By Lynda Hirsch

February 22, 2020 9 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope becomes uneasy and Zoe becomes concerned when they overhear an argument between Thomas and Liam. Katie shares with Sally the pain and isolation she went through after giving birth to Will. Brooke catches Thomas eavesdropping on a quarrel she is having with Ridge. Liam is floored when Hope makes it clear that Thomas is not the problem between them. Brooke makes a serious accusation against Thomas. Liam offers an apology to Hope. Douglas makes it clear that he is not happy that his dad is spending time with Zoe. Hope's heart aches when Douglas tells her that he doesn't want anyone else to take her place as his mom. Ridge implores Steffy to give Thomas another chance. Thomas is satisfied that his plan is working when he eavesdrops on a conversation between Hope and Douglas. Thomas ensures that everyone is invited to a special dinner he is hosting at Forrester Creations. Brooke informs Thomas that she's on to his game. Douglas wishes that the family dinner only included him, Thomas, Hope and Beth. In front of Eric, Quinn, Ridge, Brooke, Steffy, Liam, Hope, Douglas, Vinny and Zoe, Thomas makes a grand speech and a proposal of marriage. Brooke lashes out at Thomas.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Against Adam wishes, Chance follows him to Vegas. In a Casino bar, Chance and Adam meet with Riza, an old friend. Adam transfers a large sum of money to Riza to keep the woman quiet. Chance does not want Adam to go to jail for this, but Adam knows that Chance cannot protect him. Later, Chance tells Devon that his team is chasing a lead in hopes of finding Colin. Devon reminds Chance that he will spare no expense to track down Colin. In the Jabot CEO office, Summer and Kyle cannot fight their attraction, and they reveal their love for each other. Jack catches them together and at first is disappointed that they are not taking things slow as he advised. However, Kyle and Summer declare that they are fully committed to each other so there no need to wait. Jack will support them and wishes them all the best. Stunned by Kyle and Summer's refound love, Lola takes the news as best she can. Telling Kyle he owes her something for letting him go easily, Lola gets him to finance a restaurant in Miami. She assures Abby she is going to stay working at the club as well. Chelsea is upset when Chloe badmouths Adam. Devon feels bad that he had to end Mariah's project. Victoria warns Billy his constant need for an adrenaline rush will hurt himself and others. Nikki is suspicious when she sees Sharon experience a bout of nausea. Learning Sharon has breast cancer, Nikki offers support. With no side effects from her chemo, Sharon attends Victor's gala. Noah's arrival thrills everyone. Phyllis blackmails Chelsea. She knows what happened in Vegas. To keep quiet, she wants 25% of the company. Chelsea admits she misses her fashion line. Lauren and Michael are thrilled when it appears Fen has kicked his drug habit. At the gala for Victor, Amanda's ex-husband, Ripley, confuses Victoria for his wife. Stabbed, Victoria has serious injuries to her liver and lung. Everyone prays as Victoria is put in to an induced coma. Back from Vegas, Chance credits Adam for saving his life. Chelsea and Adam plan their wedding.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Kayla is stunned when the man she thinks is Steve reveals he is Stefano. Justin frets when he cannot locate Kayla. When Will does not sign divorce papers, Sonny wants to know the hold up. He says he is lawyer still has them and it will take awhile before he can get them. As Sonny leaves, Will thinks of how much he still loves Sonny. Will also knows if he reveals that a drunk at the time Maggie was responsible it will ruin too may lives. Brady is unhappy when Victor asks Theresa to get Tate tested to see if they may be a match for baby Mickey without consulting him. Sarah is overjoyed when she learns there is a bone marrow match for her cancer-stricken daughter. On the run after breaking out of jail, Ben tells Ciara she cannot go with him. When she suggests David's bio dad killed Jordan, Ciara agrees to stay in Salem. Just as Ben is headed out, Rafe arrives at the door. Roman, impressed that Hattie put herself on the line to save Marlena, says he sees her in a different light and kisses the besotted Hattie. At the wedding, Gabi's treachery is exposed. She tries to deny it. The jig is up when she presses the device to make Julie's pacemaker go out of control. In truth, Julie is scamming her. Rafe looks on as his sister tries to justify her ill deeds. Lani tells Eli she loves him. After a passionate kiss, Eli tells her he loves her but cannot be with her. He feels she betrayed him by not telling him what Gabi was doing. Lani says he is the only man she will ever love and will forever. Jennifer is crushed when she learns her father, Bill, suffered a fatal heart attack in Cape Town. Jack, Jennifer, Abby and JJ head to South Africa to bring him home. Chad stays behind to watch the children. Chad is in trouble with the law as did not call the police when he found Ben and Ciara in the guest house. Kristen dreams the baby Rachel, who she thinks died but Xander switched it with Sarah's dead baby, is asking her for help. With Marlena still being stalked by Stefano, John swears he will protect her. Everyone is thrilled when a match is found for Mickey. Many are suspicious of the match. As Ben is about to go on the run, Rafe arrives. Ciara bashes Rafe over the head with a baseball bat. Ben runs, and Rafe arrests Ciara for assaulting an officer. Ben arrives at the police station and turns himself in. As Victor tells Will he can get him released from prison and will give him a king's ransom. Maggie starts to recall what happened the night of the car crash that killed Adrienne, Nicole scoffs when Kristen wants her to apologize for letting her think she and Brady were an item. A furious Sonny visits a jailed Gabi. The DA gives Gabi a take it or leave it deal — 10 years no parole or a trial which could lead to a life sentence.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": At home from the long-term care facility, Lucas recalls that Brad told him Wiley was Michael and Nelle's baby. Shattered, Lucas tells Brad to get away from him. While Brad tries to explain away what he did, no one will forgive. Before being arrested, Brad does not reveal that Julian knew about the switch. Bobbie is thrilled for Michael. With her fortune from selling her ELQ shares to Valentin, Nelle has phony passports for her and Wiley. With the baby in her arms, Nelle prepares to blow Port Charles. Her plan falls through when Chase and Michael show up. Michael refuses to believe Nelle's story that Brad made her give up their baby. When Bobbie calls Wiley, Jonah, Michael declares the baby will always be known as Wiley. Chase tries to explain to Willow that Wiley is not her son. Nina and Jax make love. Everyone is thrilled when Spinelli says he and his family are moving back to Port Charles. Everyone but Peter, who knows Spinelli is not the changed man he pretends to be. Valentin and Lulu spar over Charlotte. Valentin wants a peaceful resolution. Lulu says forget it. A drunken Valentin conjures up Helena. His vision gives a convoluted story of what happened to him. Valetin may not be a Cassadine, but he will not change his name. Cam tells Trina he loves Joss. Taggert arrives while Cam and Trina are talking and she reveals Taggert is her dad. Finn continues to stay at Metro Court with Valentin and tells Anna he does not know when he will come home. Peter admits to Anna that he had the Department of Justice remove Scorpio from the case. Cyrus's drug deal goes awry when Jason blows up the $20 million of product. Many years ago, Jordon was Cyrus's drug protege. He thinks she may have been working undercover or really was into the drug scene.


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