails Scotty into getting Morgan's pills from the police evidence room. Dante comes on the scene and tosses Scott out of the room. Dante discovers Morgan's bipolar medication bottle. Franco feels guilty when Jake pleads with him to finish the timeline and he refuses to honor Liz and Jason's wishes. Anna remembers the night she slept with Valentin and then turned him into a traitor, and says she was being blackmailed by Faison. Amy is thrilled when she and old high school friend she and Dillon are working on their high school reunion. Crushed when she realized Dillon is with Kiki, Amy decides Kiki is not good enough for him. Kiki decides to become an aide at GH. Hurt by Finn's cruelty to her, Hayden tells him she can no longer help him and he needs to go to rehab.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Father Todd arrives to marry Chloe and Kevin. Chelsea is horrified when she finds Adam's wedding ring in Chloe's drawer. Confronted by Chelsea, Chloe admits she killed Adam and he got what he desired. A fight ensues and Chloe strikes Chelsea. As Chelsea lies unconscious on the floor, Chloe takes off with Bella.

Cane tells Juliet that he does not remember sleeping together in Tokyo. Lily enters the room and asks what they are talking about. An uncomfortable Cane introduces Juliet to Lily and rushes her out of the room. Later, Victoria informs Cane that she had decided to offer Juliet a full time position at Brash & Sassy in Genoa City.

Billy returns from his trip and tells Victoria that he wants to discuss the kiss they shared. Victoria admits she enjoyed the kiss but doesn't want to make a big deal about it. Later, there is an underlying tension as Billy and Victoria share an elevator with Phyllis.?


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