By Lynda Hirsch

February 15, 2020 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thomas and everyone at Forrester Creations throw Zoe a surprise birthday party. Katie shares Sally's confidential medical diagnosis. Carter offers Zoe a special gift. Vinny calls Thomas out for how his plan is affecting Douglas. Katie makes Wyatt promise to keep the Sally's terminal illness to himself. Brooke finds Thomas' birthday party for Zoe very suspicious. Ridge makes it clear to Brooke exactly what is keeping them apart. Vinny pleads with Thomas not to make the same mistake twice. Hope lambasts Thomas for not consulting with her before making a move that involves Douglas. Thomas outlines for Hope exactly what Douglas wants. Flo welcomes Shauna back to her apartment. Wyatt reaches out to Sally. Brooke encourages Liam to make things right with Hope. Zoe attempts to make a connection with Douglas. Katie urges Sally to fight for her life. Liam faces off with Thomas. Hope becomes uneasy and Zoe becomes concerned when they overhear an argument between Thomas and Liam. Katie shares with Sally the pain and isolation she went through after giving birth to Will. Brooke catches Thomas eavesdropping on a quarrel she is having with Ridge. Liam is floored when Hope makes it clear that Thomas is not the problem between them. Brooke makes a serious accusation against Thomas. Liam offers an apology to Hope. Douglas makes it clear that he is not happy that his dad is spending time with Zoe. Thomas makes the ultimate sacrifice to obtain his end goal.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Jack's shocked to hear Kyle confess that he never got Summer out of his system. Kyle's broken when he admits he can't be the husband Lola deserves. Later, Jack visits the Ranch to defend Billy's actions. Jack is shocked when Victor tells him that Billy tried to kill Adam. Victor is furious that he gave Billy a second chance but admits he's not surprised that Billy has made a mess of his life. Mariah and Rey make Sharon laugh as she settles in for her first chemotherapy treatment. Rey explains how he doesn't have to rush back to work since he dispersed some of his cases to his co-workers. Sharon doesn't like that he risked his job for her. She just wants to keep everything normal. Adam tells Chelsea that he needs to go to Las Vegas to settle unfinished business. Adam gently convinces Chelsea that she shouldn't know all the details about his trip. Chelsea asks if this has anything to do with his phone calls she overheard about a woman asking questions. Adam promises to fill her in when the time's right and Chelsea trusts him. Chloe and Kevin share the sonogram picture of her baby to Esther, Lauren and Michael. Chloe keeps the suspense on the sex of the new baby. Kevin finally admits he secretly asked the nurse about the baby's gender. Nate isn't happy to hear that Billy dragged Amanda into his messy breakup with Victoria. Billy nonchalantly shares that he survived a horrific car accident. Nate tests Billy for a concussion just in case his cockiness wears off. Amanda and Nate worry his thrill-seeking lifestyle masks an addiction to adrenaline. Billy laughs off their diagnosis.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Gabi does not believe Chad and Abby when they warn her about Stevano. Having been shot by Chad, Steve seeks medical attention from Kayla. After she tends to wounds, she prepares to leave. He convinces her to stay for her safety and the safety of their children. When Kayla does not arrive to do her procedure, Julie decides to have someone else switch her pacemaker. This will put Gabi's plan to take control of the pacemaker at risk, as the original doctor must do the procedure. Rescued, John and Marlena realize nothing can keep them apart. Princess Gina pretends to be Hope. Neither Rafe nor Shawn believe her. When Shawn tries to talk Gina into being his mother, Gina says Hope is never returning. Learning Ben is planning to escape from jail, Ciara comes along for the ride. Despite Ben's pressure to make her go, Ciara insists she has no life without him so she is staying. Hiding in the cabin, the duo recall their first meeting at the secluded site. Kate saves Marlena from being stabbed by Gina but is arrested for her part in Stefano's plot. JJ plots to stop Gabi and Eli's wedding.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Valentin is crushed when his DNA tests prove he is not a Cassadine. When he tells Nina he does not know who he is, she offers comfort. Valentin, still grieving over his lost identity, decides to make a new life by purchasing ELQ. Nelle is furious when Brad admits he told Lucas about the baby switch before the car crash. Fearing everything will come to light, Nelle decides to leave town. She decides to sell her ELQ stock to Valentin. Valentin sends Martin to buy up all the ELQ stock invested all over the world. Anna is stunned when Finn gives Jason the information to bring down Peter. Peter gets the DOJ to take Scorpio off the case. Concerned for Violet's safety, Finn takes the little girl on an adventure and tells Anna he does not know if or when he will be back. Jason and Sam are also caught by her probation officer as the duo hides in a hospital exam room. Thanks to Epiphany, the duo sneak off, but decide meeting in secret will not work. Brando learns his mother claimed he was dead so she could get his life insurance money. Neal decides to fight his medical suspension. Jason decides he must bring down Peter. About to be released from the hospital, but not able to help with Wiley, Lucas hires Willow to be the toddler's nanny. Maxie tries to put Jax on the road to romance.


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Photo credit: LaCasadeGoethe at Pixabay

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