By Lynda Hirsch

February 23, 2019 3 min read

What a difference a day and new head writers have made for "Young and Restless." Josh Griffin, who has written for the show on and off for 20 years, is back on. He knows the characters and backstories as if they were his own life. Mal Young, who was let go after helming the show for almost two years, knew neither. From writing to visuals to music, "Young and Restless" is now spot on.

Griffin has a lot of heavy lifting to do. First, he has to undo a yearlong storyline. The cover-up crew — Phyllis, Sharon, Victoria and Nikki — think they killed J.T. So the bitter enemies had trusted each other to cover up the crime. Get it? Few viewers did as the story gobbled up airtime. Thankfully, it appears to be winding down.

Griffin also has to deal with legacy characters being written off. Doug Davidson (Paul) had been on the show for over 40 years and was suddenly gone. Davidson was discovered literally in the CBS parking lot while he was delivering a package. Bill Bell — writer, creator, producer — spotted him and asked if he would like to be an actor. It's LA; everyone does. His first airdate is March 25.

To make room for characters, Griffin will have to whittle away a few. No word on who is going and how. Then there is recasting. Adam Newman is about to return. They are not going to bring back any of the three actors who previously played Adam. The first guy left when he had to do one male-on-male kissing scene. The second guy was let going for harassment, and the third guy left to do a little TV show called "This Is Us."

The episode featuring a jailed Nikki writing to her children was sublime. The flashback scenes and long-ago photos were amazing. It has to go up for an Emmy. I do have one suggestion: With Brittany (played by Vanessa Evigan) back on the screen, it would be great to bring back her husband, Raul (played by David Lago). The Emmy-winning actor is handsome. He's a tragic hero, and his return could give Billy someone to pal around with.

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