By Lynda Hirsch

February 29, 2020 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Zoe explains to the Forresters why she accepted Thomas' proposal. Thomas makes an admission of guilt to Vinny. Brooke and Ridge argue about the legitimacy of Thomas' intentions toward Zoe. They then broker a deal about Thomas and their marriage. Hope comforts Douglas as long as she can before interrupting an intimate moment between Zoe and Thomas. Ridge is confused when Steffy shows him Sally's latest designs. They discuss their displeasure and wonder if Sally should stay at Forrester Creations. Katie encourages Sally to explore her treatment options. Wyatt puts the plan he and Flo concocted to help Sally into motion. In order to save Sally's job, Katie reveals Sally's medical diagnosis to Ridge and Steffy. Ridge becomes committed to showing Sally how talented she is. Not realizing that Wyatt knows her secret, Sally tells Wyatt that she still loves him. Steffy calls Sally to a meeting at Forrester, which Sally apprehensively attends. Ridge surprises Sally with big news about his new couture line. Sally expresses her gratitude to Ridge and Steffy for showing her that she does belong. Flo's compassionate heart is revealed during a conversation with Wyatt about Sally. Katie continues to advocate on Sally's behalf. Wyatt shocks Sally when he makes a big request.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda deters Billy from going to Victor's gala. He says he will behave himself and heads off alone. Amanda doesn't trust Billy's decision-making and follows him to the Newman Gala. Adam tells Chelsea he is thinking of offering to help at Newman. Chelsea is afraid that this may seem opportunistic, but as Adam's future wife, she will support him in whatever he decides to do. At Society, Nick is worried Victor is overworking himself trying to run Newman Enterprises. Later, Adam arrives and offers to take charge at Newman while Victoria recovers. Victor says he must consider it, which is not the answer Adam wanted. In an attempt to get Phyllis to back off, Abby offers to buy Phyllis' shares of the Grand Phoenix at three times their worth. Phyllis is suspicious and says she needs to think it over. When Abby confronts Phyllis again about taking the offer, Phyllis stalls. At Society, Theo informs Mariah about a picture on social media of Tanner and Tessa, which makes them look like a couple; Mariah is disturbed. Later, on a video call between Mariah and Tessa, Tanner appears shirtless in Tessa's room. Mariah abruptly asks Tessa if she and Tanner have slept together, and Tessa, offended and hurt, does not answer the question.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Julie and Valerie convince Eli he needs to talk to Lani and let her back in life. Joy turns to horror when Eric and Sarah learn Gabi is the perfect bone marrow match for Mickey. Gabi will only give her marrow if the DA agrees to reduce her 10-year, no-parole prison sentence. The DA tells them no. Having given himself up, Ben prepares for his execution. Knowing Ben is innocent, Ciara thinks David's biological father may have murdered Jordan. After receiving a second threatening letter, Evan makes a phone call and says: "We are in trouble. I need your help." A reluctant Rafe agrees to look at Ciara's proof. Noticing an irregularity in the DNA from the murder scene, Rafe thinks Ciara might be right. Maggie insists to Victor and Xander that she, not Will, was driving the car that killed Adrienne. Sonny walks in as Maggie announces she was drunk and responsible for the deadly car crash. Chad learns Gabi is no longer CEO of DiMera. Horrified that her drunk driving killed Adrienne, Maggie turns herself into police. Sonny is furious that Victor and Xander's lie caused Will to be arrested and destroyed his marriage. Going to visit Will, Sonny asks for forgiveness and is grateful that Will lied to protect him and Maggie. Abe gets the DA to give into Gabi's terms — no jail time in return for her bone morrow that will save baby Mickey's life. Lani and Eli make love. The day before his execution, Ben relives the good and bad of his life. Ciara is getting closer to find Jordan's murderer. Roman romances Hattie. Stefano tells Justin he wants $10 million in return for Kayla's release. When Justin suggests the real Steve will return, Stefano says Steve Johnson is forever gone. Despite everyone's misgivings, Kristen and Brady are certain their love will last forever. Victor gives Justin the money to free Kayla. Thanks to the drugs that Stefano slipped him, Chad suffers horrific nightmares.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Lucas gives the baby he loves as his own to bio dad Michael. Michael is thrilled. Overwhelmed and feels sad, Lucas asks his family for time and space to digest the current events. Willow is heartbroken when she learns her baby, who she thought was Wiley, is dead. Chase's efforts to make her feel better do not work. Julian visits Brad in jail. He thanks him for not throwing him under the bus when Lucas asked who else knew he did not name Julian. Julian knows the time will come when Brad will give him up. Jailed next to Brad, Nelle makes a scene to make it look as if Brad is harassing her. But it was the other way around. Carly tells Sonny that Nelle needs to be taken out for good and she does not care how. Taggert asks Jason and Sonny to help bring down drug kingpin Cyrus. When Anna refuses to believe that Peter is evil, Finn says in order to protect daughter Violet he must stay away from Anna. Anna, who truly loves Finn, understands but cannot give up on the son she gave away. Valentin's plan to take over ELQ begins. Spencer writes Nikolas. He tells him to stay out of his life. He cannot believe that his father let everyone think he was dead for three years. He also says he loves living in Europe and has no desire to return to Port Charles. Carly and Joss are sad when Dev tells him he is going to school out of state. Carly is furious that despite her telling Joss not to go to the spring dance, she slips off to the event with Dev. Elizabeth is cold when Nikolas pays a visit. She is glad he is alive, but can not believe the grief he caused everyone by playing dead for three years. Taggert gets into a scuffle with one of Cyrus's henchmen. Laura tells Sonny she will not let Port Charles be destroyed by a mob battle. Sonny says he does not want that to happen. He only wants to bring down Cyrus. Cam and Trina hire an Uber to take them to the dance. The driver turns out to be one of Cyrus's goons. Julian fears Lucas will learn that he knew about the baby switch for months and said nothing. Ava tells Julian she will help if Sonny tries to get even with him. Ava is hoping to get Nikolas in bed with Brook Lynn, which would nullify her marriage to Nikolas and she would get the Cassadine fortune and power. Nina and Jax make another visit to the boudoir.


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