By Lynda Hirsch

March 7, 2020 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Katie slips up, causing Sally to become suspicious of whether she told Wyatt about her terminal illness. Flo and Katie agree that they need to help Sally however they are able. Flo expresses to Katie that she knows that Wyatt is the man for her because of what he's doing for Sally. Sally gives her final decision to Wyatt. Vinny questions Thomas about his plan to manipulate Hope into marrying him. Hope attempts to comfort Douglas by telling him that, in time, he will become used to his dad and Zoe being married. Vinny slams Thomas for the terrible way he's treating his own son. Thomas puts his plan into high gear and accelerates the wedding. Liam admits to Steffy that not living with Hope and Beth has been difficult for him. Douglas becomes upset by the news that his dad and Zoe are getting married immediately. Thomas shows Zoe the wedding dress he designed for her, as well as the wedding dress he designed for the Hope for the Future line. Hope blows up at Thomas for confusing Douglas about who is his mother. Steffy overhears a private conversation that changes her point of view. Liam assures an upset Hope that Thomas is only trying to trigger her into marrying him and urges her to call Thomas out. Carter questions Thomas's motives to Zoe and tells her that she can do better than her fiance. Liam professes his love for Hope and reveals that his heart will always be with her. Steffy makes a confession. Thomas makes it clear to Hope that Zoe will be a big part of Douglas' future. Shauna questions Flo about the current status of her relationship with Wyatt and the part that Sally plays in it. Douglas begs Hope to marry Thomas instead of Zoe. Shauna realizes that Ridge and Brooke will reunite after Thomas and Zoe are man and wife.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Jack calls Ashley and suggests she come home to visit Dina. Ashley agrees and makes plans to come to Genoa City. Phyllis makes Abby an official offer to buy out her shares of the Grand Phoenix. Abby again turns her down. However, Abby later tells Phyllis that she will accept her offer, giving her a letter of intent. In Adam's penthouse, Adam gives Chance his blessing to break into Phyllis' suite and steal the recording of their conversation in Vegas. Chance enlists Kevin to help and agrees to give him a generous payment to destroy the recording. In her Grand Phoenix suite, Amanda has a nightmare about Ripley. Later, Billy checks in on Amanda, and they agree to start fresh in their relationship. Amanda asks him to stay with her while she sleeps. He sleeps on the sofa, but later comforts her when she has another nightmare about Ripley. Meanwhile, a bad ice storm is approaching Genoa City. Rey is called in to help and Sharon encourages him to go even though she is not feeling well. He leaves Faith in charge of taking care of her mom. Victor invites Adam to come to the ranch to discuss the future of Newman. As Victor and Adam's discussion becomes heated, a loud noise is heard outside: a cedar tree has fallen on the property. Because of the storm, Adam and Victor have all night to hash out their differences. Caught in the storm, Sharon misses one of her chemo sessions. Chloe and Kevin are stunned when they find Lauren and Michael on the couch after making love.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ciara is horrified as Ben is about to be executed. Thanks to Rafe, she realizes that Evan killed Jordan. A gun-totting Ciara takes Jordan's real murderer, Evan, to the execution site. At first, she fears it is too late to save Ben, but he opens his eyes and they share their love. Rafe is horrified when he cannot find David. Evan insists he is good hands but refuses to say who has the toddler and where he is. With Will released from prison, Sonny says how much he loves him. Maggie is heartsick that her drunk driving cost Adrienne her life. She wants to go to prison. She rails at Victor when he says he will not allow that to happen. Eventually, Maggie thanks Victor for always being in her corner and grasps his hand. The ob-gyn who switched Kirsten and Brady's baby for Sarah and Eric's tells Xander she can no longer keep his secret. Xander refuses Victor's order that he kill the medico. Xander warns the doc that he is a bad guy, but Victor makes him look like Tom Hanks. Everyone is thrilled when Mickey responds to the bone marrow transplant. Nicole realizes Xander is keeping a secret about the baby and plans to find out what is going on. Determined to get Hope back, Shawn has Gina set for an MRI. Back from Bill's funeral in Africa, Jack and Jenner say that JJ wanted to spend time over there and Abby has decided to stay with him. Jack warns Chad not to fall for Stevano's plot. Marlena agrees to switch herself for Kayla. She, John and Justin have a plan that will rid everyone of Stefano aka Steve. Kayla assures him she knows Steve is in there somewhere. She says the love they share and the fact they have children will bring Steve back to Kayla. Learning that Kate covered for Stefano, Roman fires her and throws her out of the room above the bar.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason arrives on the scene and saves Cam from Cyrus' henchmen. Taggert is shot. Just as Lucas is about to operate on Taggert, the former cop suffers a fatal blood clot. Cam and Liz ask a heartbroken Trina to stay with them. Sonny convinces Jordan that if she wants to get rid of the Port Charles drug trade, they have to work together. Curtis convinces Jordan not to reveal she worked with Cyrus while with the DEA. JT is heartbroken when Molly turns down his marriage proposal — she loves him but never wants to be married. Molly is concerned when JT does not come home. Michael takes a month leave of absence to bond with Wiley. Willow thinks she needs to stay away from Wiley, but is convinced by Sasha and Michael to see the boy. Willow breaks down crying in the park when she sees a little and is reminded of her baby that died. Everyone is stunned when charges against Nelle for Willow's assault and battery are dismissed. Nelle decides to sue for full custody of Wiley. She plans to use Michel's long-ago murder of Claudia as proof he is an unfit father. Spinelli asks Liesel to work with him to prove Peter is a rotten apple. Anna continues to protect Peter. Violet is sad when Finn says for now they cannot move back in with Anna. Ava offers a grieving Trina help. Soon Lucas will learn Julian knew about the baby switch and kept quiet for months. The shady music producer tells Brooklyn he will let her out of her contract for her 5% of ELQ stock. Ned tells Olivia he plans to head ELQ forever. Valentin continues his quest for the hostel take over of ELQ. Liesl Obrecht tells Nina she wants to be a better person so that James and Maxie will stay in her life.


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