By Lynda Hirsch

March 16, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope is blown away that Flo is Wyatt's high school girlfriend and Phoebe's birth mother. Zoe pushes her way into Flo's apartment and demands to know what she was doing at dinner at Wyatt's home. Zoe worries that if Flo tells the truth, they will all go to jail.

Reese must act quickly when Flo becomes adamant that she will tell Hope the truth: Her baby is alive. Hope wonders if Flo being Wyatt's ex-girlfriend is just a coincidence. Wyatt assures Sally that he loves her. Reese makes a convincing case to Zoe to keep quiet. Flo is conflicted about what to do next.

Steffy reveals to Liam and Hope that she's leaving to go to Europe with Kelly and Phoebe and suggests that they take this time to work on their marriage while she's gone. Katie is impacted by Donna's enthusiasm for her and Bill to reunite. Wyatt and Sally jump on the "Cupid" bandwagon with Donna and Justin for Bill and Katie. Hope, not wanting to lose her time with Phoebe, tells Steffy that Liam should not be kept from his daughter. Steffy insists that this move is for the best. Bill and Katie meet at Il Giardino, not realizing that someone is playing matchmaker.

Taylor is incredulous that Steffy is going to sacrifice her own family so that Hope can have one. Taylor urges her daughter to stay and fight for Liam. Bill and Katie enjoy their time together and wonder who may have set them up. Ridge wonders how things may have been different for Liam and Steffy if Bill hadn't gotten involved. Steffy disagrees with her mother when she compares Hope to Brooke.

Bill, Katie, Wyatt, Sally, Liam and Hope gather to welcome Thomas and Douglas home from New York City. While Wyatt looks on, Sally apologizes to Thomas for everything that happened between them in the past. Thomas is happy that Douglas is surrounded by love.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": The morning after his wedding to Summer, Kyle wakes up early, intending to sneak out and see Lola, who is wondering where he is. He's caught by Summer, who shows some vulnerability, prompting Kyle to return to bed and comfort her. They go to the hospital together, and Kyle assures Summer that he'll be there for her when she wakes up. Meanwhile, Mia calls Arturo away to blackmail him. We learn that they slept together the night of the snowstorm, and Mia threatens to tell Abby about it unless Arturo convinces Rey to take her back.

At the hospital, Abby confronts Kyle outright, pressuring him to confess that Summer is Lola's organ donor. Kyle respects Summer's wishes by keeping the arrangement a secret, but Abby remains suspicious. The tension begins to dissipate when Nate reveals that the surgery went well for Lola, but Kyle is worried when he learns that Summer hasn't woken up yet.

Kerry helps Jack watch Billy's kids. Taking advantage of their time together, Jack asks if she's still comfortable betraying Phyllis. Kerry insists that she is, and Jack is privately shaken by how easily she rationalizes her actions.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Brady is horrified when he learns Leo is his brother. With her plan to kill Marlena via penicillin doses, Diana continues to inject her with more doses of penicillin. Eric, heartbroken at the thought of losing his mother, goes to the chapel. In the chapel with Sarah, Eric discusses his problematic past. Sarah says she does not know if she believes in God. Sarah pulls Eric into a kiss. Brady sees this, thinks it was Eric's doing and accuses him of always stealing everybody else's women. Jack's continued quest to be mayor continues to alienate him from his family. Haley, arrested because she's in the country illegally, faces deportation. JJ thinks he should marry her to keep her in the country, as it was he who told Jack about her status.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": In Niagara falls, Oscar tells Drew he wants to sleep with Josh. Drew warns him he is too young for such a big step. Oscar reminds him he will not grow old. At the footbridge in Niagara Falls, Jason finds Ryan as he tries to run off with Ava. At first, Ava does not believe Jason when he claims Ryan has pretended to be Kevin. Realizing it is true, Ava realizes Ryan killed Kiki for her. A drunken spiteful Ava vows to get even with Ryan — whom she thinks survived his fall. Liz is furious with Franco for not telling her he had teamed with Jordan to get the real serial killer. Cameron yells at Franco. Later, he apologizes and calls him a hero. At the hospital, Carly learns her baby is OK. Learning her mom is pregnant, Joss is excited but suggests that Carly is too old to get pregnant. Jason tells Ava he told her where to find Carly so he could save her. Valentin realizes Maxie is trying to get the goods on him and Sasha. Laura is furious when she realizes Kevin put the Ryan debacle in motion by not telling anyone Ryan was alive and putting him in Ferncliff. Brad is uneasy when Willow comes to visit the baby. Lulu decides to write a story about mental illness. Alexis is uneasy after she has a sexy dream about Julian. Harmony accuses Shiloh of being obsessed with Sam. Seeing similar tattoos on Daisy and Harmony, Jason and Sam realize that Dawn of Day is a cult. Kristina used the money from Michael to get the same tattoo. In Turkey, Sonny continues his quest to find Dante.


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