By Lynda Hirsch

March 9, 2019 3 min read

Earlier this week, soaps were pre-empted for the airing of the nation's biggest soap opera. Michael Cohen, former fixer for President Donald Trump, became his biggest detractor. The grilling went on for hours. The now-disbarred attorney, who is headed for a three-year prison stay, was like a soap character. He started out as the evildoer trying to reform himself. Think Victor Newman from "Young and Restless." By turns, Cohen was teary-eyed, unapologetic, battered and then portrayed as a liar who can never be trusted. It was compelling — sort of like a car crash. You don't want to look, but you can't not look. All the pre-empted soap episodes ran the next day. Cohen's soap saga will go on for at least three years while he does his time. During the Congress proceeding, Cohen lamented what he'd done to his family, his career, his life. Think about Andre from "Days of Our Lives." The plotline had remorse, bigotry, accusations, suspense, criminal doings — like any good soap opera.

Greg Rikaart's run as Leo on "Days of Our Lives" is being wrapped up. Hopefully, he will bounce back to "Young and Restless" to play Michael's wayward-but-always-trying-to-do-better younger brother Kevin. Rikaart was only supposed to be on for a few episodes. The producers saw how much he and Michael (portrayed by Christian LeBlanc) looked related. So they gave Michael an instant brother. For almost a year, Leo looked like a Disney character and Kevin was a thief who wore a chipmunk head while robbing banks. Yes, it was as dumb as it sounds. But Rikaart pulled it off.

When Eileen Davidson (Ashley) chose not to re-up with "Young and Restless," she told then-executive producer Mal Young she would be willing to do an episode here and there. He did not take her up on her offer, but Josh Griffin, the current head writer and co-executive producer, did. Davidson returns for a short stay starting March 28.

The first day back for Doug Davidson (Paul on "Young and Restless") is March 25. Last year, Mal Young took him from contract to recurring. He did not recur for nine months, but now he is being brought back. For the time being, it is noncontract. It's a start.

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