By Lynda Hirsch

March 14, 2020 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke is skeptical when Thomas speaks of his wedding plans to Zoe. Bill assures Brooke that if Ridge won't protect her then he will. Steffy, Liam and Hope discuss their next move. Bill surprises Brooke with a kiss. Thomas reminisces about his wedding day with Hope. Douglas tells Thomas that he doesn't want him to marry Zoe. A moment of passion overtakes Bill and Brooke. Later, Brooke reminds Bill of his love for Katie and her love for Ridge. Shauna visits Ridge at Forrester Creations. Shauna worries that if Thomas marries Zoe that Ridge will reunite with Brooke. After Zoe leaves, Thomas continues to pressure Douglas into his plan to win Hope. Ridge attempts to assure Brooke that they will be together again. Steffy, the last-minute maid-of-honor, helps Zoe get ready for her wedding. Brooke and Steffy, separately, warn Zoe not to trust Thomas. Thomas becomes displeased when Liam arrives at the wedding. Vinny tries to hide his anxiety about Thomas's plan as he makes small talk with Carter, Quinn and Eric. He asks Thomas to stop the madness and cancel the ceremony. Little Douglas watches his world fall apart as the wedding of Thomas Forrester and Zoe Buckingham begins. Hope follows the little boy after he has a meltdown midceremony. Wyatt is surprised by Bill's feelings for Brooke. Bill explains that he feels for his ex, and all the trouble that Ridge and Thomas have put upon her. The wedding guests, along with Carter, Zoe and Thomas, are stunned when Hope and Douglas return to the wedding ceremony.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": At the Grand Phoenix, Chance sneaks into Phyllis' suite intent on finding the recorded conversation between him and Adam in Vegas. Abby insists on helping to locate the recording. She finds the thumb drive and then pours water on Phyllis' laptop to destroy any additional copy of the recording on it. Victor seems poised to offer Adam the job to fill in as CEO while Victoria recovers from her attack. However, Nick then calls Victor and tells him he will accept his offer to be CEO of Newman in Victoria's absence. Victoria invites Billy to the ranch but informs him that going forward they will be co-parents and nothing more. Billy checks in with Amanda at the Grand Phoenix. She expresses interest in them remaining friends; Billy agrees. Rey senses Sharon's disappointment when she is unable to do her chemotherapy infusion because her immune system is weakened. He calls Nikki who comes to see Sharon. After some hesitation, Sharon confesses her fears about her cancer to Nikki. Chelsea surprises Adam with tickets to Kansas to plan their wedding and show Connor Hope's Farm. The next day, Adam, Chelsea and Conner arrive in Kansas. In order to break into Phyllis' safety deposit box, Abby dons a red wig and dresses like Phyllis. After Nick makes love to Phyllis, he says they are one and done. In Kansas, with Chelsea and Connor, Adam is sad the farm is so run down. He remembers his wonderful mother, and wonders how he would have turned out if she lived and Victor was not his bio father. Jill is thrilled when Billy agrees to work for her. He is happy and stunned when he learns he will be working with Lily.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ben and Ciara celebrate his being free of murder charges and say they will always be together. Dr. Rolf injects Marlena and then puts in a microchip to make her love Stefano. Stefano is furious when she comes to and mentions John. Rolf tells him it will take time but she will realize she loves him. The MRI shows Hope has a microchip, but Kayla fears it is too dangerous to remove it. She thinks since Rolf put it in, he needs to remove it. Kayla realizes one of Rolf's microchips caused Steve to think he is Stefano. Jack wants his brother back, but fears it will mean the end of Kayla and Justin's romance. Tossed out of the pub by Roman, Kate moves back to the mansion. Chad gets Kate to give him her DiMera shares by promising to pay her legal fees and giving her millions of dollars. Ordered by Stefano to kill Kate, Chad prepares to stab her in the back. Gabi tries to comfort Rafe when he cannot locate David. Rafe thinks what Gabi did to Julie was awful, but says he loves her because she is his little sister, but does not understand the things she does. Will snaps at Victor for keeping him in prison for the drunk driving accident, when he knew he was innocent. Sonny understands Will's anger, but he still loves his Uncle Vic. Nicole prepares to expose Xander's baby secret. Brady and Kristen continue to mourn the death of their baby girl, Rachel. John gets Gina to help him find Marlena.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL: GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny visits Brad. If he wants to live, he will plead guilty. Julian and Lucas are in the courtroom. Taking off his wedding ring, Lucas tells Brad he does not know if he will ever again see him. After sharing a tearful goodbye with Brad, Lucas exits. Following a night of love-making, Neil tells Alexis he is going to tell the board the truth. Alexis begs him not to. He will lose his medical license. At the board meeting, Alexis insists she and Neil were never lovers and hardly friends. Not wanting to make Alexis look like a liar, Neil does not tell the truth. Alexis is thrilled that Neil is not suspended. But wonders how they will stay away from each other for the next two years. Framed by Peter, Liesel is arrested for all the crimes he committed. While Anna believes he is innocent, Jason and Spinelli try to convince her she is wrong. Finn, hoping Peter is innocent, tells Anna he and Violet are moving back in. Diane tells Michael he will have a better chance to win the custody battle if Sasha loves Michael, but secretly wonders if she is ready for marriage or parenthood. Mike has a good day when Brooklyn pays him a visit. He loves her singing to her. When she gets up to leave, he mistakes her for her mother Lois. Trina is furious when Curtis comes to her father's memorial service. Her mother, the cold Dr. Robinson and Curtis have a past connection. Jordan is uneasy about it. TJ, still upset that Molly turned down his marriage proposal, ghosts her. Although she is glowing over her affair with Jax, Nina gets a pang when she finds the bracelet Valentin gave her. Catching Sam and Jason together, Diane is furious and warns Sam will wind up back in prison as she is violating her probation. Maxie thinks she is doing all of Nina's work at Crimson.


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