By Lynda Hirsch

February 8, 2020 3 min read

There will be lots more "tune in tomorrows" for "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful." "The Young and the Restless" has been signed for four more years. While the ratings have been a bit soft, CBS and Sony think it is very fixable.

"Days of Our Lives" was given another year. The NBC soap has been on fire. Lots of secrets will be revealed for February sweeps. Why is this so important? November and February decide advertising rates. Casey Moss (JJ, "Days") is exiting the show this month. Moss is an amazing actor, who has been robbed of Emmy nominations. In the next few weeks, everything comes to a head, including romance for Xander and Sarah. When Sarah first came on the scene, she was insufferable. Xander has made her human. Eric and Nicole move back together. The mystery of Stevano is out. Gabi is about to get what is coming to her as Lani is tired of being a victim. Please let Gina be gone. Kristen will continue on her crusade to make amends and get even for slights she feels she has suffered.

Chrishell Stause is as sweet as she is beautiful. Her soap roles include Jordan on " Days of Our Lives" and Amanda on "All My Children." Sadly, she is being battered by life. On Feb 4., World Cancer Day, she posted the horrific news she is dealing with. Last Easter, she lost her dad to lung cancer. She just learned that her mother, stricken with the same deadly cancer, has been given two months to live. On top of that, after being married less than a year, her husband filed for divorce. Her husband's name is Justin Hartley. He was Adam on "The Young and the Restless," which is where he met his wife when she played Bethany. Stause is trying to cope right now and has let fans know she is being tested and is doing her best to deal with all these issues.

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