By Lynda Hirsch

March 24, 2012 7 min read

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: When Liam is less than enthusiastic while telling Katie and Bill about his night with Hope, Katie gets the impression that it didn't go well. Hope confesses to Dr. Stacy that she is having a difficult time being intimate with Liam because she believes Steffy's words about Hope being a home-wrecker. Hope admits to Dr. Stacy that her mother's sexual behavior has deeply scarred her .Hope's anxiety about her image being tarnished is exacerbated when a fan of hers publicly confronts her about her relationship with Liam, a married man. Hope's world is rocked when she learns that a photo from a private moment between her and Liam has been leaked to the tabloids. Ridge offers Hope radical advice after she reads overly harsh criticisms about herself online. Meanwhile, Bill and Liam discuss how to handle the media and what to do to solve the negative press they are receiving. Bill sends an update on the current state of Liam and Hope's relationship to Steffy, who is still in Aspen. Liam is convinced that everything is fine between him and Hope. Eric and Stephanie break the news to Brooke and Ridge that they are now legally married. Marcus and Dayzee bask in their engagement.

SNEAK PEEK: An icy time in Aspen.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel thinks someone should stay with Nicole. Rafe volunteers. Rafe and Nicole bond over their predicament with E.J. and Sami. Nicole falls asleep, and Rafe undresses for bed. E.J. drops by unexpected and misreads the situation, believing Nicole and Rafe had sex. Abigail decided to tell Austin the truth, but gets interrupted. E.J.'s first act as mayor is to have Abe and Jennifer arrested for election/ballot tampering. Ian attempts to make nice with Madison and tells her he loves her and wants to make her happy. Madison says that if he means it, then he should let her go free to be with Brady. Ian refuses and coldly orders her to never ask that of him again. Abigail wants to discuss the night Austin and her made love. Jack and Jennifer overhear. Jack goes apoplectic over this. Unable to take it anymore, Abigail tells them the truth: She and Austin didn't have sex. Carrie is shocked when she learns Abby lied all along — Austin never betrayed Carrie. Austin wonders if he and Carrie still have a chance. Kate slowly lowers the boom on Sami and reveals that she knows Sami is the countess mole. Kate confronts Sami about being a spy for Madison. She tells Sami she is going to wait before calling the police and will take away her children. Kate reveals she's known all along that Will is gay. Stefano tells John he is holding him and Hope captive because when they worked for him as Princess Gina and the Pawn, they stole a Faberge Egg for him. The treasure was never delivered, and he wants it to complete his collection.

SNEAK PEEK: Will and Lucas have an important discussion.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam tries to explain to an angry Jason why she hid Robin's death from him. Sam comes face-to-face with a familiar person, John McBain. Anna goes ballistic during a conversation she has with Patrick. Despite Spinelli and Matt's pleas otherwise, Maxie hopes Mac will put her in jail. Dante does not take kindly to John McBain, who has no intention of leaving Port Charles until he settles the score. Sonny and Kate (or is it Connie?) face off. Noah arrives to comfort his son. Sam and Jason welcome a visitor. Spinelli reveals a clue from the Franco DVD. Sam sets out to uncover the mystery. Jason and Sam discuss Robin and a puzzle from the past. As Jason and Liz run into each other, Sam and John McBain share a moment. Luke helps Anna and later makes an important decision regarding Jake's. Michael is drawn closer to Starr. Carly taunts Sonny. Anna has an angry confrontation with Noah. Luke has plans for Jake's club. Liz and Luke have a civil meeting in which they discuss his hit-and-run accident, which led to Jake's death. Dante warns Sonny, and Olivia tells Johnny to back off.

SNEAK PEEK: John McBain confesses.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: At the teahouse, Genevieve calls Victor on his trick: He gave her the name of a fake Japanese executive, which translates as "New Man." Jill is drinking sake in the same teahouse. She peeks around the corner and sees Victor with Genevieve in a private room. Jill returns later disguised in a kimono and wig, and secretly snaps a photo of the pair in what looks like a compromising position. Jill sends Ashley the compromising photo of Gen and Victor, which Jack and Nikki are disappointed to see. Phyllis lashes out at Nick for not telling her that he was going to be working with Sharon. Nick insists that the decision was made at the last minute in order to ensure that the board approved the new line. Lauren is taking a gun out of her safe when Phyllis enters and sees her holding the weapon. Phyllis asks why she has a gun. Lauren says that it's for protection from Daisy. Phyllis covers for Lauren as she hides her gun from Michael. Ricky and Daisy talk about the fact that they have each been shunned by their families. Daisy is upset to learn that Ricky works for Phyllis, and she warns him not to trust his boss. Phyllis approaches Ricky and demands to know why he was talking to Daisy. Phyllis tells him that she'll guarantee him his own byline if he digs up dirt on Daisy. Kevin accuses Chloe of flaunting her relationship with Daniel in front of him. Daniel reacts angrily and exits. Kevin and Chloe continue arguing. Michael interjects, saying that they both still care about each other. After Chloe storms out, Michael presses his brother, asking why he really married Angelina. Kevin blurts out that he had to marry her. He tells Michael the story behind the marriage. Michael promises to help him get out of the marriage. Angelina presents her new song lyrics to Devon and Tucker, who are both impressed. They decide to rework it as a country song. Tucker is blown away by Angelina's passion.

SNEAK PEEK: Lauren is out of control.

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