By Lynda Hirsch

February 23, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Zoe insists to Reese that Hope must be told the truth about her baby. Wyatt shares with Bill that Thorne annulled his marriage to Katie and then left town. He stuns Bill with the theory Thorne has about Bill and Katie. Preparing to reveal the truth, Zoe grabs Xander and heads for Steffy's house while Flo worries about how to protect herself.

Hope confesses to Brooke that Phoebe reminds her of Beth. Reese and Flo worry about Zoe's next move. Wanting to prove his loyalty to Wyatt, Bill offers him his job back at Spencer Publications. Xander wonders what Zoe has to tell Steffy, unaware of the terrible secret. Hope shares with Brooke her vision for Kelly and Phoebe's future, and it involves Liam.

Wyatt shares Bill's offer with Sally, who is uncomfortable with Bill's proposition to Wyatt but does not want to come between their relationship. Sally is stunned when Wyatt suggests he have Bill revive Spectra Fashions. Katie relays to Bill Thorne's reasons for leaving, including her supposed feelings for Bill.

Wyatt tells Sally that they are a package deal regarding Bill's offer. Bill makes their future clear to Katie and Will. Justin and Donna spend time together while playing matchmaker for Bill and Katie. Wracked with guilt, Hope attempts to convince Liam and Brooke that Liam belongs with Kelly and Phoebe.

Bill is caught off guard by Wyatt's request that he rebuild Spectra Fashions. Hope hints to a change while speaking with Brooke.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Angry Summer confronts Kyle over Rey's interrogation, but Kyle insists that he only defended her to the police. Moved, Summer tells Kyle that she'll support him through this difficult time because she truly loves him. Kyle dismisses her words, insisting that he can only think about Lola. He continues to try to see her, but Arturo remains determined to keep him away.

Phyllis tries to return her life to normal, but the case follows her to Jabot, where Billy publicly confronts her for rolling on Victoria. Phyllis defends herself to Billy, and assures her other employees that her participation in the trial won't have a negative impact on the company. Meanwhile, Jack also leans on Kerry, who offers to help him deal with the stress of the trial and Lola's illness. Moved by her empathy, Jack realizes that they've reached a turning point in their relationship.

Christine calls Mariah to the stand as her first witness, questioning her about the night of the murder and the incriminating video that was found on the Dark Horse servers. Mariah struggles to answer Christine's questions without incriminating either Sharon or Tessa. She manages to keep Tessa's involvement hidden throughout Christine's questioning, but when Michael takes over, he asks her to reveal who really found the video.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Abby tells Chad she loves him and wants to be with him. They decide to remarry ASAP. Julie presides over the ceremony as their loved ones, including Jack, look on. Everyone is stunned when Chad and Abby announce they are moving to Paris with Charlotte and Thomas. JJ begs Jack not to turn Haley over to immigration. Eve is delighted when she spots Haley and Melinda arguing. She thinks what she overhears could win Jack the mayor's race. Ciara stops Jordan before she can inject Ben. Seeing Jordan attack Ciara, Ben goes after Jordan. Ciara stops him from killing Jordan. Horrified by what he almost did, Ben thinks he should not be around Ciara. On Valentine's Day, Gabi literally ties up Leo so Will and Sonny can make love. Set free, Leo goes to the police and reveals how Sonny and Will left him for dead. Eli is unhappy, but he arrests both of them.

Rafe is stunned when Jordan reveals that she caused her mother's death and her mother's unborn baby, as she feared Clyde would be as cruel to them as he was to her and Ben. Sally is confused when she has an erotic dream about Eric. Claire is very jealous when she learns Tripp and Haley had lunch. While talking to Ciara, Claire relives setting the first cabin fire that everyone pinned on Ben. Gabi warns Stefan he will rue the day he fired her and cut the Gabi Chic line. Unaware that Leo is John's son, Marlena warns Diana she and Leo will be sorry that that they caused trouble for Will and Sonny. Learning Haley is Melinda's sister, Eve convinces Jack the information about Haley has to come out. Jack fears Haley will marry JJ to get a green card. JJ and Haley want to be more than friends.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Alexis is falling for Neil. Learning she has a high-risk pregnancy, Carly tells Sony she wants to have this baby. Sonny fears it could kill Carly. At Ferncliff, Laura is stunned when she finds Kevin. Ryan arrives on the scene and injects Laura, who passes out. When Laura comes to, Ryan asks Kevin about the prenup. Kevin tells him it is in the safe in his office, and he gives Ryan the combination. Jordan convinces Franco to say he killed Kiki and attacked Lulu. Crushed Liz goes to the jail and tosses her wedding rings at Franco. Drew convinces Liz that Franco is not the killer. Wanting to go to Niagara Falls, Cam and Joss disobey their parents and head out on their weekend road trip. Kristina gets Michael to give her $1,500 for Shiloh's group. Sam continues to lead on Shiloh. Concerned for Sam's safety, Jason tracks her. In the lighthouse, where Shiloh has taken Sam, Jason has a blinding headache and falls down the staircase. As Drew is driving, he also has a headache and loses his sight. Losing control of the car, he plows into Jordan. A comatose Jordan is rushed to the hospital. Franco realizes that Jordan will not be able to search for the real serial killer. Carly gives Sonny permission to search for Dante. Maxi turns over Sasha's nail clippings for DNA to prove or disprove if Sasha is Nina's daughter. Lulu convinces a wary Peter to let her write a story about her attack.


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