By Lynda Hirsch

April 7, 2012 8 min read

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Hope begins to panic when she realizes that Amber is blackmailing her over her obtaining drugs illegally. Getting more pills for Hope, Amber starts scheming against Hope. Liam is surprised when Steffy shows up at the office. Brooke continues to make a case for Rick and Caroline to work together. Steffy tells Liam she has not given up on their marriage. Amber gets her hands on what she wants and puts her plan into action. Surprised that her step-sister has returned from Aspen, Hope must come up with a quick excuse when Steffy catches her taking pills. Dayzee interrogates Amber when she spots her with a bag of pills. Brooke attempts to open Rick's eyes to Caroline, as a replacement for Amber in his life. Somewhat jealous, Amber discusses Dayzee's engagement to Marcus with her. Dayzee is thrown when Amber suggests they are kindred spirits. Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Rick, Hope, Liam, Taylor, Thomas, Thorne, Bill and Katie throw a welcome party for Caroline. Everyone is infuriated when Amber arrives and attempts to make it all about her, instead of Caroline. Caroline plays an impressive video about the foundation she is involved with. Ridge argues that Amber cannot stay at Forrester Creations. Hope has an anxiety attack and sneaks out of the party to take another pill. Brooke talks up Caroline to Rick. Not realizing she's quickly becoming addicted, Hope doesn't understand why she needs the anxiety medicine now that Steffy is gone. Brooke warns Rick that Amber's act is a scam. Eric, Brooke and Ridge wonder what Amber's intentions are with Rick. Stephanie, Taylor and Thorne think Caroline would be the perfect girl for Thomas. Ridge and Caroline reminisce about her Aunt Caroline. Ridge agrees to tell her the story about their love. He presents Caroline with a special gift. Taylor has a chat with Brooke when she realizes Brooke wants Caroline to be with Rick.

SNEAK PEEK: Hope confesses.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Carrie tells Marlena she wants to be with Rafe. Carrie overhears a lying Rafe tell E.J. he's the father of Nicole's baby. Carrie informs Austin she wants to make their marriage work. Sami tell Lucas she has unresolved feelings for him. Pressured by Sami, Lucas decides to stay in Salem. Kate warns Lucas that Sami only causes trouble. Billie is furious when she learns her mother told Daniel to stay away from her. Will wonders how and when he will let his friends and family know he is gay. Melanie is upset when Gabi informs her that someone has posted about her sordid past on the mad world webpage. Chad assures Melanie he loves her, no matter what she did in the past. It turns out Gabi posted the information. Abigail and Cameron, Lexie's half-brother, have a chance encounter. Lexie has an inoperable brain tumor. In Alamainia, Gina and the Pawn find the egg Stefano ordered them to retrieve. The duo, still thinking they are Stefano's emissaries, plan to sell the egg. The Pawn (John) has a flashback of Marlena being in trouble. He realizes the only way he can save her is to give Stefano the artifact, so he and Hope can return to Salem. Ian tell Kate he came back to Salem to be with her. Kate retorts she may be angry at Stefano, but that does not mean she will let Ian back into her life.

SNEAK PEEK: Hope and Bo are reunited.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam finds Heather Webber in a mental institution. When Heather reveals the truth about Jason and Franco, she agrees to keep the secret if she gets sprung from the institution. John McBain and Anna Scorpio discuss his history with Sonny. Starr and Michael get to know one another despite their family feud. Patrick goes to see Maxie at the courthouse. Starr is even more resolved to get revenge on Sonny. Kate demands Ewen hypnotize her. Johnny and Carly "go public" at the Metrocourt Hotel. With Anna's help, John McBain is able to get closer to Sonny. Jason incurs Connie's wrath when he pushes Kate on the matter of the gun. Sonny tells a frustrated Alexis there is no way she can implicate Kate in shooting out the tires in Anthony's car. The accident resulted in the death of Cole and Hope. Spinelli asks Lulu for her help with Maxie. Dante's suspicions about Delores' husband grow stronger. Delores continues to sabotage the investigation of the attacks on the streetwalkers. Patrick returns to GH hoping work will take his mind off Robin, but he cannot escape the memories. Spinelli has a plan to save the woman he and Matt love. Unbeknownst to her loved ones, Robin is alive and appears to be in a coma. Maxie continues to insist she killed Lisa. In the cell next to Maxie, Anthony warns her to keep their pact.

SNEAK PEEK: The truth about Franco's connection to JASON is revealed.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Genevieve tells Jack that the only way to make up for her betrayal is to sell him Beauty of Nature. Jack says that he's suspicious, as he saw an incriminating photo of Gen and Victor. Gen says she's trying to make up for her mistakes, but she wants something in return: a relationship with Jack. Victor accuses Victoria of pursuing Beauty of Nature to get back at him for his actions with Chelsea and Anita. Victoria insists that she's only making a business decision. Victor warns his daughter that she will lose this fight. Sofia and Tucker stage a fake argument, which Victoria observes. Tucker angrily states that Sofia is fired. Sofia tells Victoria that she's available to work at Beauty of Nature and asks her for a job. Victoria says that things are in flux. Victor meets with Michael, who warns him that he doesn't have as many liquid assets since losing the lawsuit filed by his children. Victor insists that he will get the company back. Kay informs Neil that she has been unable to find a suitable CEO for Chancellor Industries, as he deserves the job. She asks him to think about coming back to Chancellor. He stuns her by saying that he'll definitely accept her offer. He tells Kay that her actions in bringing Harmony, Devon and Ana together at Christmas impressed him. Nikki tells Ashley that she's concerned about Jack's decision to have surgery. She asks for Ash's help to change his mind. Nikki states that Jack is taking an unnecessary risk, as there is still a chance for him to regain the use of his legs through therapy. Ashley agrees. Jack admits to Nikki that he's angry with her for spilling his plans to Ashley about having the operation. Nikki calmly advises Jack to give himself time to recover. Jack snaps that he'll make his own decisions. Genevieve arrives, and Nikki pointedly asks how she feels about Jack's surgery. Jack is annoyed, as Gen agrees with Nikki that he should wait before having the operation. Adam drops off Chelsea's cellphone at Victoria's home. Victoria is furious to see Adam, reminding Chelsea that she told her not to spend time with him. She declares that the last time Adam was alone with a pregnant woman, he stole her baby.

SNEAK PEEK: Nikki learns Victor's dirty little secret.

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