By Lynda Hirsch

March 31, 2012 8 min read

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: The show commemorates 25 years on television with a special episode of families gathering and longstanding grievances being set aside for the anniversary party of matriarch Stephanie and patriarch Eric. No longer able to deal with her anxiety, Hope implores Dr. Barton for more prescription medication to settle her nerves. Ridge gathers the Forrester Creations group together to figure out a plan on how to deal with the negative press that the company has been receiving. Bill reminds Liam of all that he has given up by ending his relationship with Steffy to begin a life with Hope. Karen Spencer surprises her daughter Caroline with a trip to Los Angeles to interview for a position at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge scheme to ensure that Amber stays far away from the company — and from Rick. While celebrating their new collaborative collection, Amber and Rick are caught by Brooke and Ridge. Brooke informs Amber that she is being replaced. Ridge is flooded with recollections of his past as he takes a walk down memory lane with Karen. As Caroline is introduced to Liam and Hope, she is given valuable insight into the professional and personal dynamics of both Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications. Brooke tries to make Amber jealous by bringing up all of the positive assets of Caroline versus all of Amber's flaws. Rick feels caught in the middle of Brooke and Amber when they both question where his loyalties lie. Karen suspects that Brooke has a hidden agenda when Caroline is offered a job at Forrester Creations. All bad blood is put aside when Thomas confesses to Marcus about the latest object of his desire. After eavesdropping on Brooke badmouthing her to Rick, Amber feels the need to defend her job as well as her relationship.

SNEAK PEEK: Amber plots.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami opens up to E.J. about Kate vowing to destroy her. He encourages Sami to win Kate over by finding the mole — then realizes Sami is the mole. E.J. offers to deal with Kate on her behalf. Sami then reveals that Rafe wants a divorce. E.J. assures her she will get through this setback because, like him, she's a survivor. Will admits to Marlena he thinks he might be gay. Kate confesses to Ian that she worries Stefano is still in love with Marlena. Ian thinks Kate should dump Stefano and be with him. He came back to Salem for her, not Madison. Kate insists she loves Stefano. Lexie bails Abe out of jail and apologizes to him — she has come to realize she's been too harsh. He's forgiven her many times in the past, and now she must do the same. The two happily reunite, and Abe moves back home. They make love and vow never to let anything else come between them. Lexie suffers an excruciating headache but downplays it in front of Abe. In Alamainia, John and Hope hate that they have to go along with Stefano's plan to turn them back into Princess Gina and the pawn. But they know Stefano will never let them go home until they remember where they hid the valuable art piece they stole from him years ago. Stefano brings in an expert on hypnosis to put their minds in a suggestive state. Both resist at first, but they eventually succumb to the expert's post-hypnotic suggestion to change them back into their former selves. The memories finally take hold, and the transformation is complete. "Princess Gina" and "The Pawn" quickly move into a major kiss — much to Stefano's relief.

SNEAK PEEK: Lexie gets stunning news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason continues to be upset with Sam for not telling him Robin died. Carly is stunned when Jason forgives and understands Sam's decision. Patrick is torn apart when Robin's ashes are delivered. Emma's questions about the urn cause more angst for Patrick. A jailed Maxie discovers Anthony is her next-door cellmate. John McBain, Carly and Sonny collide at Kate's office. Anna and Liz grow close, sharing the grief of losing children. Under hypnosis, Connie talks candidly with Ewen. Dante, Lulu and Ronnie theorize about Delores' personal background and question her knowledge about her sister's attack. Sonny warns Michael to stay away from Starr. Hoping to make Tracy jealous, Luke asks Anna to be his roommate. Kate pretends to be Connie in order to lure Johnny. Johnny is torn about sleeping with Connie/Kate. Despite Olivia's efforts, Johnny still has leverage over Steve. Sam finds another DVD that could hold answers concerning Franco's connection to Jason. Liz and Ewen grow closer over Cassandra's death, and they make new date plans. Kate remains determined to support Sonny at his trial.

SNEAK PEEK: An uneasy homecoming.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: The minister begins Angelo and Gloria's wedding, just as Jeff charges in and demands that Angelo stop the ceremony. Jeff tells Gloria that Angelo kidnapped him and forced him to write her a note about taking her money. He declares that he loves her and begs her not to marry Angelo. Chloe and Kevin rush in, and Angelina tells everyone that her marriage to Kevin was fake. Jeff and Kevin simultaneously propose to Gloria and Chloe, and they agree to marry their respective loves immediately. Suddenly, everyone realizes that the minister is on a drunken bender and has gone missing. Katherine steps forward and states that, as she is an ordained minister, she will perform the ceremony. Nick reads an article about the Mitsukoshi deal being up for grabs. He decides that he and Sharon should go to Japan — tonight. Adam overhears their conversation and makes a wry comment. Sharon realizes that Adam's sight has returned. As Nick and Sharon prepare for their trip, Sharon worries that Phyllis will be upset about their plans. Phyllis receives a text from Adam, informing her about the journey. In Japan, Mr. Mitsukoshi arrives and is delighted to see Sharon. To Nick's surprise, he asks to meet with her privately. Nick is stunned to learn that Sharon has sealed the Mitsukoshi deal for Newman. Phyllis tells Nick that Daniel's hearing is tomorrow, and he promises to be there. Nick and Sharon board their plane, but they are disappointed to hear that there will be a delay before takeoff. Ricky warns Daisy that Phyllis is coming after her with everything she's got. He tells her that he can relate to her, since he has a crazy family, as well. They begin kissing, which Eden witnesses through an open door. As the custody hearing begins, the judge questions Daniel about why he gave up his parental rights. Michael helps him explain that he thought he was protecting Lucy from her mother. Now that Daisy is out of jail, however, things have changed. The judge responds that Lucy is doing well in Daisy's care and it might cause her harm to introduce another parental figure. Phyllis panics as the judge exits to render a decision.

SNEAK PEEK: A fatherly revelation.

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By Lynda Hirsch
Q: Recently, Jason's birth mother, Susan Moore, has been mentioned in the "General Hospital" storyline. Can you give me some background on the story and the character? I thought Monica was Jason's mother. Keep reading