By Lynda Hirsch

February 16, 2019 3 min read

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante on "General Hospital") is checking back into the show. He checked out last year after a nine-year run. It is short-term, but it will put a cap on what the character was doing while he was off-screen. Back on set, the actor found out his old dressing room had be given to Josh Swickard, who plays Chase, Dante's rookie police partner. Emmy Ryan, who plays Dante's wife, Lulu, signed a multi-year contract last week.

"Days of Our Lives" always has courtroom drama storylines. This time, it is behind-the-scenes. Corday Productions is suing Sony TV for playing favorites in the international TV market. Years ago, soaps realized they needed more than just TV ads to make money. So they started selling overseas. For years, "Bold and Beautiful" was the No. 1 show in Italy. One time, while visiting China, I watched "Guiding Light." Now, the big kahuna of daytime soaps being watched overseas is "Young and Restless," which is also distributed by Sony. The law firm representing them points out that in the last few years, overseas sales for "Days" have plummeted by 50 percent. They are asking for a jury trial in LA. They think they have real chance. Everyone roots for David (Corday), not so much for Goliath (Sony).

Susan Lucci (Erica on "All My Children") is always pretty as a picture and looks in perfect health. She exercises, eats well and is always on the go. Even with all of that, she had a health scare last fall. She had a few twinges in her chest. She figured it was no big deal. Wrong. It could have been a deadly big deal. While shopping, she suddenly felt as if an elephant was stomping on her chest. The store owner called an ambulance. At the hospital, two stents were put in her heart, and she is fine. She wants women to realize they cannot ignore their health issues. Lucci was back on her feet — sort of — at this week's New York Fashion show. While walking on the runway in a fabulous red dress, she tripped and fell. Popping back up in a nanosecond, she got a standing ovation — not just because she looked gorgeous, but for being a trooper and a class act.

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